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John Paul Davis | Word Riot
Poetry | November 15, 2010

American Funeral by John Paul Davis

To build Michael JacksonGod stole a bone from each of us. That’s why no matterwho you are some partof you is ardor & whipfootwhen you hear his music. Understand? Michaelwas America’s trueface, our unabashed faith, our deep lust. By the timehe faded America was a ghosthaunting itself, a radiobroadcasting to an emptyroom. His nameasks who is like God& we didn’t want to hearthe answer. We hatedto love him. He keptgetting back upbut slowly deflated, a testamentto how incurableis our disease.

About the author:

JOHN PAUL DAVIS’s poems have appeared in journals such as Columbia Poetry Review, Cordite Poetry Review, RATTLE