Issues | March 17, 2015

March 2015 Issue

FLASH FICTION I Don’t Make the Rules by Matthew Barrett Where We Off To, Lulu Bee? by Rosie Forrest Artefacts by Iryna Klishch Eight Rings by Meghan Pipe

SHORT STORIES Wild Dogs and Children by Bruce Holbert

EXPERIMENTAL How to Survive a Human Attack: A Zombie’s Guide to Filling the Emptiness and Moving Forward by K.E. Flann The Door by Mark Hoadley

INTERVIEWS An Interview With Bibhas Roy Chowdhury by Kiriti Sengupta A Conversation About Lorine Niedecker: Angela Woodward and Cooper Renner

REVIEWS Bipolar Cowboy by Noah Cicero The Myth of Brilliant Summers by Austin Collings The Roadkill Collection by

Interviews | March 16, 2015

A Conversation About Lorine Niedecker: Angela Woodward and Cooper Renner

Lorine Niedecker (1903-1970) was an American poet of huge gift and little renown, who lived almost her entire life surrounded by water in rural Wisconsin. Wisconsin is famous for outsider art. You can travel the state visiting shrine-like installations made by unschooled sculptors or pull up at the beautifully preserved workmen’s hall the Painted Forest and view the transcendent murals that coat its interior. Niedecker, who survived on menial labor after completing two years of college, is in some sense another Wisconsin artist outside the mainstream. Her cultural milieu was mostly herself and her reading matter. Yet she forged a

Interviews | March 16, 2015

An Interview With Bibhas Roy Chowdhury by Kiriti Sengupta

On 17th of July, 2014 the Inner Child Press, limited [New Jersey] published and released the United States edition of Poem Continuous — Reincarnated Expressions, a collection of selected, translated poems by the noted Bengali poet Bibhas Roy Chowdhury. And on 25th of August the Fox Chase Review and Reading Series carried out a detailed review [of the said book] by Shernaz Wadia, a well-known poetry-reviewer from India. We were pleasantly surprised as the FCR team placed the book in the Ryerss Museum and Library, Philadelphia, followed by a formal invitation by G Emil Reutter, the editor, who expressed his

Reviews | March 16, 2015

Bipolar Cowboy by Noah Cicero

Gabino Iglesias is a writer, journalist, and book reviewer living in Austin, TX. His reviews have appeared in places like Electric Literature, The Rumpus, Verbicide, Entropy, Marginalia, Atticus Review, That Lit Site, Heavy Feather Review, and other print and online venues. You can read/reach him on Twitter at @Gabino_Iglesias

Reviews | March 16, 2015

The Myth of Brilliant Summers by Austin Collings

Bobby Gant is a published writer and poet, having had poetry, short stories and reviews published in a variety of online and print journals and magazines. Bobby also does freelance journalism and blog work, though he maintains that he has never hacked anyone’s mobile phone. He is a proud Yorkshireman, living just outside of Barnsley in South Yorkshire.

Reviews | March 16, 2015

The Roadkill Collection by Jon Sindell

Review by Amy Willoughby-Burle

We’re told not to judge a book by the cover, but let’s face it—we all do. It’s like that first glance across a crowded room, you do a double take, you make your move—then, well, you know how it goes from there. One look at The Roadkill Collection by Jon Sindell and you settle on a pick-up line. And when you get it home, you won’t be disappointed. It is what you hoped it would be; a funny, irreverent, unexpected, and unusual in all the right ways, take on life and the world we all live

Reviews | March 16, 2015

Divining the Prime Meridian by Carol Smallwood

Christine Redman-Waldeyer is a poet and Assistant Professor of English at Passaic County Community College, N.J. and earned her D.Litt from Drew University in writing. She is currently finishing her Ed. D. in higher education at Rowan University. She has published three poetry collections, Frame by Frame, Gravel, and Eve Asks (all with Muse-Pie Press), co-edited Writing after Retirement: Tips from Successful Retired Writers, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers and has appeared in Paterson Literary Journal, Schuylkill Valley Journal, The Texas Review, Verse Wisconsin, and others. She founded Adanna, a literary journal that focuses on women’s topics. She is a freelance writer for EP Magazine recently covering New Jersey Special Olympics and Tim Shriver’s newly released book, Fully Alive and has served as a program consultant.

Experimental | March 16, 2015

How to Survive a Human Attack: A Zombie’s Guide to Filling the Emptiness and Moving Forward by K.E. Flann

K.E. Flann’s fiction has appeared in Shenandoah, Crazyhorse, The North American Review, New Stories from the South, and other publications. A short story collection, Smoky Ordinary, won the Serena McDonald Kennedy Award and was published by Snake Nation Press (2008). A second short story collection, Get a Grip, won the Geroge Garrett Award and is forthcoming from Texas Review Press. For five years, she taught creative writing at the University of Cumbria in England, where she also served on the board of the National Association of Writers in Education and wrote mini-courses for the BBC’s Get Writing website. She’s been a fellow at the Sozopol Fiction Seminars in Bulgaria, at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and at Moulin a Nef in France. She works as an associate professor at Goucher College in Baltimore.

Poetry | March 16, 2015

Elegy by Sophia Holtz

Sophia Holtz is a writer, performer, and sometimes-illustrator. She has performed her poetry in bars, colleges, and the occasional basement throughout the United States. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in RHINO, decomP, Consequence, H_NGM_N, and others. Find her at

Creative Nonfiction | March 16, 2015

Lightning Split of Oak Tree by Lily Ann Summerville

Lily Ann Summerville is a Tennessee native who loves sweet tea and her family garden. She’s a recent graduate from Western Kentucky University and an MFA candidate.