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2008 | Word Riot


December 2008

Book Reviews
Mad to Live by Randall Brown
Indignation by Philip Roth

Ron Silliman by David F. Hoenigman
Terese Svoboda by David F. Hoenigman

Flash Fiction
Please Read Before Deleting by Jais Brohinsky
Tell Mom There’s Going to Be Some Big Changes by Greg Gerke
Inventing a Frown by Brad D. Green
Transubstantia by Nicholas Alexander Hayes
The Experiencer of Time by Michael Price
Sand #1 by J. A. Tyler
A Loud Depressive at a Quiet Event by Katya Tylevich

it’s november & you’re 30 by j. michael niotta

Creative Non-Fiction
Relativity by Josh Indar
Letter by Sunshine LeMontree
The Gully Girls by Joleen Lunzer

Short Stories
Pupils by C.J. Arellano
The Brothers by Simon Barker
Letting Go by Lynne Elson
Freeze Dance by Jane Hertenstein
Throwaways by Jessa Marsh
It’s Easy by John Thornton

Three Poems by Piper Abernathy
Three Poems by Nick McLean
Mud Sculpture by Mavis Moog
Three Poems by Kathryn Regina
Two Poems by g emil reutter
Two Poems by Matthew Savoca
yawn by E. Darcy Trie
Two Poems by Gene Wagendorf
Two Poems by Daniel Wilcox

November 2008

Book Reviews
From Here You Can Almost See the End of the Desert by Aaron Michael Morales
The Zygote Is Dead by Ananda Selah Osel
Invite by Glen Pourciau
Fine Just the Way It Is: Wyoming Stories 3 by Annie Proulx

Richard Gilbert by David F. Hoenigman
Jonathon Keats by Josh Indar
Dawn Raffel by David F. Hoenigman

Flash Fiction
Merchandise by Bill Gaythwaite
Hoyt-Schermerhorn by Susana Mai
Strangers by Ross Rader

Re: Query — J. Ped by Shome Dasgupta
The Metamorphoses by Charles du Preez
Family Home by Willie Smith

Creative Non-Fiction
Chance by Stephanie Williamson

Short Stories
The Pot Party by John Bruce
Meryl’s Raincoat by Elizabeth Fallon
Three’s Your Limit by Molly Gaudry
The Watcher by Brian Krans
Open Secrets by Joy Lanzendorfer
Someone Else by Cris Mazza
Someone Else (Part 2) by Cris Mazza
Stay by Tracy Shields
Jamaica Avenue by Giuseppe Taurino
Spilt Milk by Jared Ward

Three Poems by Grace Andreacchi
Five Poems by Sarah Morgan
Two Poems by Konye Obaji Ori
Twisted Almost Virgin and Mid-Slumber Haikus by John J. Petrolino III
Three Poems by LeeAnn Pickrell
Two Poems by Kurt Remington
Extracts from Z213: Exit by Dimitris Lyacos and translator Shorsha Sullivan
Four Poems by Julio Vargas
Two Poems by Lafayette Wattles

October 2008

Book Reviews
Burn Your Belongings by David F. Hoenigman

Mark Amerika by David F. Hoenigman
Kate Braverman by Alan Perkins
Dennis Cooper by David F. Hoenigman

Flash Fiction
Driftwood by Tai Dong Huai
That’s a Strange Mistake to Make by Patrick Howell O’Neill
Andrea Light and Air by Elaine L. Kehoe
Research by Jennifer Pieroni
Stolen by Bonnie ZoBell

Idea for Story #1,643 by David Gianatasio
Seven Brides by Katherine Hill

Short Stories
Missus by Regan Calmer
Basinkingship by Benjamin Henry DeVries
Water and Light by Mark Dow
American Psycho Club by Destanie McAllister
Road Like Ribbon by Kim Morris
December 15, 2012 by Savannah Schroll Guz
Birds by Jennifer Strickland
The Next Carrie Beth by Molly Tolsky
Home Theater by Paul Vidich
The Problem With Friendship, Identity, Parenting, and the Limited Capacity of Foresight by Kara Weiss

Three Poems by Obemata
Two Poems by Oriana
Two Poems by Barbra Annino
Three Poems by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
Two Poems by David Fraundorfer
Two Poems by Nathan Graziano
tattoo by Peycho Kanev
Six Poems by Lara Konesky
Two Poems by Jack T. Marlowe
Two Poems by Mike Palkowski
Three Poems by Meg Pokrass
Lottery by Phill Provance
Three Poems by Karen Terrey

September 2008

Michael Kimball by Josh Maday
Carole Maso by David F. Hoenigman
Nava Renek by David F. Hoenigman

Flash Fiction
This Again by Philip Brunetti
The Mustaches in the Springtime by Charlie DeVore
Isle of Bones – Part Five by Steve Finbow
Places Where Women Feel Safe by Theresa Holden
Ten Minutes in a Library by Kenneth Pobo

Voices From the Palace of Illusions by Grace Andreacchi

Short Stories
Birthing by Clare Beams
The Good Reverend by Timothy Braun
Partners by Steve Cushman
Let’s Stop Talking by Ron D’Alena
Unseen Stimuli by Nelson L. Eshleman
Homemade by Jen Gann
Remembering Mérida by Rob Mayette
Prozac Salt Lick by Tamara Palmer

Blue Day by Meg Claudel
Passages-For Jess by Mira Coleman
Three Poems by Joseph Farley
Three Poems by Jason Fisk
Two Poems by Kristin Ginger
Two Poems by Rose Hunter
Helga by Daniel Irwin
Five Poems by Peycho Kanev
Two Poems by Linda Leedy Schneider
Three Poems by Mélanie Lefebvre
Three Poems by Prathna Lor
Two Poems by Heather A. McMacken
Two Poems by Leigh Pierce
4am, Words for a Friend by Kassy Scrivner

August 2008

Book Reviews
Blood Soaked Dresses by Gloria Mindock
typewriter art by Mark Sonnenfeld
No Way Out But In by Don Winter
The Wind Twirls Everything by Francine Witte

Billy Childish by David F. Hoenigman
Steve Finbow by David F. Hoenigman

Flash Fiction
The Succubus-Siren on Aisle 4 by Jennifer Bowles
Isles of Bones – Part Four by Steve Finbow
The Meaning of Life by Daniel Hudon
Baby Is Talking by John Lowry
When Nothing Else Matters by Adam McGavin
A Morning Lullaby by Daniel Moyer
Blue Sky, Green Sky by Conan Stuart
Acceptance Letter by Brandi Wells

Short Stories
They Are Made of Light by Scott Cheshire
Snow Blowing and Grass Mowing by Catherine DiCairano
Hedonism by Susan Lago
The Things That You Know by Jen Larsen
Fried Food and Smoking Is Bad for Your Heart by Halli Melnitsky
Lit Up by John Roberts
Kinds of Violence by Kara Weiss

Anatomy by Karen Anglero
Three Poems by Mila Arz
Unforgiven by T.S. Beckford
Two Poems by Stephanie Rose Bird
If You Peeled My Skin Off I’d Be Smiling by Chelsey Flood
Say It in Plain English by Kyle Hemmings
Romance by Donora Hillard
the Abenaki word for clock is babizookwazik by Sandra S. McRae
Three Poems by A. Molotkov
Me and She by Lizzy Nazer
Two Poems by Mordechai Shinefield
Two Poems by Jim Warner

July 2008

Wally Lamb by Dory Adams
Buddy Nordan by Dory Adams
Charles Plymell by Paul Hawkins
Steve Tomasula by David F. Hoenigman

Flash Fiction
Isle of Bones – Part Three by Steve Finbow
The Apology by Glenn Gray
Associations by Allison Landa
Smokin’ the Peace-Pipe O’ Freedom by Kirk Marshall
Harlot’s Way by Alexis E. Santi
Cancer Love by Douglas Silver
Songs in the Key of Being Angry by Kevin Wilson

Creative Non-Fiction
Beyond the Amusement Park: Peace Corps Thoughts by Erin Anderson

Novel Excerpts
The Pride and the Sorrow by Matt Fullerty

Short Stories
Chasing Ernest by Barbra Annino
Chemistry by Lauren Becker
The Boxer by Evan Fleischer
Sundering Twins by Anne Germanacos
Friendly Advice by Andrei Guruianu
The Adjudicator by Andy Henion
For Us by Caroline Imreibe
Where We Live by Amanda Montei
Being Good by David Saphier

Two Poems by Hugh Fox
Two Poems by Joseph Goosey
Two Poems by Precious Jones
Two Poems by Brandon Lee
Two Poems by Matthew Manning
Priceless by Elizabeth Rose Murray
Lost in Camden and Dreaming by Brittany Ober
Three Poems by Ananda Selah Osel
Two Poems by J.R. Pearson
I’m Gonna by Matt Specht

June 2008

Book Reviews
No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July
Harmonic by Stephen Oliver
Angelflies in My Idiotsoup by Christopher Robin
Words for Songs Never Written: New and Selected Poems by William Taylor Jr.

James Chapman by David F. Hoenigman

Flash Fiction
The Boat by Amy C. Bonnaffons
Baby Birds in Boxes by Parker Dorris
What They Did To Her by Merle Drown
Isle of Bones – Part Two by Steve Finbow
Like King Kong by Cora C. Pyles

Our Flammable Arrangements by Adam Cogbill

Creative Non-Fiction
Good Scars by Rheana Murray
The Dream-Swallowed City by Matt Rager
Is writing trying to kill me?
my life before I’m a famous novelist
by Charles P. Ries

Short Stories
Habit by Lindsay Anderberg
Nick’s Beer by Joshua Ben-Noah Carlson
Next of Kin by Dan Moreau
Lenny and Earl Go Shooting Off Their Mouths by Ray Morrison
Jack by Jesse Murphree
Back of the Band by Alex Myers

Three Poems by Mila Arz
Two Poems by Stewart Bourn
Surf a Couch by Joshua Brooks
Two Poems by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
The Yahoos Move Like Cattle Grazing In The Night by Matthew D’Abate
from Otis Henry by Nick Demske
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Brenda Mann Hammack
petar by Justin Hyde
Two Poems by Patrick Ryan Dunn Sullivan
What Is Statistically Proven To Work by Nathan Thorell
Pretentious Dialogue by Ami Vaughn
Too High by Steve Young

May 2008

Book Reviews
Digging the Vein by Tony O’Neill
The Meter Is Running & We’re Almost Out Of Change by Ananda Selah Osel
Your Main Readerman 4: Mad Libs Edition by Timmy Waldron

Flash Fiction
Re: University Protocol on Incidents of Student Plagiarism by Patricia Abbott
Isle of Bones by Steve Finbow
Tiger Gonna Eat Your Head by Scott Hughes
Ken Kofola Was Good at Everything by Mike Jones

Creative Non-Fiction
The Road by Gretchen Clark

Short Stories
A Shoo-In by Linda Boroff
Eating Manny Berkowitz by Scott Boyan
Sugar in My Bowl by Sean Cunningham
You Are One Click Away From Pictures of Nude Girls by Heather Fowler
Leaster by Stephanie Johnson
Herman Loves Brooke by Anthony J. Mohr
Safe Haven by Gary Moshimer
Ripples by Jill Mountain
1926 in Brazilian Football by Aliya Whiteley

$6.36 by Vince Anello
Sanity’s Garden by Julia Colterjohn
Trapped in class on a sunny day by Linda Delmonico Prussen
how i learned by Justin Hyde
Two Poems by Steven Kunert
Three Poems by David LaBounty
Can’t Explain by Dave Morrison
Two Poems by Crisanta Pantoja
Three Poems by Kellie Powell
That’s What Happens When You Let Someone Who’s Mad At You Buy The Croissants by Jeri Rafter
Otherness by Douglas Silver
How to Fetch Firewood by Michelle Tandoc-Pichereau
Two Poems by Allison Tobey
Empty by Ami Vaughn

April 2008

Book Reviews
SALUD: Selected Writings by Curt Johnson
BLUE RIBBONS: At the County Fair by Ellaraine Lockie
Červená Barva Press by Charles P. Ries
Your Main Readerman #3 Cold/War Edition by Timmy Waldron
Things About to Disappear by Don Winter

David F. Hoenigman by Kenji Siratori

Flash Fiction
Sinking is the Only Way Out by Jon Chopan
Two inventions by Brian Foley
Pseudocide by Melissa Ruby

The Cracks and Strains! by Gabe Durham
MANGA (multi mixed media monthly magazinish maybeness) by James Francis
The man who made men cry. by Jack Harris

Creative Non-Fiction
Too Much Wining by Mary Bowers

Short Stories
Coming Apart by Thomas Boulan
The No Loitering Hotel by Jean-Gérald Charbonneau
Flakes by James Terry

Two Poems by R. A. Allen
MINNOW POND by Joe Balaz
Mary Lou is Dead by Jak Cardini
Two Poems by Richard Donnelly
American Boy, Korean Girl: Summer Romance
Processing Salmon, Anchorage, Alaska
by S. Drinkall

Unexplainable by Kenneth Gurney
Two Poems by Lara Konesky
THE COLOR OF BLINDNESS by Janice Krasselt Tatter
Two Poems by Chris Major
Five Pieces by Kirk Pinho

March 2008

Book Reviews
Mother Love by Gwendolyn-Joyce Mintz
Your Main Readerman #2 by Timmy Waldron

Ānanda Selah Ösel by Ali N. Marcus

Flash Fiction
The Pony Theory by James D. Ardis
That by James Armstrong
The Golden Years by John Bennett
Hill of Sand by M. T. Fallon
Seconds Away by Rupert Merkin

Wonder Women by Mike Topp
Further Questions of a Happy Eater by William Walsh
The Absence or Addition of Fish by Scott Wrobel

Short Stories
Blending Into Vancouver by Anne Archer
Judgment Day by Sandra Jensen
Mecca by Alex Ortolani
Maybe Love Can Do That Too by Nick Ostdick
The Best Place by Richard Rippon
Please Don’t Eat the Sausage! by Paul Takeuchi
Ragged Fin by Rudy Young

Two Poems by Dan Bailey
Two Poems by Melinda Blount
Tailor Made by J. Bradley
weird outback poem by Kimberly Go
Convenience Store Pizza by Jake Helton
Jesus Walks by Michael Lee Johnson
Two Poems by Eddie Kilowatt
My me by David E. Oprava
i was reading the obituary by Rohith Sundararaman

February 2008

Book Reviews
Your Main Readerman by Timmy Waldron

Flash Fiction
The Cedar of Lebanon by Jason Jordan
The Game of Hubert by Match Ryan
She Whispers, Nudges, Mumbles Something by Kevin Sampsell
Something Better by Brandi Wells

Dream of Trains by Ron Singer

Creative Non-Fiction
GILLIGAN (A True Enough Story) by Andrew Coburn

Short Stories
Innisfree by Paul Elwork
In Limbo by Greta Igl
A Change of Scenery by Gavin S. Lambert
Squid Story by Kirk Marshall
Cincinnati by Michael K. Meyers
The Cheater by Kevin Michaels

Stampede by Adam Ferrari
Two Poems by Steve Lewis
Galloping with a Unicorn across Subsistent Fields by Dion Lohman
The Funny Thing Is… by Zach Paulsen
Killing Time by Megan Roth
Two Poems by Andrew Trahan
Two Poems by Joseph Veronneau

January 2008

Book Reviews
You Must Be this Happy to Enter by Elizabeth Crane

Flash Fiction
The Loveless Story by W. Todd Kaneko
Saddle by Jennifer Pieroni
Angelica’s Story by Uche Peter Umez

Twenty Suggestions for Writing Realistic Dialogue by Will Pewitt
Sitting on the Steps by G Emil Reutter

Creative Non-Fiction
Looking Forward by Amy Monticello
I Can’t Believe You Don’t Remember That by Janice D. Soderling

Short Stories
Fish Camp Gamers by Todd Dills
Missionary by Paul Eckert
Johnny’s Way by Terri Ellis
The Good Guy by Emily Kissell
The Alcoholic Who Knew Damn Well He Was a Writer by Michael Ray Laemmle
The Distended Swede by Rachel Yoder

Two Poems by Eric Burke
Two Poems by Doug Draime
whats goin on by Steve Ely
Big Screen by Graham Fulton
Two Poems by Zoë Gabriel
corks, white cigarettes, music by Sarah Hough
ROUND WOMEN by Beverly Jackson
Free Wife by Therese Kuczynski
Ode to a Young Masochist by Lorian Long
Try rewinding it by Enzo Marra
Two Poems by John Morton
Two Poems by Ashok Niyogi
Z. Brinker and the Golden Horn by R L Swihart