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2011 | Word Riot


December 2011

An Interview With Nicola Masciandaro by David Hoenigman

and then there were three by Supriya Bhatnagar
Lily’s Odyssey by Carol Smallwood

Flash Fiction
Maelstrom by Deirdre Daly
Buzzard by Ben Drinen
Out at Shellmound by William Lusk Coppage

Short Stories
How Jimmy Lost His Filter by Andy Henion
My Best Move by Mark Jordan Manner

Novel Excerpts
Friday, March 28, 1997 by Donald Breckenridge
Outgrown Horses by Mia Siegert
In One Story by Colin Winnette

It had been banned during the day by Luke Degnan & Rosiere Moseley
Forces of Nature by Mark Hage
Lipstick by Len Kuntz
26 (more Ann) by John Reed
Epithalamion by Jon Sands
A Tale of Numbers by Gautam Sen
a garden of arms by Kimberly Ann Southwick
Four Poems by Parker Tettleton

November 2011

An Interview With Christopher Grimes by David Hoenigman

Flash Fiction
In the Ozarks by Garrett Ashley
Kinds of Leaving by Nancy Hightower
Moop and the Woggle by Cameron Pierce
On Knowing What I’m Doing by Benjamin Roesch
More Work by Gregory Sherl
Things To Remember by Penn Stewart

Short Stories
Act How You Want To Feel by Jennifer Dickinson
They Keep Their Quiet by Emil Ostrovski

Stretching Forms
Like a Spilled Purse: A Theft by Johannes Lichtman

Driveby by Walter Bjorkman
The Blank Slate by Rich Larson
Mission District by Joseph Mains
“Late April. Early May” by Vincent Peiffer
Quicksand by Kevin Sampsell
The Wars of the Pacific by July Westhale

October 2011

An Interview with Kirk Marshall by David Hoenigman

Theoretical Animals by Gary J. Shipley

Flash Fiction
Exit by Matthew Clair
Pork Ribs by Micah Dean Hicks
Shade by R.S. Thomas

Short Stories
She Lets Go Her Body by Barbara Westwood Diehl

Novel Excerpts
Chrysalis by Brandon Wells

Reading Comprehension by W. Todd Kaneko

September 2011

Flies by Michael Dickman
The Tiger’s Wife by Téa Obreht
Follow Me Down by Kio Stark

Flash Fiction
A Little Off, A Little Slanted by Laura Ashworth
John Cummings, 1926 by Lucy Bryan Green
Were I The Leaves, I’d Be Dead by Rolli

Short Stories
plans to be loved by Melissa Ann Chadburn

Creative Nonfiction
Stockwell Road Shots by Tony Rickaby

Two Poems by Zack Harlow
I Give Permission to the Moon to Rise by Jacob Newberry
It’s Not So Bad by Robert Walton
The Stand by Jukka Ylisuvanto

August 2011

An Interview With Jess C. Scott by David Hoenigman

Book Reviews
Betty Superman by Tiff Holland
Us by Michael Kimball
Traces by Tom Rechtin

Flash Fiction
Concern by Elizabeth Ellen
Father by Debbie Graber
Missed Appointment by Nicolas Sansone
Maria by Ian Sanquist
America is Me and Andy by Adam Wilson

Short Stories
Trespassing by Michael Cooper

Novel Excerpts
The Black Butterfly by Brandon Wells

Table 2.1 From the Amateur Scientist’s Notebook by Jesse DeLong

Potosí by Brandon Amico
Two Poems by Zachary Burkhart
Two Poems by Masin Persina
old bones/cold stones by KG Shea
Two Poems by Rachel L. Snyder
Three Poems by Dariel Suarez
First Solstice by Jeffrey Swan
Girl Who Asks the Scarecrow Twenty Questions by Allison Wilkins

July 2011

An Interview With Steve Finbow by Lee Klein
An Interview With Joseph Ridgwell by David Hoenigman

Flash Fiction
Jørgen by Doug Paul Case
From Idaho by Judy Huddleston
Winsome-looking Irishmen by Meg Pokrass
To Cordoba, Then, Ceramic Spur by Basil Rosa

Short Stories
The Most Terrible Thing by Susan Taylor Chehak
Flogging a Dead Horse by Apryl Lee
Afterwards by Joshua Young

Creative Nonfiction
Addictions and Adverbs by Harmony Neal

Standing Worship by Erik Bendix
The Making of a Mountain by Lane Falcon
Weekend visit by Ari Feld
Urban Renewal by Amorak Huey

June 2011

An Interview With Peter Grandbois by David Hoenigman

Flash Fiction
Ward by Nathan Blake
Nothing To Be Ashamed Of by Gerri Brightwell
Shadows by Joe Dornich
Shawano by Jessie Koester
Bee Trees by Rolli
See You in Tribeca by Maggie Shearon

Short Stories
Meta Incognita by Steve Finbow
Zombie Killer by Lacey Martinez
What You Missed by Robin Slick

Creative Nonfiction
Wax Statues Set 1 by Robert Stapleton

These Are Our Nights Here by John Kuligowski
Two Poems by Brad Liening
Anger by Judith Skillman
Two Poems by Maria Veres
Snowfall by JD Winslow

May 2011

An Interview with Raphael Kadushin by Kari Kamin

Book Reviews
The Avian Gospels by Adam Novy

Flash Fiction
The Way You Move Twelve Minutes From Home by Stefanie Freele
The Abstraction Pool by M. Thomas Gammarino
Night Shift by Sarah Gerard
Still Life with Mo by William T. Vandemark

Short Stories
Three Wives by Gary Moshimer

Novel Excerpts
White Blood by Bob Thurber

Standard Service Contract: Final Notification and Escort by Tim Bass
Gmail – Inbox – by Erik Doughty

Two Poems by Kenneth P. Gurney
Two Poems by Derek N. Otsuji
Traveling Incognito by Justin Rousse
I Know, I Know, But God I Miss Smoking by Debra Shirley
Getting the Beast Out by Lucy Simpson
How to Survive a Hangover: Jeff Goldblum Describes How He Knows that Today is Going to be Worse than Yesterday by Alexander Stachniak
A Reuniting by Steve Williams
Dear Fred: A Letter by Jessica Young

April 2011

An Interview With Doug Rice by David Hoenigman

Flash Fiction
Baby by Daniel Grandbois
Ironing by Peter Grandbois
I Am an I Am Today by Ofelia Hunt
Seven Incarnations of a Spinster by Hila Katz
House By The Sea by Mark Reep

Novel Excerpts
Off-Season by Mark DeCarteret

Nameless, TN by Heather Luby
The Glass Angel by Philip Tinkler
Losing His Voice by Kenton K. Yee

the sold violin by Heather Askeland
Two Poems by Jon-Michael Frank
The Hobbyists by Sarah Long

March 2011

An Interview With Larry Smith by David Hoenigman

Flash Fiction
Boxed by Craig Buchner
Ghost by Megan Cook
Put Your Hands Together by Thomas Kearnes
Living The Porous Life by Michael K. Meyers
Teenage Housefly by Kenton K. Yee

Short Stories
Brothers by Beau O’Reilly
There is Everything to Say by Gary Sheppard

Book Reviews
Gryphon: New and Selected Stories by Charles Baxter

Novel Excerpts
Kill It With Fire by Nicolle Elizabeth

Here Comes The Avalanche. by Joe Copplestone
Invitation, Invocation by John Grey
A Prompt by Joly Herman
Two Poems by Katherine Hoerth
Atomic Tiki Man by Karen Kelsay
Hachures by Stacey Tran

February 2011

An Interview With Roxanne Carter by David Hoenigman

Flash Fiction
The Death Artist by Peter Tieryas Liu
The Man and the Book by D.N.A. Morris
Two Flash Fiction Pieces by Ian Sanquist
Kate’s List of Lovers by Garrett Socol
Herman Melville’s First Whale by Mark Walters

Short Stories
Jackson by Carmen Petaccio

Novel Excerpts
Grand Masters by Ellen Collett

Swampgods by Carrie Lorig
Two Poems by Paige Riehl
June by Amelia Foster

January 2011

An Interview With Peter Cassidy by David Hoenigman
An Interview With Ken Wohlrob by David Hoenigman

Flash Fiction
The Glassblower by Olivia Kate Cerrone
Man With Music in a Chamber by Sunita Reddy
A Man Needs by Robin Sewell
Ferris Wheel by Kara Vernor

Short Stories
The Convincing Corpse by Faith Gardner

Creative Nonfiction
Unknown Places by Owen Tucker

Novel Excerpts
Crayons, Play Dough, and the Efficacy of Bear Mace by Dresden de Vera

Leaves in December by Michael Lee Johnson
Sundial Kit by John McKernan
Congratulations by C.J. Opperthauser
On Building a Campfire by Helen Peterson