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Blog | February 10, 2016

Notes From Elsewhere: WR Author Updates, Awesome Women + More

Greetings, Rioters! I’ve decided my bookmark folder containing links for you all needs a good clear-out, so let’s have a few days’ worth Note From Elsewhere goodness, shall we? YES! Time to catch up.

First up, we have a shedload of WR Author Updates that I’ve neglected to tell you about:

Logen Cure, whose poem “These Are My Best Gifts” first appeared here, now has a full chapbook out called Still.

Previously seen here reviewing Philip Glass’ Einstein on The Beach, Fred Skolnik has a new novel, Death.

Katie Cortese has a collection of flash fiction out, Girl Power and Other Short-Short Stories. Her story “Disappearing Act”

Reviews | February 16, 2014

Einstein On The Beach Again by Fred Skolnik

It was only in the early 1990s that I came to know the music of Philip Glass. I had heard his Violin Concerto on the radio and was immediately attracted to it, so at the first opportunity I went out and bought Music in 12 Parts after finding it noted with high praise in a CD guide that I had in the house. After a few minutes, however, I realized that what I was hearing, which had the effect on me of a broken record, was what I would be hearing for the next three hours and found myself thinking,

Poetry | June 16, 2012

The Kiss by Fred Skolnik

When Binny’s best friend Came into the room I desired her again. We sat on the bed Chatting innocently And then I thought To kiss her But she turned her head away At the critical moment.

And if I had kissed her then So much would have been different. She would have told Binny I am sure of that And Binny would have Called the wedding off And these children that we have Would not have been born And I would not have seen The places I’ve seen And I would not have lived The life I’ve lived.

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