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2009 | Word Riot


December 2009

An Interview With D. Harlan Wilson by David F. Hoenigman
An Interview With Chelsea Martin by David Moscovich
An Interview With Hillel Wright by David F. Hoenigman

Creative Nonfiction
My Father’s Ghosts by Addie Hopes
Propofol by Jake Wolff

Flash Fiction
Love in the Time of Valkyries by Melanie Browne
Closer by Joly Herman
Tucson by Neila Mezynski
Blue Pinto by Mark Reep
The Closed Door Has a Glass Handle That’s as Blue as the Hope Diamond by Rhoads Stevens

Short Stories
Black Eagle by Colin Clancy
Immortality and Tow Trucks by Tom Fillion
Spring by Jane Gates

Three Poems by Drew DeGennaro
Two Poems by Lena Judith Drake
Two Poems by David Fishkind
Seven Heads and Ten Horns by Kimberly L. Frank
The Fire by Meighan Freiling
Death to the mystical muse by Idris Goodwin
Two Poems by The Collector by Amylia Grace
Two Poems by Tammy Ho Lai-ming
Two Poems by Rose Hunter
parts that i kept by Devin Kells
yes by Ryan Manning
Two Poems by Jalina Mhyana
Love is an iceberg by Thomas Newcomb
EARTHQUAKES by Reynard Seifert
Island by Christian Ward

Book Reviews
Overqualified by Joey Comeau
Dear Everybody by Michael Kimball

November 2009

Patricia Catto by David Hoenigman
Richard Kostelanetz by David Hoenigman
Judith Skillman by David Hoenigman

Flash Fiction
The End by Rob Bass
Wanting by Bruce Bromley
Renovation by Peter Grandbois
the spot by Ray Mike Molina
Say My Name by Nik Perring
Camera Obscura by Brooks Sterritt
Hesitation by Sabrina Stoessinger

Short Stories
The Black Ox by Aletheia Plankiw
The Girl Scout by Ryan Ridge
Missionaries On The Porch by G. K. Wuori

Creative Nonfiction
Kickass by Karen Sosnoski

From Postcards From New Life by Megan Martin

Two Poems by David Barger
Two Poems by Mel Brake
Three Poems by D. T. Christensen
Three Poems by Lisa Ciccarello
Three Poems by Martha Clarkson
Two Poems by Elizabeth Davidson
Two Poems by Chris Deal
Two Poems by Joan Goldberg
Three Poems by Andrew Hilbert
Two Poems by Ivan Jenson
Cul de Sac by kj
Seven Poems by Charles P. Ries
Two Poems by Marther Schnieder
Two Poems by Alexandra Seidel
Two Poems by John Sweet
Two Poems by Charity Thomas
Two Poems by Mia Wright

Novel Excerpts
Forecast: Chapter 36 by Shya Scanlon

Book Reviews
The Secret History of New Jersey by Tony Gruenewald
The Delicacy and Strength of Lace: Letters Between Leslie Marmon Silko and James Wright
Dealing with Men by Robin Stratton

October 2009

Creative Nonfiction
The Bright Night Effect by Jon Chopan
Fort Flagler, WA by Ben Loory
Brokedown in Oklahoma by John Washington

I Want To Be An Alcoholic by Foster Richardson
Three Poems by Andrea DeAngelis
A Letter Of Grievance To Love by Tyler Enfield
Shooting Midgets from a Catapult and Watching Our Teacher Tap Dance Nude by Newamba Flamingo
Three Poems by Chad Halle
Three Poems by Bill Johnston
Two Poems by Saeed Jones
Two Poems by Marcos Mataratas
Central New York by Daniel Houston Powell
Poems in A (iii) by Andy Riverbed
If the Walls Could Speak by Heidi Schmidt
Fata Morgana by Claudia Serea
Two Poems by Lisa Veyssiere
Three Poems by Liang Yujing

Short Stories
Not Your Typical Girl by Jon Bohr
The Long Grass by Ryan W. Bradley
A Glass of Water by CS DeWildt
Air Over Air by John Givens
Bleeder by Brett Matthew Graham
Memphis Apartment, Downtown Poplar and Vine by Sean Lovelace
Myrtle Avenue by Courtney Mauk
Cut, Chew, Swallow by Samantha Schlaifer

Flash Fiction
Zoetrope by Tim Doody
The End of All Light You Know by Phoebe Kate Foster
The Closest, Hottest Thing by John Haggerty

September 2009

The Science Library by m. pinchuk

You Can’t Sleep Here by Kevin Aguilar
Two Poems by Brad Bisio
My First Dead Body by Lisa J. Cihlar
Sense by Richard DiPirro
A POLITICAL SERIES by Evan Fleischer
Two Poems by Kenneth P. Gurney
Two Poems by Justin Hyde
Two Poems by Emily Kagan Trenchard
the girl next door by Peycho Kanev
Mr. and Mrs. Jingles by Darby Larson
Two Poems by Benji Myers

Novel Excerpts
My Bike Shorts Are Not Yours, Or My Bulge by Joe Stracci

Short Stories
A Little Expensive by Chidi Asoluka
Firstborn by Jake Christie
Welcome to the Mead Hall by Rowdy Geirsson
Crossing Borders by Sylvia Martínez
The Firestarter by Scott McClanahan
House of Holes by Timothy Raymond
Confederates by Charles Dodd White

Flash Fiction
Getting in, Getting out by Bruce Bromley
Animal People by Andy Henion
Skin by Len Kuntz
Scarlet Carson by Jessica Maybury
A House by Bradley Sands

August 2009

Creative Nonfiction
On Words and Movement by Kara Mae Brown
The Invisible Hand Around Your Child’s Throat by Thomas Sullivan

Squares and Splashes: Two Chronologies of the Extraordinary Cherry Twins by David Massengill

Two Poems by T. O. de Burgh
Two Poems by Alex Galper
Sunday by Judson Hamilton
C.A.S 1932-1992 by Fiona Helmsley
Two Poems by Bill Johnston
Two Poems by Karen Kelsay
Two Poems by Lara Konesky
Lucretia Went Walking by Hatsy McGraw
Two Poems by D.C. Porder
Two Poems by Doug Sutton-Ramspeck
Love by Deanna Tatum

Short Stories
Mercurial Affections by Philip Brunetti
In the Street of Cats by Jac Cattaneo
We Don’t Make Love by Brent Krammes
Rhode Island Gothic by Andrée Pagès

Flash Fiction
Almost There by Foust
Bad Sitcom by K. Ryer Breese
Four-legged spider by Justin Crockett
My friend, Steven, the Magician by Lori D’Angelo
CEO by Billy Middleton

July 2009

Creative Nonfiction
Drafts by Michael Dean Anthony

The Unmetaphysical Megalocardia of Jevan South by Brett Adkins and Paul Albano

Two Poems by Craig Awmiller
Two Poems by Jeremy D. Campbell
Sadie by Jesse Fourmy
Untitled by Andrew Hilbert
Three Poems by David LaBounty
Gödel and Einstein by J. Richard McLaughlin
Three Poems by Simon Perchik
Cào: An Etymology by Caleb Powell
GUARDIAN ANGEL by Mather Schneider
Two Poems by Leon Ivan Snow
Four Poems by Audri Sousa
After the Meal by Joseph R. Trombatore
Two Poems by Cody Wiewandt

Short Stories
Legacy by Grant Bergland
The Teacher by Wyatt Bonikowski
A Brilliant Compromise by Sean M. Lawrence
Christmas in Mexico by Jennifer Shumate
That Something We Needed by Casey Wiley

Flash Fiction
Bottle Rocket Fight by R. Neal Bonser
Movement by Kathy Conde
Taking the cinder path down to the sea by Sarah Hilary
Fallen Oranges by Victoria Melekian
Wait Till the Bogeyman Comes for You by Kristopher Monroe
Shubhangi by Tirumal Mundargi
Jesus Rocks by Emma Lincoln
A Fall Sunday by Vinoad Senguttuvan
[ in the cold, when the night changes with Jimmy ] by J. A. Tyler
Please don’t be upset. by Brandi Wells

June 2009

Creative Nonfiction
Nixon Does Jiangxi by Christian Ames
Moving the Bed by Shaun El-Ters
Everything’s Relative by Kate Jordan
A Life Spent in What Is Now a Frivolous Profession by Larry McCoy

Marlon Brando’s Iguana by Daniel Van Thomas

Four Poems by Kevin Conder
Know Thyself by Elizabeth Crocket
Two Poems by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
Bartleby’s my Brother by Regina Jeffers
Three Poems by Niaz Khadem
Two Poems by Savannah Louise
Laces by Ravi Mangla
misanthropic Buddha by Alison Ross
Alone by Ryan Sloan
Two Poems by Joshua Michael Stewart
Three Poems by Zachary Whalen

Short Stories
Rejection by Simon Barker
In My Office—Now! by D. E. Fredd
Fishbowl by Melanie Haney
Expecting by Claire Merle
We Are All Animals by Amanda Montei

Flash Fiction
Working Late by Eric Beeny
How to Put a Condom on Your John by Terrell Isselhard
A First Time for Everything by Michelle Reale
This Time, With Feeling. by Yaara Sumeruk
Stimulus Package by Sanford Tweedie

May 2009

Creative Nonfiction
Three Variations on Susan by Kirsty Logan
Late Night Q&A by Patrick O’Neil

spring summer fall winter spring by Harley Ferris

All but the beer that’s wrong by Lori K. Barbeau
Three Poems by John Bennett
Free Hugs by Marjorie Cheung
Three Poems by Danielle Jackson
Four Poems by Gordon Jaylor
Three Poems by Amanda L. Marron
Three Poems by Roger Pemberton
Two Poems by Brent Sunderland
Three Poems by Ocean Vuong

Short Stories
The Ballad of Donald Lane by Brad Conlin
The Dripping Net by Nels Hanson
Polar Bears by Rose Hunter
Detached by Paul Lewellan
How Was I To Know, If You Didn’t Tell Me by Jamie Lin
Three Mistakes by Richard Thomas
The Displacement of Salvatore by Joseph Winter

Flash Fiction
Sparrows by Joy Allen
The Famous Never Freeze by Jarrett Haley
The End of Day by Greta Igl

April 2009

Creative Nonfiction
Ugly Woman as Elixir by Mel Bosworth
A Place Among Strangers by Mary Ann McGuigan
Because Once I Might Have Seemed Wild by Jenny Poore

Friend Highball at Bastion Square by Tricia Louvar

Three Poems by Alexandra Bregman
THE CONVERSATION by Joshua Jennings
Four Poems by Lara Konesky
Three Poems by Wayne Mason
Three Poems by Ryan Croken and Maya Schenwar
Little Leopard by K. McDonnell
Three Poems by Tristan Moss
Three Poems by Doug Payne
Two Poems by Paula Ray
Three Poems by Ross Vassilev
Two Poems by Donovan White
Two Poems by Richard F. Yates

Short Stories
Bone Density by Roxane Gay
Epitaphs by Daniel Homan
A Dangerous Shine by Tamara Linse
My Dad Builds the House by Gary Moshimer
The Living, the Dying by Luke Rolfes
Double Shift, May 1955 by Donna D. Vitucci

Flash Fiction
Bonding by Michelle Reale
After Life by Nick Stokes
Frozen Foods by Andrew S. Taylor
A Raven, Then a Cross by Jeff Vande Zande

March 2009

Creative Nonfiction
Updike of Ipswich by Andrew Coburn
Panties by Chloe Lunn

Porcelain by Jess C Scott

This Is Veganism by Chuck Adams
Two Poems by Michelle Grimaldi
Two Poems by Sean Patrick Hill
Of Death by Allison Hoffer
Two Poems by Ami Iannone
Writer’s Block Blues by St.Sir Michael Manners
Three Poems by Katie Manning
Symbolic, Maybe. by Sarah Meyers
Two Poems by Laura Miller
Three Poems by Dave Newman
Two Poems by j. michael niotta
Parpadeos del Marrón by Ali Tipton

Short Stories
Blink by Chuck Campbell
Roach by Jane Elia
Random Saves by Sharon Goldner
Sati by Chris Lenton
The Surprise by Kurt Remington
An Honest Man by Doug Rudoff
Truby by Jon Sindell

Flash Fiction
You Wake Up And The Virgin Mary Statue On Your Dresser Is Crying Blood by J.R. Angelella
The Sentence by Elaine Chiew
Red Wine and Pizza by Christy Effinger
Cheval Noir by Roland Goity
Reasons Not to Live in a Castle by Ruibo Qian
Bellissimo! by Al Riske