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2010 | Word Riot


December 2010

An Interview With J.A. Tyler by David Hoenigman

Flash Fiction
WWCND by Steve Himmer
Used by Genevieve Hudson
Fortune Factory by Peter Kispert
Fire Flight by Robert Schladale
The Two Lines by Samuel Stoddard
Poached Pear Sorbet and Other Seduction Tactics by Dawn West

Short Stories
Kayfabe by Chris Lewis Carter
Red by Andrea Joyce
Water and Salt by Nick Ripatrazone

Creative Nonfiction
Memorial Day Weekend by Nathan Graziano

Early Light: The Aubade Prior to the Elegy by Dan Allawat
Easel by Rebecca Bernard
penelope, masturbating by Marissa Coon Rose
The Smell of Burnt Metal by Alex Odom
The Post-meal Cigarette by Ben Richardson
Iambic Hiccups by Nate Stein
Go green to counterbalance the red or purple tones by Jaime Warburton

November 2010

An Interview With Janice Lee by David Hoenigman

Flash Fiction
Goodbye, Wynona by Hunter Choate
Heat by Grant Faulkner
With Maura by Gary Percesepe
Bite History by Eliezra Schaffzin
Begin by Cecilia Stelzer
And Now This by Michael Wolman

Short Stories
Connect the Dots by Amanda Ching
Dossiers by Joel Hans

Airborne Creatures, a story in verse by Jennifer Goldsmith

condoms on the handlebars of a rusted bicycle by Mark James Andrews
American Funeral by John Paul Davis
Cardinal Sins by Karen Douglass
apples are born by Clara Engel
Two Poems by Jack Hodil
Check Out Justice by Lawrence Kessenich
The Roman Soldier by Josef Lemoine
Happy to be Hamlet by Stephen Longfellow
Two Poems by Ashley Maser
Two Poems by Ashley Strosnider
No Sympathy for Evelyn by Annie Wong

October 2010

An Interview With Richard Thomas by Pela Via
An Interview With John Dermot Woods by David Hoenigman

Book Reviews
How They Were Found by Matt Bell
We’re Getting On by James Kaelan
Monkeybicycle 7
Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart

Flash Fiction
The Waltz by Lisa Aldin
The Way to Arizona by Kenneth W. Harmon
Frozen by Lacey Martinez
Tender by Christina Murphy
ITCH by Gary Percesepe
Mrs. Peabody by Melissa Scholes Young

Short Stories
Have You Seen Me? by Annam Manthiram
The Backroom by Edward Mc Whinney

Creative Nonfiction
Uncle Boo by Abby Rotstein

Buy a Chuck Norris Tribute Revolver by Matthew Peipert
Waltz du temps perdu by Gary Percesepe

Occasional Poem by Eric Burke
Two Poems by Feng Sun Chen
Two Poems by Donavon Davidson
Your Name Repeats Like Marching Elephants by William Lusk Coppage
Still Life by Ivy Grimes
Taped to the Fridge by Anya Groner
Electric by Kenneth P. Gurney
Nostalgia by Andrei Guruianu
Play it again by David Kinsey
Square as Hell by David Mac
The Companion by Janet Matlock
Two Poems by Corey Mesler
Two Poems by Tara Nicole
Two Poems by Rebecca Olson
Two Poems by Shannon Salter
Three Poems by Spiel
Subject: Oil…Gas…Pepsi by Samuel Day Wharton
You and Them by Changming Yuan

September 2010

An Interview With Alan Catlin by the poet Spiel
An Interview With Adam Gnade by Bart Schaneman
An Interview With Lily Hoang by David Hoenigman

Book Reviews
How to Take Yourself Apart, How to Make Yourself Anew by Aaron Burch
Lost Poet: Four Plays by Jesse Glass

Flash Fiction
How I Know She Loves Me by Bob Barlow
12 by Anna Daugherty
High-Wire Morning Bird by P. H. Madore
4th and State, 9:05 a.m. by Townsend Walker

Short Stories
The Sniper and I by Matthew Haigh
Faithful by Eve Lyons
Eyes by Gary Moshimer
Standoff by xTx

Novel Excerpts
Suicide by Republican by Lorrie Sprecher

Creative Nonfiction
Visions: Where the Locals Go by Antonia Crane

The Kachina by Lisa Marie Basile
My Odysseus by Zozie Beatrice
Kathleen in Chicago, Questioning: A Myth by Nora Bee
Three Poems by Wendy Jane Cohen
Highway 110 by Amber Morris
The chicken bones by Claudia Serea
The Fats of Tokyo by Steve Stringer
PORK PIE HAT by Michael Thompson
Chance is based on true events by Arisa White
The Mermaids Swam Upriver to Spawn by Tania Van Winkle

August 2010

An Interview With Davis Schneiderman by David Hoenigman

Book Reviews
I Curse the River of Time by Per Petterson

Flash Fiction
End Times by Erin Fitzgerald
Bedroom Review by Abram Lynch
Scream by Emil Ostrovski
Shirt Fiction by Gary Percesepe
Another Lesbian Space Fantasy by Catherine Sharpe

Short Stories
Extraction by Chuck Augello

Motherhood by Diya Chaudhuri
A Fall Slaughter by Benjamin C. Clark
Two Poems by Brandon Courtney
Two Things by Amy David
Two Poems by Stevie Edwards
Missing by Foust
Two Poems by Bridget Gage-Dixon
The Midwest by Steve Dossey
Blessings of Snow and Sky by Victor D. Infante
Timber! by Meg Johnson
Bourbon and the Biker Babe by Dave Malone
Two Poems by John McKernan
Two Poems by Karissa Morton
Four Poems by Amber Ridenour
Archaeopteryx Barista by Chris Ridenour
The insects in the words. The weathers. by Denis Richard Robillard
Amends by Michael C. Rush
Object by Marcos Soriano
AOL/Wire Services (Posted 4 Hours 54 Minutes Ago) by Robin Stratton
hot air balloon mail by Stacey Tran
“Huh? What?” by Dane A. Wisher

July 2010

An Interview With Linda Bubon by Daniel Duffy
An Interview With Aaron Burch by Timmy Waldron
An Interview with Steve Erickson by Daniel Duffy
An Interview With Taylor Mignon by David Hoenigman
An Interview With Peter Schwartz by Timmy Waldron

Book Reviews
Man’s Companions by Joanna Ruocco

Flash Fiction
The Beige Futon by Greg Gerke
Maternus by Michelle Reale
Check Engine by Mark Reep

Novel Excerpts
Bliss Inc. by Ron Burch
Not for All the Mayo in Western Pennsylvania by Chris Zappone

The Women and the Men by Gary Percesepe

Midway Women’s Bowling League by James Benton
Arthritis by J.R.Bouchard
Two Poems by Russell Bradbury-Carlin
Neapolitan by Damian Caudill
Tickled by Amy Corbin
The Wife & I on Cough Drops by John Philip Johnson
Green monstrosity by Peycho Kanev
Desire Café Sutra by John Kuligowski
Asperatus by Adam Moorad
Noah, Pulling the Blankets Over His Head by Colin Pope
Two Poems from “Hallelujah Science” by Kelli Stevens Kane

June 2010

An Interview With Christian Peet by Kevin Kane
An Interview With Anna Joy Springer by David Hoenigman
An Interview With Justin Taylor by Mike Young

Flash Fiction
This Pivot by Justin D. Anderson
The Dads by Alex DeBonis
Arcadia by Michael K Meyers
That Knocking You Hear is Actually Ticking by Billy Thompson

Short Stories
On Board the Anita. by Edward Mc Whinney
An Ex-Lover’s Guide to Failing Organic Chemistry by Christopher Mohar

The Submissive Queen by Samantha Levy
Three Works by Miranda Merklein
All These the Violent Children ( An Episode of Hills ) by JA Tyler

Untitled by Elizabeth Bastos
Substitute Kansas by Antonia Clark
Three Poems by Kathleen Flenniken
Two Poems by Patrick Forgette
Tartar the Unfaithful Clam by Bill Gillard
Becoming Educated by Mikko Harvey
from the soft destruction of a single entity over a period of time one might call, aging by Michael James Martin
WHAT WILL BECOME OF THESE? by Janice Krasselt Medin
Drunk Driving by Jade Sylvan
Math For Poets by David Woodward
Everything is Living in the Lake by Alexander York
If We Really Exist, This is the Moment We Will Know It or When the Onion is Gone by Jacqueline Anne Young

May 2010

An Interview With William Walsh by Timmy Waldron
An Interview With Tawni O’Dell by Dory Adams
An Interview With Munter Jack by David Hoenigman

Flash Fiction
Madonna by Victoria Cho
The Birthday Project by David Erlewine
Center and Fringe by Len Kuntz
Breathe by Josh Orkin
Our Island of Epidemics by Matthew Salesses

Short Stories
Suburban Cannibals by Scott Anderson
Hurry by John Oliver Hodges

An Expert Witness by Karen Douglass
Tacony Desperado by Joseph Farley
X-Ray of An Unknown Mouth by Kat Lewin
Two Poems by Donal Mahoney
Saturday Night by Dominic Quintana
I Am Okay by Greg Santos
Pioneer Valley by Joshua Michael Stewart
My Back Pages by Tim Tomlinson
Lesson Plan by Geoff Kagan Trenchard

April 2010

An Interview With Noah Cicero by Tim Nogaj
An Interview With Christopher Higgs by Andrew Borgstrom
An Interview With Karen Lillis by David Hoenigman
An Interview With Todd Zuniga by Timmy Waldron

Book Reviews
Deniability by George Witte

Creative Nonfiction
U-Turn by Lisa Lim
The Auctioneers by Jessie Morrison
The King of Schmooze by Daniel Stolar

Flash Fiction
All the World Was Grey Then Red by Richard Bell
Taking the Sting by Murray Brozinsky
Where the Pain Ends Stefanie Freele
Saving by Gary Moshimer

Short Stories
Bad Cheetah by Andy Henion

Maggots at Work by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
Three Poems by Melanie Browne
A Cigarette’s Worth by Ryan Michael Commins
Two Poems by Tova Gardner
Two Poems by Joe Farley
Two Poems by Ryan Quinn Flanagan
Three Poems by Rene Joy
Two Poems by Lara Konesky
RHYMES by Anthony Madrid
Yann Teirsen uses a lot of accordions in his compositions. by Ananda Osel
Two Poems by Jay Pabarue
Two Poems by t. kilgore splake
Two Poems by Valerie Wetlaufer
Two Poems by Dennis P. Wilken
I don’t know what to do with the warmth by Felicia Zamora
Once by Charlene Zatorski

Novel Excerpts
Excerpt from The Insurgent by Noah Cicero

March 2010

An Interview With Mark S. Kuhar by David F. Hoenigman
An Interview with Mary Miller by Timmy Waldron
An Interview With Sawako Nakayasu by David F. Hoenigman
An Interview With Shya Scanlon by Timmy Waldron
An Interview With Matthew Simmons by Timmy Waldron

Creative Nonfiction
Derek, Dead by Jack Patrick

Flash Fiction
My Farewell Tour by Richard E. Bowness
Stay Put by Jeff Chon
My Sweet Warrior by David Erlewine
Los Angeles by Mary Miller
Visits by Katie Manderfield
Disco by Richard Owain Roberts
Specifics by N. God Savage
The Sword by Thom Young

Short Stories
The Shine by Jennifer Sullivan

Lumpy Bed by Michael Cuglietta
Two Poems by Brian Fanelli
Tadpole by Jason Fisk
THE EARLY YEARS 1973-2005 by Jason Hardung
daily blackout by Sarah Harste
LA PALMA, CA by Andrew Hilbert
ROCK STAR by Ann Manion
My Mother’s Soup Bowl by Mavis Moog
_Avocado_ by D. Porter
A Story in Five Breath Poems by Patrick T. Randolph
Excerpt from In this alone impulse, by Shya Scanlon
Monday Morning by Stephanie Skaza
NOTHING UNDER OR BETWEEN by Justin Wade Thompson
Untitled by Dean West

Novel Excerpts
Excerpt from A Jello Horse by Matthew Simmons

February 2010

An Interview With Eckhard Gerdes by David Hoenigman
An Interview With Eirik Gumeny by Timmy Waldron
The Definitive Scott McClanahan Interview: Everything else is just an unofficial boring part of Ohio, or Pennsylvania, or Virginia. by Timmy Waldron
Remembering Jim Shepard. Compiled by David F. Hoenigman

Book Reviews
Protest! by Steve Finbow, Melissa Mann and Joseph Ridgwell
Review by David Hoenigman

Flash Fiction
Chablis by Philip Brunetti
Upon Finding You Alive by Michael K. Meyers
The Difficulty of Endings by Jeff Vande Zande
Point of Detachment by Jessica Vozel

Short Stories
Nail Polish and Beer by Matt Baker
Firewood by Brad Conlin
Kidney Stones by Scott McClanahan

Three Poems by J. Bradley
pick up line by Jordan Castro
Three Poems by Matthew D’Abate
Sunday by Judson Hamilton
whatever makes her happy by Jordan Hanhilammi
Two Poems by Gail D. Kelley
Corporate Casual by Ed Makowski
Two Poems by Casey Quinn
untitled by Dana Roders
6 things i won’t to tell my mother by Tristan Silverman
MOTU Physics Teacher by James Sutherland
Holy Ghosts by Christopher Woods

Fifty Years in Halves by Rae Bryant

January 2010

An Interview With Jeffrey Lewis by David F. Hoenigman
An Interview With t. kilgore splake by David F. Hoenigman

Book Reviews
Kamby Bolongo Mean River by Robert Lopez
Review by John Madera

Creative Nonfiction
Just ’Cause You’re Paranoid… by Joe Clifford
The Switch by Abby Rotstein

Flash Fiction
“Não há Antídoto para Esse Veneno.” by Shane Cohn
Brotherly Love by Matthew Dexter
Eyes Turned Skywards by Ryan Dilbert
Three Days by HV Whitehead

Short Stories
The Cape by Z.Z. Boone
A Happier Tree by Patrick Allen Carberry
Penumbra by Rachel Ephraim

Five Poems by Holly Day
Six Poems by Doug Draime
The Broken Faucet by Meighan Freiling
Jazzmeen Autry by Nicole Gervasio
Two Poems by Lauren Hewitt
Six Poems by Kayla Kane
Bathroom Crucifix by Carolynn Kingyens
Three Poems by Donnelle McGee
Three Poems by Corey Mesler
Know Youth by Nicholas Miriello
Two Poems by Dave Morrison
Four Poems by Cole Nowicki
Two Poems by Christopher Pryor
the sound by Ellyette Sakas
Two Poems by Steve Subrizi

Out of Sorts by Rose Sullivan