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Lee Klein | Word Riot
Reviews | May 16, 2014

The Shimmering Go-Between by Lee Klein

Review by Christopher Allen

Any review of Lee Klein’s intricately layered debut novel The Shimmering Go-Between (Atticus Books, 2014) will be an exercise in restraint. The publisher, you see, has requested that reviewers avoid spoilers. Well, apart from giggling for 700 words, I’m not sure how I’ll pull off a spoiler-free introduction of this surprising, and surprisingly believable, story—but here we go . . .

On one of its many levels The Shimmering Go-Between is a love story: love between a man and a woman, a man and himself, the outer man and the inner man, the big man and

Interviews | July 15, 2011

An Interview With Steve Finbow by Lee Klein

Steve Finbow

I’m gonna die in the next 60+ years, possibly before the weekend. Why should I (or anyone) run my (their) eyes across your story’s texty thighs?

Well, let’s hope you’ve not been snatched away by a randy eagle before I get to answer. The texty thighs, taut and shining with extra-virgin olive oil, throb with an infant excitement about what goes on in the world, how we cope with things, how we cope with ‘things’, & how we represent the separation between experience & language. How do you feel about putting a word onto the screen & knowing