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Blood Tender
by Paula Anderson

8.5" x 5.5"
ISBN 0-9728200-0-0
pp. 52

Paula Anderson doesn't know where she's going or why. What she does know is that she's going to have one helluva time getting there. Blood Tender was culled from a series of online journal entries and, as far as we know, is the first literary blog to be published.

Blood Tender documents her nineteenth year of life. She reluctantly returns to her mother's house after failing out of college and an unsuccessful attempt at living on her own. But Paula doesn't need conventions - she'll make her own way through life.

Told with lyrical beauty and punk rock passion, Blood Tender is a beat memoir for the digital age.

About the Author
A young Southern woman falls in love with a Jamaican migrant farm worker on her wealthy father's apple orchard. A year later the world is introduced to Paula Anderson, a healthy host of American contradictions.

Blood Tender, her first book, documents Paula's adventures and struggles after her second failed attempt at college, a time of selling blood plasma to pay the rent and chain-smoking to keep warm. Paula entered into life's harsh realities with a grin and a brilliant wit and loves telling us the tale.

Born in 1982, Paula Anderson is a North Carolina native and editor of Communication Breakdown magazine.

Reviews & Praise
     "Rumbling along at a furious pace, Paula Anderson's debut novel, Blood Tender, packs a lot into a mere 50 pages. ... This novel gives a fully wrought and, at times, amusing description of Paula Anderson's experiences and feelings ...
     "Rejecting the usual narrative structures, Blood Tender's real beauty lies in the exhuberance and the imagination that animates the characters and situations she describes in blissful detail. The wry observations about her own weaknesses and shortcomings, also help engage the reader. Blood Tender manages to transcend the usual trivial musings that are so often found in diaries and blogs, and gives us glimpses, though not totally realized yet, of real talent. In some passages, we are treated to something not only worth reading, but worth savouring. ...Blood Tender is worth a read (and your 6 bucks), and Paula Anderson is one to watch in the coming years.
-Karen Patton, Dusty Lizard

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Author News
In memory of Paula Anderson, 1982-2004


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