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Jami Attenberg | Word Riot
Blog | May 11, 2016

Notes From Elsewhere: Prince Tributes, Publishing and Promo Tips + More

Man, I can’t believe we lost Prince since the last time I wrote one of these things. Supposedly, he was working on a memoir too. I imagine that there is a treasure trove of unreleased music, and I do not envy his family having to sort through all the legality of his estate.

At Electric Literature, Jesmyn Ward, Mira Jacob, Alexander Chee, and other writers pay tribute to the magical Purple One. My favorite song of his is “Little Red Corvette,” but I admit to only having a dusty CD or two in my possession. I loved his music, but for some reason I never

Blog | August 25, 2015

Notes From Elsewhere Returns! Craft Advice + More

Hello everyone! Yes, it’s been at least four months since I’ve had any literary links ’round these parts. Let’s make up for lost time and look at some interesting stories that I’ve saved in my trusty WR bookmarks folder since April.

Couple of good Patricia Highsmith-related links to share: First, this look at her book, Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction. I’ve always meant to read it, even though suspense fiction isn’t my usual neck of the writing-woods, since I figure we can all learn from it.

And here’s an article about what makes her work so adaptable to screen. I’m really looking forward

Blog | January 21, 2015

Notes From Elsewhere: National Readathon Day + Shedloads of Wisdom

Shedloads of Wisdom: That’s what we all want, right? A bit of wisdom in our lives, particularly when it pertains to our profession? Let’s get right into this week’s Notes From Elsewhere, Rioters.

This Saturday is National Readathon Day, where people are encouraged to make time to read from noon-4pm in their respective time zones. There’s a charitable element as well, if you’re interested. Or if you need an excuse for telling your household to leave you alone for four hours: “It’s for a good cause!”

How about some essays?

I really enjoyed “Changeling” by Stephen Policoff at The Rumpus about health, myth, and when

Blog | May 10, 2014

Notes From Elsewhere: Squeeze in more reading time with some fine interviews

Greetings, Word Rioters! Do you need some fine reading material for the weekend? I have plenty of essays, news, and other odds and ends that I’ve enjoyed lately, so let’s get to it.

WR contributor Meg Johnson, whose poem “Timber!” appeared here in 2010, has a her first full length collection of poetry, Inappropriate Sleepover published with The National Poetry Review Press. You can also add it to your Goodreads shelves.

Also in WR News: Former poetry editor Nicolle Elizabeth has been interviewing small press authors and publishers over at The Believer Logger, in an ongoing series called “Go Forth.” Here she

Blog | June 28, 2013

Notes From Elsewhere: Happy Summer Edition

Jess Walter, 2009: “Technically, I haven’t held a job since 1994. This does not make me unique in Spokane.”

Greetings and salutations, Word Rioters. Happy Summer to you all. May your drinks be frosty, may your food be grilled, and may your reading material be satisfying. Here are the literary things that have caught my eye lately:

Jami Attenberg had a guest blogging stint at Powell’s last week, and my favorite post was this one on sharing works in progress.

At LitReactor, Richard Thomas has a pretty great list of 3 Essential Books You Should Read in Every Major

Blog | February 1, 2013

Notes From Elsewhere: Friday Edition

What. Look at those cool books made from old bingo cards. I wish I had one. See more details on how they were made over at Erinzam News. Also by Erinzam? This book made out of an egg carton.

Other fantastic book arts: Nomi’s Little Art Blog has a bed made out of a book, and I like it a lot.

Here’s a Letter to the Editor that is awesome and not worrisome. Also, bonus David Tennant .GIF goodness.

30 Rock ended last night. Dry thy tears, and read Jen Chaney‘s examination of Tina Fey’s legacy for lady-writers and women

Blog | January 28, 2013

Notes From Elsewhere: Monday Edition

Because I’ve been negligent once more with updating here and because I’ve amassed a pile of good links in that time, we’re going to do things a little bit differently this week. How about M-W-F Editions of Notes From Elsewhere? Yes, that sounds good.

How about we pretend that I waited this long just so I could give you a bunch of Richard Blanco-related links? The Inaugural Poet has charmed the pants off everyone with his lovely tribute to the immigrant experience in America, “One Today.” GalleyCat has the video of his inaugural reading, plus other places where you can

Blog | September 16, 2012

Notes From Elsewhere: Word Riot Edition

Michael Chabon’s latest, Telegraph Avenue, in cake form.

Oh hey… Did I miss a week? Yes, I missed a week. Apologies. Let us get right to it with a heaping portion Word Riot author news:

JD Winslow, whose poem “Snowfall” appeared here in June 2011, has a novella out: Otherlow.

Robin Kalinich (formerly Sewell), whose flash fiction piece “A Man Needs” appeared here in January 2011, has been nominated for Sundress Publications “Best of the Net 2012” award. Read her short story here: “Elegy in Orange.”

Karen Skolfield, February 2012 WR author of “what my species has to say about

Blog | August 26, 2012

Notes From Elsewhere: Word Riot Edition

This week has been… interesting, hasn’t it? Crazy-making perhaps, when it comes to the crossroads of women, politics and bodies. But in regards to Jami Attenberg‘s tweet captured there, the internet is still talking about the business of book reviews, “niceness,” and the attitude with which we treat each other. Shall we round up some of those thoughts? Yes, let’s.

Andrew Scott talks about “writer on writer crimes:” nasty reviews that are unnecessarily snarky at the expense of the author, seemingly for the purpose of raising the review-writer’s profile. Bad form, reviewers.

So, how should one write a less than

Blog | May 25, 2012

Notes From Elsewhere: A Word Riot Roundup

(Notes From Elsewhere is a roundup of various literary things compiled by Sara Habein, along with news from past Word Riot authors. She makes no claims at being terribly current or the first to know anything, but hopefully you will find something interesting here.)

This week in Ridiculousness: You probably heard about Esquire deciding that they will publish an e-book of “men’s fiction” and that it will be “plot-driven and exciting, where one thing happens after another. And also at the same time, dealing with passages in a man’s life that seem common.”

Right. Because those poor menfolk are so ignored.

Blog | April 6, 2012

Notes From Elsewhere: A Word Riot Roundup

(Notes From Elsewhere is a roundup of various literary things compiled by Sara Habein, along with news from past Word Riot authors. She make no claims at being terribly current or the first to know anything, but hopefully you will find something interesting here.)

Nick Antosca, whose Word Riot-published book Midnight Picnic came out in 2009, has a new book out, The Obese. He’s also writing for the show Teen Wolf, and his first novel, Fires, was just reissued. Here’s an interview with him over at Vol. I Brooklyn.

“Whenever someone asks me for writing advice I always feel at