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Midnight Picnic
by Nick Antosca

8.5" x 5.5"
ISBN 978-0977934331
pp. 188

In the morning, Bram finds the bones of a murdered child. At noon, the murdered child begs for his help. And by nightfall, they have killed a man together and set off into the afterlife, where nothing is what it was, and death is only the beginning of punishment. An eerie story about the nature of death and the self, Midnight Picnic inhabits an American landscape made strange and unfamiliar. From the author of the cult novel Fires, Midnight Picnic is a haunting and disturbing experience.

About the Author
Nick Antosca lives, works, and writes on the East Coast of America. He was born in the state of Louisiana.

Reviews & Praise
If there's a real Hell out there in the American heartland, and real ghosts, I suspect Nick Antosca has seen them. Midnight Picnic reinvents the ghost story for our unsettled times--it's a riveting and terrifying 21st Century Book of the Dead that's one of the most frightening novels I've read in years.
--Elizabeth Hand, author of Generation Loss, Mortal Love and Winterlong

Nick Antosca's Midnight Picnic is a thrilling follow-up to his contemplative debut, Fires. His imagination makes an astonishing show in this macabre, bizarre and witty story of ghosts and revenge. Impossible to put down until the extremely satisfying end, Midnight Picnic conjures up the mounting tension of the finest Bradbury story.
--Jami Attenberg, author of The Kept Man

(No excerpts currently available.)

Author News
Visit Nick Antosca's blog brothercyst.


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Midnight Picnic
a novel by
Nick Antosca


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