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October 2009
Three Poems by Andrea DeAngelis
A Letter Of Grievance To Love by Tyler Enfield
Shooting Midgets from a Catapult and Watching Our Teacher Tap Dance Nude by Newamba Flamingo
Three Poems by Chad Halle
Three Poems by Bill Johnston
Two Poems by Saeed Jones
Two Poems by Marcos Mataratas
Central New York by Daniel Houston Powell
I Want To Be An Alcoholic by Foster Richardson
Poems in A (iii) by Andy Riverbed
If the Walls Could Speak by Heidi Schmidt
Fata Morgana by Claudia Serea
Two Poems by Lisa Veyssiere
Three Poems by Liang Yujing

September 2009
You Can't Sleep Here by Kevin Aguilar
Two Poems by Brad Bisio
My First Dead Body by Lisa J. Cihlar
Sense by Richard DiPirro
A POLITICAL SERIES by Evan Fleischer
Two Poems by Kenneth P. Gurney
Two Poems by Justin Hyde
Two Poems by Emily Kagan Trenchard
the girl next door by Peycho Kanev
Mr. and Mrs. Jingles by Darby Larson
Two Poems by Benji Myers

August 2009
Two Poems by T. O. de Burgh
Two Poems by Alex Galper
Sunday by Judson Hamilton
C.A.S 1932-1992 by Fiona Helmsley
Two Poems by Bill Johnston
Two Poems by Karen Kelsay
Two Poems by Lara Konesky
Lucretia Went Walking by Hatsy McGraw
Two Poems by D.C. Porder
Two Poems by Doug Sutton-Ramspeck
Love by Deanna Tatum

July 2009
Two Poems by Craig Awmiller
Two Poems by Jeremy D. Campbell
Sadie by Jesse Fourmy
Untitled by Andrew Hilbert
Three Poems by David LaBounty
Gödel and Einstein by J. Richard McLaughlin
Three Poems by Simon Perchik
Cào: An Etymology by Caleb Powell
GUARDIAN ANGEL by Mather Schneider
Two Poems by Leon Ivan Snow
Four Poems by Audri Sousa
After the Meal by Joseph R. Trombatore
Two Poems by Cody Wiewandt

June 2009
Four Poems by Kevin Conder
Know Thyself by Elizabeth Crocket
Two Poems by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
Bartleby's my Brother by Regina Jeffers
Three Poems by Niaz Khadem
Two Poems by Savannah Louise
Laces by Ravi Mangla
misanthropic Buddha by Alison Ross
Alone by Ryan Sloan
Two Poems by Joshua Michael Stewart
Three Poems by Zachary Whalen

May 2009
All but the beer that's wrong by Lori K. Barbeau
Three Poems by John Bennett
Free Hugs by Marjorie Cheung
Three Poems by Danielle Jackson
Four Poems by Gordon Jaylor
Three Poems by Amanda L. Marron
Three Poems by Roger Pemberton
Two Poems by Brent Sunderland
Three Poems by Ocean Vuong

April 2009
Three Poems by Alexandra Bregman
THE CONVERSATION by Joshua Jennings
Four Poems by Lara Konesky
Three Poems by Wayne Mason
Three Poems by Ryan Croken and Maya Schenwar
Little Leopard by K. McDonnell
Three Poems by Tristan Moss
Three Poems by Doug Payne
Two Poems by Paula Ray
Three Poems by Ross Vassilev
Two Poems by Donovan White
Two Poems by Richard F. Yates

March 2009
This Is Veganism by Chuck Adams
Two Poems by Michelle Grimaldi
Two Poems by Sean Patrick Hill
Of Death by Allison Hoffer
Two Poems by Ami Iannone
Writer's Block Blues by St.Sir Michael Manners
Three Poems by Katie Manning
Symbolic, Maybe. by Sarah Meyers
Two Poems by Laura Miller
Three Poems by Dave Newman
Two Poems by j. michael niotta
Parpadeos del Marrón by Ali Tipton

February 2009
Three Poems by Melanie Browne
OUR YOUTH by Zachary C. Bush
Sitting In The Back Of Cars by Bryan Chabrow
Two Poems by William A. Clark
Kermit's Soliloquy by Lindsey Drager
Two Poems by Michael Estabrook
Two Poems by Graham Fulton
Two Poems by Kenneth P. Gurney
How to Fold Your Boyfriend's Clothes in the Morning Without Feeling Dirty or Irrelevant or Like You're Living in Sin by Maria Kuznetsova
Two Poems by James Ray Scott
Two Poems by Wendy Sumner Winter
A-Train by Jade Sylvan
Two Poems by Dean West
These Little Worries/Warriors by Jess Wigent

January 2009
Two Poems by Shane Allison
VOODOO HEART by Tommy Baas
Two Poems by Deniz Ece Z.S
Three Poems by Daniel Ehlers
Three Poems by Justin Hyde
The Bars Close At Three by Miriam J. Johnson
Two Poems by Theresa Lapensée
Two Poems by Jessica Seck Marquis
Allah's Jewels by Alex Nodopaka
Two Poems by Casey Quinn
Three Poems by August Roulaux
Two Poems by Dean West

December 2008
Three Poems by Piper Abernathy
Three Poems by Nick McLean
Mud Sculpture by Mavis Moog
Three Poems by Kathryn Regina
Two Poems by g emil reutter
Two Poems by Matthew Savoca
yawn by E. Darcy Trie
Two Poems by Gene Wagendorf
Two Poems by Daniel Wilcox

November 2008
Three Poems by Grace Andreacchi
Five Poems by Sarah Morgan
Two Poems by Konye Obaji Ori
Twisted Almost Virgin and Mid-Slumber Haikus by John J. Petrolino III
Three Poems by LeeAnn Pickrell
Two Poems by Kurt Remington
Extracts from Z213: Exit by Dimitris Lyacos and translator Shorsha Sullivan
Four Poems by Julio Vargas
Two Poems by Lafayette Wattles

October 2008
Three Poems by Obemata  
Two Poems by Oriana  
Two Poems by Barbra Annino
Three Poems by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
Two Poems by Nathan Graziano
tattoo by Peycho Kanev
Six Poems by Lara Konesky
Two Poems by Jack T. Marlowe
Two Poems by Mike Palkowski
Three Poems by Meg Pokrass
Lottery by Phill Provance
Two Poems by Markus Ross
Three Poems by Karen Terrey

September 2008
Blue Day by Meg Claudel
Passages-For Jess by Mira Coleman
Three Poems by Joseph Farley
Three Poems by Jason Fisk
Two Poems by Kristin Ginger
Two Poems by Rose Hunter
Helga by Daniel Irwin
Five Poems by Peycho Kanev
Two Poems by Linda Leedy Schneider
Three Poems by Mélanie Lefebvre
Three Poems by Prathna Lor
Two Poems by Heather A. McMacken
Two Poems by Leigh Pierce
4am, Words for a Friend by Kassy Scrivner

August 2008
Anatomy by Karen Anglero
Three Poems by Mila Arz
Unforgiven by T.S. Beckford
Two Poems by Stephanie Rose Bird
If You Peeled My Skin Off I'd Be Smiling by Chelsey Flood
Say It in Plain English by Kyle Hemmings
the Abenaki word for clock is babizookwazik by Sandra S. McRae
Three Poems by A. Molotkov
Two Poems by Mordechai Shinefield
Two Poems by Jim Warner

July 2008
Two Poems by Hugh Fox
Two Poems by Joseph Goosey
Two Poems by Precious Jones
Two Poems by Brandon Lee
Two Poems by Matthew Manning
Priceless by Elizabeth Rose Murray
Lost in Camden and Dreaming by Brittany Ober
Three Poems by Ananda Selah Osel
Two Poems by J.R. Pearson
I'm Gonna by Matt Specht

June 2008
Three Poems by Mila Arz
Two Poems by Stewart Bourn
Surf a Couch by Joshua Brooks
Two Poems by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
The Yahoos Move Like Cattle Grazing In The Night by Matthew D'Abate
from Otis Henry by Nick Demske
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Brenda Mann Hammack
petar by Justin Hyde
Two Poems by Patrick Ryan Dunn Sullivan
What Is Statistically Proven To Work by Nathan Thorell
Pretentious Dialogue by Ami Vaughn
Too High by Steve Young

May 2008
$6.36 by Vince Anello
Sanity's Garden by Julia Colterjohn
Trapped in class on a sunny day by Linda Delmonico Prussen
how i learned by Justin Hyde
Two Poems by Steven Kunert
Three Poems by David LaBounty
Can't Explain by Dave Morrison
Two Poems by Crisanta Pantoja
Three Poems by Kellie Powell
That's What Happens When You Let Someone Who's Mad At You Buy The Croissants by Jeri Rafter
Otherness by Douglas Silver
How to Fetch Firewood by Michelle Tandoc-Pichereau
Two Poems by Allison Tobey
Empty by Ami Vaughn

April 2008
Two Poems by R. A. Allen
MINNOW POND by Joe Balaz
Mary Lou is Dead by Jak Cardini
Two Poems by Richard Donnelly
American Boy, Korean Girl: Summer Romance
Processing Salmon, Anchorage, Alaska
by S. Drinkall

Unexplainable by Kenneth Gurney
Two Poems by Lara Konesky
THE COLOR OF BLINDNESS by Janice Krasselt Tatter
Two Poems by Chris Major
Five Pieces by Kirk Pinho

March 2008
Two Poems by Dan Bailey
Two Poems by Melinda Blount
Tailor Made by J. Bradley
weird outback poem by Kimberly Go
Convenience Store Pizza by Jake Helton
Jesus Walks by Michael Lee Johnson
Two Poems by Eddie Kilowatt
My me by David E. Oprava
i was reading the obituary by Rohith Sundararaman

February 2008
Stampede by Adam Ferrari
Two Poems by Steve Lewis
Galloping with a Unicorn across Subsistent Fields by Dion Lohman
The Funny Thing Is... by Zach Paulsen
Two Poems by Andrew Trahan
Two Poems by Joseph Veronneau

January 2008
Two Poems by Eric Burke
Two Poems by Doug Draime
whats goin on by Steve Ely
Big Screen by Graham Fulton
Two Poems by ZoŽ Gabriel
corks, white cigarettes, music by Sarah Hough
ROUND WOMEN by Beverly Jackson
Free Wife by Therese Kuczynski
Ode to a Young Masochist by Lorian Long
Try rewinding it by Enzo Marra
Two Poems by John Morton
Two Poems by Ashok Niyogi
Z. Brinker and the Golden Horn by R L Swihart

December 2007
Two Poems by Martha Clarkson
Two Poems by Gabriel DeCrease
The chaos
of clouds
by Pat Galvin

MOCKERY by Sean Kilpatrick
Three Poems by Amanda Latrenta Crane
Two Poems by Mike Meraz
Three Poems by Rebecca Pearson
Alice, in the garden by Anne Marie Rooney
Two Poems by Micah Stack

November 2007
Two Poems by Adetokunbo Adetuyi
I Do it in My Sleep by Zoe Alexandra
Two Poems by Harold Bowes
You in the Woods That Day by Doug Cornett
Two Poems by Michael Estabrook
Two Poems by Annmarie O'Connor
Three Poems by Misti Rainwater-Lites
philosophizing by Alaina Schneider
Bearded companion by James Ray Scott

October 2007
Tunnelbug by giuseppe
The Cynic Who Ruined the Sunset by Chris Allison
Two Poems by Nathan A. Baker
For A Beer by Marcus Bales
you are what you eat by Jim Benz
Newspaper by Ramesh Dohan
Moon/Bird/Moon by Evan Fleischer
Reasons why I won't be elected president (the S's) by Kenneth P. Gurney
Submission for Poetry Contest by Michael Hoag
Two Poems by Noel Sloboda
Two Poems by Grzegorz Wroblewski

September 2007
Illusions by Michelle Ashley
Two Poems by Aya Bassiouny
Rear View Mirror by Lisa J. Cihlar
D'Artagnan and the Bees by Janie Hofmann
Cacophony by David LaBounty
I Liked Driving by David Luntz
she came from the supermarket by Shawn Misener
Mexican Journal by Denis Robillard
Two Poems by Daniel Wilcox
My father in fragments by Joshua Young

August 2007
Telephone Sales of Adjustable Beds by Steven Breyak
From The Darkness Came No Light But Death In Fact by Zachary C. Bush
How Pretty You Are by Michael Cuglietta
Two Poems by Sean Darnell
Untitled #2 by Judson Hamilton
Two Poems by Steve Meador
Not Going to the City by Hallie Santo
colors in the land of sun by Rohith Sundararaman

July 2007
For John by Yemi Aganga
Two Poems by Bob Boston
Pure Reason by Aleathia Drehmer
stick of gum by Rafael Andrade Garza
//this frozen ocean in my chest is getting crowded// by Justin Hyde
Hudson, early one morning by Matthew Keuter
Three Poems by Lara Konesky
Two Poems by Gerald So
Counting Corn Kernals Under a Hot August Sun by Sam Vargo
I'm So Fucking Cool by Raymond Wachter

June 2007
Two Poems by Splake
Ernesto, My Darlings, You are Quite Jung by M
funeral guitars by Abraham Gibson
The Poster Sells on EBay by Kenneth P. Gurney
My Life by J.D. Heskin
What Sheila Says by David LaBounty
Eddie Pratt as Himself
Warminster, PA 1991
by Lynn Levin

Two Poems by Troy Schoultz
The Psychic's Daughter by Ron Singer
This Time (For Raymond Carver) by Gary Smillie
Redlight by Jade Sylvan
An Appointment by Mauricio Vieira

May 2007
Leaving Too Early by Alfred Bruey
one. by Ryan Downey
The Commander's Dream by Joanna Friedman
Five Poems by Jo L. Gerrard
Two Poems by Joey Hoats
Two Poems by Eddie Kilowatt
A Past That Haunts by Chris Major
we are not an
affectionate country
by David Myers

The flying italian by Alveraz Ricardez
Which Half-Dozen? by Ian Simmons
Two Poems by Tyler Stoddard Smith
Walking the Yard (Sleepwalking) by Joseph R. Trombatore
In an Irish
by Nicolette Westfall

April 2007
there's this lady that used to throw change at me by Kaveh Akbar
Two Poems by Chris Crittenden
Three Poems by Hugh Fulham
Two Poems by Liz Gallagher
Two Poems by W.K. Lawrence
Two Poems by Corey Mesler
Two Poems by mg roberts
Two Poems by Erin Tarica
Two Poems by James R. Whitley

March 2007
Three Poems by Ryan Collins
Two Poems by Patrick Frank
Two Poems by Joseph Goosey
Two Poems by Melissa Patterson
Sidebar by Erin Trahan
brittle by Ross Vassilev

February 2007
Involuntary Extended Tours by Marcus Bales
Two Poems by Allison Eastley
Three Poems by Tamie Gaudet
Two Poems by Paul Grant
Methamphetamines by Les Kay
Three Poems by Vanessa Kittle
Three Poems by Ross Leese
Two Poems by Jane Ormerod
Three Poems by Drew Stiles
Two Poems by Terrance Wedin
The Lovesong of Darby Lincoln by Ella Williams
Everything on Sale by Mark Wisniewski

January 2007
Six Poems by Jai Britton
Two Poems by Doug Draime
Two Poems by Thomas J. Erickson
Two Poems by Antonio Fernandez
Untitled Poetry by Adrian Fox
Three Poems by Kenneth Gurney
Two Poems by Eddie Kilowatt
Two Poems by Jace Miller
Five Poems by Kevin Paul Miller
Two Poems by J.D. Nelson
Two Poems by Marie Rennard
Four Poems by Sarah Ruhlen
Light Less Public by Sara Saab
Two Poems by Caroline Skanne
Five Poems by Christian Ward
News Flash: AC Invented in Arkansas, 1945 by Earl J. Wilcox

December 2006
Two Poems by James Babbs
The Hummingbird Repair Kit by Jack Conway
Four Poems by Stephen Danos
Poems by Michael de los Reyes
Two Poems by Doug Draime
Two Poems by Abraham Gibson
Three Poems by Laura Goldman
Four Poems by Nathan Graziano
Two Poems by Zach Paulsen
Leaning Toward Eternity by Timothy Peeler
Two Poems by Jeff M. Phelps
Two Poems by Stuart Ryder
Two Poems by Lise Mae Schlosser
Three Poems by Rebecca Schumejda
Songs by Alexander Petrov Tomov

August 2006
Five Poems from Atmosphere by J. Reuben Appelman
Four Poems by Marqus P. Bobesich
Three Poems by Cathryn Cofell
Three Poems by Dominic Di Bernardi
Three Poems by Jim Kober
Two Poems by Karl Koweski
Two Poems by Peter Lee
Rebel by Chris Major
Two Poems by Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz
Three Poems by Stanley M. Noah
Six Poems by James Ray Scott

July 2006
Three Poems by Jonathan Banks
Three Poems by Edward Churchouse
Three Poems by Sue De Kelver
Rummy Park Series by Rebecca Lu Kiernan
Five Poems by Michael Kriesel
Two Poems by Anita Liberty
Two Poems by Mary Owens
Three Poems by Rebecca Schumejda

June 2006
Four Poems by Jennifer Cleaver
Three Poems by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
The Pain of Humanity by Raymonde C. Green
Three Poems by Jonathan Hayes
Two Poems by Dennis Mahagin
Two Poems by Brian McGettrick
Six Poems by Louis McKee
Six Poems by Dave Morrison
Two Poems by LB Sedlacek

April 2006
Two Poems by L. Ward Abel
Three Poems by Aereal Doyle
Two Poems by Doug Holder
Three Poems by Michael McCoon
Two Poems by Tim Ormsby
Three Poems by Gordon Purkis
Two Poems by Cassandra Robison
Two Poems by Bill Winter

March 2006
Two Poems by Miles J. Bell
Poems by Tom Bell
Two Poems by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
Four Poems by Alison Eastley
Three Poems by Jacob McArthur Mooney
Two Poems by Suchoon Mo
Three Poems by Paula Sfeir

February 2006
Three Poems by CL Bledsoe
Three Poems by Michael Kriesel
Five Poems by Ralph Murre
Two Poems by Stanley M. Noah
Five Poems by James Ray Scott
zero gravity organ of a melancholy*embryo by Kenji Siratori
Three Poems by Montana Wojczuk

January 2006
Don Johnson by Rhea DeRose-Weiss
Four Poems by K.M. Dersley
Three Poems by Gerald George
Three Poems by Kenneth P. Gurney
Three Poems by Michael Juchnowski
Six Poems by Ellaraine Lockie
Five Poems by Malaya Macdonald
Five Poems by Papa Osmubal
Two Poems by Patricia Wellingham-Jones
Four Poems by Don Winter

December 2005
Six Poems by Kellie Beaudoin
Four Poems by John L. Campbell
Two Poems by William Doreski
Six Poems by Michael Estabrook
Three Poems by Ed Higgins
Three Poems by Stacey L. Mascia
Three Poems by Laura McCullough
Three Poems by Kathleen Paul-Flanagan
Four Poems by Judy Roy
on the road by Robert Schuler
Five Poems by Jennifer VanBuren

November 2005
Six Poems by Luke Buckham
Six Poems by Patrick Carrington
Four Poems by Alan Catlin
Three Poems by Bernard Dewley
Seven Poems by Marianne LaValle-Vincent
Three Poems by Sue Stanford

September 2005
Two Poems by Graham Bowman
Four Poems by Emily Brink
Three Poems by Don Carroll
Three Poems by John Casteel
Four Poems by Mark Gaudet
Three Poems by Thomas Hoats
Six Poems by Ellaraine Lockie
Two Poems by Peter Magliocco
Three Poems by J. D. Nelson
Six Poems by LB Sedlacek
Three Poems by Spencer Troxell

June 2005
Ryden's Girl by M. Chavez
Two Poems by Damian Glass
Two Poems by Barbara Jane Reyes
Two Poems by Christopher Watkins

May 2005
Six Poems by James Babbs
Pillow Talk With My Girl by Ralph-Michael Chiaia
Five Poems by TygerLily Ernst
Six Poems by Richard Fein
Three Poems by Bernard Henrie
Three Poems by Tao Lin
Three Poems by Jennifer Poteet Mallory
Four Poems by Ben Tremillo

February 2005
Moose by Jesse Ferguson
by virtue of noise by Ouimette Martinez

January 2005
Collusion by Joel Assaizky
the night gene ruggles died by John Dorsey
Booze and Pussy Destroyed My Life by Aryan Kaganof
Eggs by Andrew J. Kearl

August 2004
Five Poems by Maurice Oliver

July 2004
Five Poems by Shane Allison
Two Poems by Marcus Bales
A Bunch of Malarkey Spoken By An Indignant Mind On A Windy Wednesday Afternoon by Maurissa Hunter
Billie by Jessica Lynn
Two Poems by Brandon Shimoda

June 2004
Found Poem: Bush Light by Marcus Bales
Jazz in the age of Alcohol by Hsien Min
Saying Grace by Rich Murphy
Two Poems by George Sparling
Excerpts from "In Memory of Pines" by Christopher Wells

May 2004
Five Poems by Aryan Kaganof
Three Poems by Miriam N. Kotzin
Six Poems by Donna Kuhn
Four Poems by Penelope Talbert

March 2004
Two Poems by Cortney Bledsoe
SECRET THE CAGE by Mark Burnham
Two Poems by Trevor O'Brien
Three Poems by Matt Schumacher

February 2004
Three Poems by Barbara Blatner
Three Poems by Janet Buck
This is my fifth milkshake... by Chris Lynch
Two Poems by Charles P. Ries

January 2004
Four Poems by C Nolan DeWeese
Three Poems by Ricky Garni
Three Poems by Jacob McArthur Mooney

November 2003
Six Poems by Alan Catlin
Three Poems by Adam Joshua Liszkiewicz
20 haiku by Allen McGill
Three Poems by Corey Mesler

September 2003
So Really, Why Not? by Nancy A. Henry
Roadkill Poem by Chris Major
Good Tom, Dead Then? by Stephen Oliver

August 2003
Six Poems by K.R. Copeland
Five Poems by W. Felsch
Five Poems by Andrea Hewitt

July 2003
Four Poems by John Craun
Three Poems by Katey Nicosia
Excerpts from Deadly Pollen by Stephen Oliver

June 2003
Three Poems by caine
from OH an essay by john crouse and andrew topel
Five Poems by Kathy Rooney

April 2003
Excerpts from Sins of the Flesh by David-Matthew Barnes
Five Poems by Donna Kuhn
Five Poems by Joel van Noord

March 2003
Three Poems by Lytton Bell
from Cocktail by Catherine Daly
Two Poems by Tim Wenzell

February 2003
Three Poems by Apryl Fox
Three Poems by Christopher Major
Identity by David Mascelanni
Only When by John Sweet

January 2003
Four Poems by Kevin Barnes
Right (After Bathwaite) by Ryan Bartlett
Three Poems by John Grey
ode to the clam, who is happy as one by kathleen nerring
Two Poems by Patrick Porter
Two Poems by Charles P. Ries
Two Poems by Rob Rosin

December 2002
The Home As Homicide by Stephen Oliver

October 2002
Four Poems by Jim McCurry

September 2002
Four Poems by John Grey
Three Poems by Alec Kowalczyk

August 2002
Six Poems by Maria Kazalia

July 2002
Three Poems by Tammy Houtz
Three Poems by John Sweet

June 2002
Two Poems by Janet Buck
[ Do I dare disturb the universe; ] by Liz Robbins

May 2002
May Feature: The Kimono Poems by Various
Two Poems by Paul Madden
[.exe] by Liz Robbins

April 2002
Living Out of a Suitcase by Jasmine Nelson
When You Look For Fame by Will Roby

March 2002
insanity unraveling the impending kiss by Frank Deserto
Maybe It's Over by Stacey Kushniruk

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