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Casey Quinn | Word Riot
Poetry | February 15, 2010

Two Poems by Casey Quinn

holiday breakfast table

the holiday

breakfast table

unfunny stories


over eggs

with ham

forced smiles

and laughter

to make



at home.

nosecretsshe said

i have nosecretsshe said

just partialtruthstoldto keepat leastsome of me


About the author:

Casey Quinn writes prose and poetry. His first poetry collection Snapshots of Life was published in 2009 by Salvatore Publishing.

Reviews | November 15, 2009

Dealing with Men by Robin Stratton

Review by Casey Quinn

Most people spend their lives really trying to understand the delicate balance of what makes a relationship work. They meet people, they date, some get married, some don’t and all the while they are learning from each interaction a little more about the opposite sex. Learning a little bit about themselves.  What makes them tick, what they like and dislike, who is the right person and how they can tell.

In Robin Stratton’s chapbook, Dealing with Men (ISBN 0-9753211-3-7), she takes the reader on a journey of various interactions and displays the results of what happens