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2007 | Word Riot


December 2007

Book Reviews
Even the Fallen by David J. Thompson

Flash Fiction
A Place You Don’t Belong by Anne Archer
Christmasness by C.B. Bernard
Another’s Table by Nicholas Hayes
Train Homebound by Rebecca Oliver
The Report on the Argentine Republic by Anita Page
Bunko Ball by Joseph Rutledge
The Sligo Dead by Kieran Shea
Two Stories by Brandi Wells

built by sentences by c.vance
How to be a greatgodman writer of the people by Jeff Lancaster
The Lunatic by Steven Levery

Creative Non-Fiction
Thomas Pynchon’s Girlfriend by Kristina Marie Darling

Short Stories
Sunday Visit by Janice Daugharty
Anybody Home? by Chelsea Lowe
Too Much Asia to Wipe Off by Tom Sheehan

Two Poems by Martha Clarkson
Two Poems by Gabriel DeCrease
The chaos of clouds by Pat Galvin
MOCKERY by Sean Kilpatrick
Three Poems by Amanda Latrenta Crane
Two Poems by Mike Meraz
Three Poems by Rebecca Pearson
Alice, in the garden by Anne Marie Rooney
Two Poems by Micah Stack

November 2007

Book Reviews
We Swallow(ed) Spiders In Our Sleep by Zachary C. Bush
ABUSE ART. not children by Robert Pomerhn
CELEBRATION OF SAMATHA by t. kilgore splake

Jen Michalski by Joseph Young

Flash Fiction
Otherwise Known As Nicole by Chuck Augello
A Hint of the Void by Randall Brown
Two stories by David Gianatasio
William Salts the Daffodils by John Nyman
Rewind by Philip Oyok
Oh Girl by Corey Zeller

I Am Afraid of Light by Christopher Higgs

Creative Non-Fiction
Sheena by Ryan Michael Commins

Short Stories
Cirque de Hommes by Lawrence Buentello
Charlie Judd by Andrew Coburn
This Is Me American Style by Maria Deira
Abject Objectivity Goes for a Walk by Drew Lackovic
From The Psych-Ward by Mathias Nelson
Always There by Mitch Omar
For Better Future Viewing by Nick Ostdick
Moustache by Sean Ruane

Two Poems by Adetokunbo Adetuyi
I Do it in My Sleep by Zoe Alexandra
Two Poems by Harold Bowes
You in the Woods That Day by Doug Cornett
Two Poems by Michael Estabrook
Two Poems by Annmarie O’Connor
Three Poems by Misti Rainwater-Lites
philosophizing by Alaina Schneider
Bearded companion by James Ray Scott

October 2007

Flash Fiction
Sweat by Jimmy Chen
Tommy the… by Taylor Davis
Blood by Jen Michalski
LUNCH HOUR ENDS IN A RED DREAM: Sticky Cravings of a Cubicle Slave in Heat by Laurie Perez
Adventura by Ned Vizzini

Shards by John Bennett
Voice and Body by Jennifer Berney
In Which a Circle Both Represents Narrative Structure and Is a Metaphor for Human Progress and Its Inextricable Demise by Jimmy Chen
Anonymous Comments, or: A Brief Survey of Modern Life, or: With Woodward by Mark Edmund Doten
Metalhead by Michael Lars
Chuck by Pawl Schwartz

Creative Non-Fiction
A Reflection of Anything by Sylvia Shaul

Short Stories
I Am Jack Ryan by Tom Burkett
Departure by Melanie Cotter
Those Who Trespass by Giano Cromley
The Persistence of Spiders by Peter Grandbois
Desert Rose by Grierson Huffman
Raul Shows Me Things by A.S. King
Reaching Aushak by Roger Pincus
Joseph F. Hailey by Luke Tennis
Kin of the Devil by David Veronese

Tunnelbug by giuseppe
The Cynic Who Ruined the Sunset by Chris Allison
Two Poems by Nathan A. Baker
For A Beer by Marcus Bales
you are what you eat by Jim Benz
Newspaper by Ramesh Dohan
Moon/Bird/Moon by Evan Fleischer
Reasons why I won’t be elected president (the S’s) by Kenneth P. Gurney
Submission for Poetry Contest by Michael Hoag
Two Poems by Noel Sloboda
Two Poems by Grzegorz Wroblewski

September 2007

Book Reviews
Winter of Different Directions by Stephen McDermott

Robert Lopez by Blake Butler

Flash Fiction
Twins by Vanessa Carlisle
Boots by Robert Duffer
Just Because by Christopher Foley
1A by Kilean Kennedy

The Fungible Trajectories of Carol by Damian Dressick
Bum Deal by M. Thomas Gammarino
Carwash Murder Sexual Metaphor by J. A. Tyler

Creative Non-Fiction
The Story in the Shoe Box by Kevin Ó Cuinn
Why the Grass Is Greener in Greenville by Aimee Caruso
A Searching and Fearless Moral Inventory of Apt. No. 704 by Jessica Wheeler

Novel Excerpts
Excerpt from Degenerescence by James Chapman

Short Stories
Shitting in the Dark by Casey Anderson
What Gives When Things Are Asked For by Steven Gillis
The Pinch Hitter by J. Conrad Guest
Turnabout by Jala Pfaff
The Plight of Man by Christian Rose
Our Guy by Caleb Ross

Illusions by Michelle Ashley
Two Poems by Aya Bassiouny
Rear View Mirror by Lisa J. Cihlar
D’Artagnan and the Bees by Janie Hofmann
Cacophony by David LaBounty
I Liked Driving by David Luntz
she came from the supermarket by Shawn Misener
Mexican Journal by Denis Robillard
Two Poems by Daniel Wilcox
My father in fragments by Joshua Young

August 2007

Flash Fiction
Names and Places by Mikael Covey
Fuck You, Ma by Antonios Maltezos
Your Daughter’s Teeth by Lincoln Michel
Grumpy Man Flash Fiction Trio by Victor B. Monchego, Jr.
Three Flash Fiction Stories by Forrest Roth
A Matter of Survival by Nathan Tyree

The Gunpowder Plotz by Peter Dabbene
The Things She Has by Errid Farland
Here We Split by Michael Jauchen
Passion by John Washington

Short Stories
The Collective Darling by Adam Cushman
Under Water and Under Foot by Brannon Clark Larson
Final Round by J.A. Miller
Snow Day by Daniel Purdy
Target Shooters by Jack Smith
Masturbation and Its Antecedents by Spencer Troxell

Telephone Sales of Adjustable Beds by Steven Breyak
From The Darkness Came No Light But Death In Fact by Zachary C. Bush
How Pretty You Are by Michael Cuglietta
Two Poems by Sean Darnell
Untitled #2 by Judson Hamilton
Two Poems by Steve Meador
Not Going to the City by Hallie Santo
colors in the land of sun by Rohith Sundararaman

July 2007

Book Reviews
d.a. levy & the mimeograph revolution by Larry Smith and Ingrid Swanberg
No Way Out But In by Don Winter

Tao Lin by Tony O’Neill
Tony O’Neill by Tao Lin
Jack Pendarvis by Miles Clark

Flash Fiction
Name by Laura Hirneisen
Two Stories by David Morris
An Upper Case “I,” Flat On Its Side by Rebecca Pearson
Over Main Street by Conan Stuart
Skin by Stephanie Szymanski

Creative Non-Fiction
Red Hair Day by Julie Stahl

Novel Excerpts
The Space Between Brooklyn and Manhattan by Jackson Bliss

Short Stories
The Coat by Christina Cavey
A Woolf in Vita’s Clothing by Andrew Coburn
The Big Band Sound in the Berkshires by D. E. Fredd
An Appointment by Kevin Hardcastle
Wendell, Darling by Aileen O’Connell
On Broadway by David Veronese

For John by Yemi Aganga
Two Poems by Bob Boston
Pure Reason by Aleathia Drehmer
stick of gum by Rafael Andrade Garza
//this frozen ocean in my chest is getting crowded// by Justin Hyde
Hudson, early one morning by Matthew Keuter
Three Poems by Lara Konesky
Two Poems by Gerald So
Counting Corn Kernals Under a Hot August Sun by Sam Vargo
I’m So Fucking Cool by Raymond Wachter

June 2007

Book Reviews
The Nubian Prince by Juan Bonilla
Mad Hatters’ Review by Carol Novack
Your Body Is Changing by Jack Pendarvis
The Fathers We Find by Charles P. Ries

Nick Antosca by Blake Butler
Charles Blackstone by Jill Talbot

Flash Fiction
Where Ripples End by Dave De Fina
Hollywood by Nick Fair
Clamming in January by John McCaffrey

Novel Excerpts
Blood Simply Wants to Be Rusty by Nick Bredie

Short Stories
A Galloping Infection by Paula Bomer
Second Flowering by John Colvin
Thou Shalt Take Up Serpents by Will Curl
A Close One by Katherine L. Holmes
Newton’s 1st Law by Sam Nelson
Lost is a Place, Too by James Stark
Then the Asshole Got Out of His Semi and He Had a Baseball Bat, a Fucking Baseball Bat by Gavin Tierney

Two Poems by Splake
Ernesto, My Darlings, You are Quite Jung by M
funeral guitars by Abraham Gibson
The Poster Sells on EBay by Kenneth P. Gurney
My Life by J.D. Heskin
What Sheila Says by David LaBounty
Eddie Pratt as Himself Warminster, PA 1991 by Lynn Levin
Two Poems by Troy Schoultz
The Psychic’s Daughter by Ron Singer
This Time (For Raymond Carver) by Gary Smillie
Redlight by Jade Sylvan
An Appointment by Mauricio Vieira

May 2007

Arnon Grunberg by TJ Olsen
Peter Wild by Word Riot

Flash Fiction
Branded by Emily M. Z. Carlyle
A Borrowed Life by Eva Konstantopoulos
What Shall We Do with the Bodies? by Cally Taylor
What Are People In Guam Called? by Rae Walker
How to Go to a Hotel Room With a Girl Who Isn’t Your Girlfriend by Jared Young
Woman Crossing Street by Bonnie ZoBell

Creative Non-Fiction
Lost in Shit by Noah Cicero

Novel Excerpts
Plastic Bottles by James Lewelling

Short Stories
Shoe Shopping by Seth Berg
Death Without Dignity by Randall DeVallance
Shavings by Mitch Grabois

Leaving Too Early by Alfred Bruey
one. by Ryan Downey
The Commander’s Dream by Joanna Friedman
Five Poems by Jo L. Gerrard
Two Poems by Joey Hoats
Two Poems by Eddie Kilowatt
A Past That Haunts by Chris Major
we are not an affectionate country by David Myers
The flying italian by Alveraz Ricardez
Which Half-Dozen? by Ian Simmons
Two Poems by Tyler Stoddard Smith
Walking the Yard (Sleepwalking) by Joseph R. Trombatore
In an Irish House by Nicolette Westfall

April 2007

Book Reviews
What The Postcard Didn’t Say by Shoshauna Sly
Peripheral Visions by Scott Virtes
homemade traps for new world Brians by Evan Willner

Ellaraine Lockie by Pablo Teasdale
Spiel by Charles P. Ries
Michael Graves by Charles P. Ries

Flash Fiction
Everyday by Lis Anna
Harvey Jones by Zachary C. Bush
Compliance by Debbie Ann Eis
5 Seconds by Richard Johnson
Manual Transmission by Mary Lynn Reed
R x T = D by Ron Singer
Agenda by Kristin S. Troy

Change/Irreparable/Kinematics by Robert M. Detman
Clutch by Zachary Pugh

Novel Excerpts
Excerpt from That Strange Flower the Sun by Tim Keane

Short Stories
The Senate Sends You This by Randall DeVallance
Moving Pictures by Thomas Kearnes
Color of an Overcast Day by Matthew Limpede
In Suspect Terrain by Andrew Palmer

there’s this lady that used to throw change at me by Kaveh Akbar
Two Poems by Chris Crittenden
Three Poems by Hugh Fulham
Two Poems by Liz Gallagher
Two Poems by W.K. Lawrence
Two Poems by Corey Mesler
Two Poems by mg roberts
Two Poems by Erin Tarica
Two Poems by James R. Whitley

March 2007

Flash Fiction
Waiting for Nothing by Rusty Barnes
Survival Guide by Brian Beatty
A Tavern, 6 PM by Timothy Gager
Reconnaissance by Louise Norlie
Beautiful by Robin Slick

Three Stories by Dixon Hearne

Short Stories
A Manual on How to Break Your Heart by Terrence Dunn
The Dairy Barn by joshua foster
Mystery Meats Still a Mystery by Timber Masterson
Nicks by James Schlatter
Oak Park Stop by Paul Silverman

Three Poems by Ryan Collins
Two Poems by Patrick Frank
Two Poems by Joseph Goosey
MY P(R)ETTY LORELEI by Ian Seth Levine
Two Poems by Melissa Patterson
Sidebar by Erin Trahan
brittle by Ross Vassilev

February 2007

Flash Fiction
The Mural by Megan R. Anderson
Hope and Strangers in the Afternoon by Cristy Burne
Xavier Atomized by J. Michael Dashiell
Shades of Madness by Monica Dennis
This Life by Debbie Ann Eis
Duck, Duck, Goose by Carla Gericke
One Hundred Shades of Red by Jesse Patrick
Success by Shelley W. Stout
How I, the Monster, Feel When Your Husband Wakes Up by James Warner
Your Fifth Dimension by Scarlett Watters

John Updike’s Pitch by Robin Stratton

Creative Non-Fiction
Dreaming in Mink by Jane Hammons
Inching Closer by Jeremy Huggins

Short Stories
Ptomaine by Jeffrey Colvin
The Mystery of Advertising and the Monkey of God by Ravsten Cottle
Tenebrae by Michael Gurnow
Visage by Trevor Johnson
Storyteller by Vineesh K
The Instant Passing of a Young Drunk Girl by Caroline Kepnes
In the Cleavage by Rebecca Kraft
Gideon in One of Two Places by Dan Moyer

Involuntary Extended Tours by Marcus Bales
Two Poems by Allison Eastley
Three Poems by Tamie Gaudet
Two Poems by Paul Grant
Methamphetamines by Les Kay
Three Poems by Vanessa Kittle
Three Poems by Ross Leese
Two Poems by Jane Ormerod
Three Poems by Drew Stiles
Two Poems by Terrance Wedin
The Lovesong of Darby Lincoln by Ella Williams
Everything on Sale by Mark Wisniewski

January 2007

Book Reviews
Rise, Fall and Acceptance by Patrick Carrington
An Eye by Angela Consolo Mankiewicz
CELEBRATION OF SAMATHA by t. kilgore splake

Steven Coy by Savannah Guz
Nick Mamatas by Mickey Z.
Joseph Verrilli by Charles P. Ries

Flash Fiction
But I’m on the “Do Not Call” List by Paul Beckman
The Shrew of DC by Alex Behr
Rapture by Zachary C. Bush
After the Flood by Krishan Coupland
E-Crush by Shalla de Guzman
The Books on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman’s Bedside Table by Shug Hanlan
Some Possible Interactions by Henry S. Kivett
Officewander by Michael Lars
Acid Burn by Cassandra Lewis
Domestication by Melody Lindsey
They Say We Are Dangerous by Tafari Lumumba
Neighborhood by G Emil Reutter
Two Stories by Jessica Slater
In the Shadow of Sangre de Cristo by Beth Thomas
Rippling Sand, Rolling Ocean by Shubha Venugopal
The Immortal by Gina Whitney

The Injection by John Nyman

Short Stories
Subway Story by Mike Amato
The Dodge by Brian Beatty
Mad Dog Season by Anita Buehrle
Thanks for Coming by Carl Dimitri
Three by Jason Huskey
Excuse Me, Mr Jenkins? by Mike Jones
Phase Twelve by Leif Peterson
Life After Dinner by Natalie Rogers
The Red Rocket by Paul Silverman

Six Poems by Jai Britton
Two Poems by Doug Draime
Two Poems by Thomas J. Erickson
Two Poems by Antonio Fernandez
Untitled Poetry by Adrian Fox
Three Poems by Kenneth Gurney
Two Poems by Eddie Kilowatt
Two Poems by Jace Miller
Five Poems by Kevin Paul Miller
Two Poems by J.D. Nelson
Two Poems by Marie Rennard
Four Poems by Sarah Ruhlen
Light Less Public by Sara Saab
Two Poems by Caroline Skanne
Five Poems by Christian Ward
News Flash: AC Invented in Arkansas, 1945 by Earl J. Wilcox