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September 2009
My Bike Shorts Are Not Yours, Or My Bulge by Joe Stracci

February 2009
Another Ohio by Luke Bartolomeo

January 2009
Sarah's Memoir by Rebecca Berg
Evangeline and Little Moses by Rudy Young

July 2008
The Pride and the Sorrow by Matt Fullerty

September 2007
Excerpt from Degenerescence by James Chapman

July 2007
The Space Between Brooklyn and Manhattan by Jackson Bliss

June 2007
Blood Simply Wants to Be Rusty by Nick Bredie

May 2007
Plastic Bottles by James Lewelling

April 2007
Excerpt from That Strange Flower the Sun by Tim Keane

December 2005
Between The Lines by Chris Conroy

January 2004
"Ilan the Robber" from It All Happened Somewhere, I'm Sure by Daniel DiPrinzio

July 2003
Hearts Don't Break Excerpt by Jessica Wilber

February 2003
Blood Tender Excerpt by Paula Anderson

January 2003
Telephones by Judy Moffett

August 2002
Sundown Excerpt by Jordan Rosenfeld
Queenie Goes to Bosnia by H. Sward

July 2002
Loss Loop Excerpt by Aidan Baker
Dishpig Excerpt by Tony Nesca

June 2002
The Art of Falling Apart Excerpt: The Concert by Mark Dawson
The Brick Excerpt: Freaks of the Industry by James Stegall

April 2002
Success Excerpt by Paula Anderson

March 2002
Success Excerpt by Paula Anderson

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Midnight Picnic
a novel by
Nick Antosca


The Suburban Swindle

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