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2006 | Word Riot


December 2006

Flash Fiction
Why I Live Off the Grid by Jamie Cat Callan
I Got Your Back (Interlude for the Be-Fri) by Mary L. Hamilton
The Smaller Yes Lives in the Shadow of the Larger No by Charly Hoge
Three Stories by Sam Kean
Brand Recognition by Henry Presente

Short Stories
How to Start the War with the Mexicans by Lindsey Danis
Night Milk by Aaron H. Gilbreath
Swords Crossing by Paul Silverman
Things That Please Us by Paul Vidich

Two Poems by James Babbs
The Hummingbird Repair Kit by Jack Conway
Four Poems by Stephen Danos
Poems by Michael de los Reyes
Two Poems by Doug Draime
Two Poems by Abraham Gibson
Three Poems by Laura Goldman
Four Poems by Nathan Graziano
Two Poems by Zach Paulsen
Leaning Toward Eternity by Timothy Peeler
Two Poems by Jeff M. Phelps
Two Poems by Stuart Ryder
Two Poems by Lise Mae Schlosser
Three Poems by Rebecca Schumejda
Songs by Alexander Petrov Tomov

August 2006

Flash Fiction
Where All the Veins Meet by Carmen Adair
The Fallen Wall by Sarah Black
Prenup by Michelle Garren Flye
The Big 5-0 by Guy Hogan
Sound by Maria Pollack

The Deviation by Mercy
You Keep Going These Longways, Sweetheart by Adam JC Ward

Short Stories
Death Crab by G. L. Mind
Friends Like These by Kristopher Monroe
The Infinite Monkey Theorem by Marshall Moore
One Fine Day by Ryan Rickert

Five Poems from Atmosphere by J. Reuben Appelman
Four Poems by Marqus P. Bobesich
Three Poems by Cathryn Cofell
Three Poems by Dominic Di Bernardi
Three Poems by Jim Kober
Two Poems by Karl Koweski
Two Poems by Peter Lee
Rebel by Chris Major
Two Poems by Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz
Three Poems by Stanley M. Noah
Six Poems by James Ray Scott

July 2006

Flash Fiction
Under Our Skin by Rebecca Andem
Cosmogony by Ron Burch
Margaret (Called Peggy Once) Gets That In Sink Feeling by Jon Fain
Not Sure by Porter Fox
Love and Mercy (Happy Valentines Day) by Nick Ostdick
Naked feet by Dave Prescott
Under The Bridge by Uche Peter Umez
His First Valentine by Sam Weehunt

Short Stories
Souls and Spark Plugs by Jill Bodach
Yes, I wanted to say by Michael Bryson
Rose’s Apple by Anne Germanacos
Vaguegirl2 (forthcoming) by Rob McClure Smith
A Million Little Pisces by Stoddard Smith
Brave Tomb by Christopher Wallace

Three Poems by Jonathan Banks
Three Poems by Edward Churchouse
Three Poems by Sue De Kelver
Rummy Park Series by Rebecca Lu Kiernan
Five Poems by Michael Kriesel
Two Poems by Anita Liberty
Two Poems by Mary Owens
Three Poems by Rebecca Schumejda

June 2006

Flash Fiction
Consonant by Cheryl Chambers
14 Sawn-off Tales by David Gaffney
Hair Cut by Nina MacLaughlin
Rest Stop In Fidelity, TX by Michael Obilade
Three Stories by Brett Ortler
Oranges by Katrina Pierson

Never Enough by Su Carlson

Short Stories
The Last Time I Kiss a Boy by Rebeca Antoine
Wildlife by Michael Loughrey
Single Malts of the Olympic Peninsula by Steven J. McDermott
I fingered you last night by Keith Schwabacher

Four Poems by Jennifer Cleaver
Three Poems by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
The Pain of Humanity by Raymonde C. Green
Three Poems by Jonathan Hayes
Two Poems by Dennis Mahagin
Two Poems by Brian McGettrick
Six Poems by Louis McKee
Six Poems by Dave Morrison
Two Poems by LB Sedlacek

April 2006

Flash Fiction
Survivor’s Remorse by Lisette Alonso
Upon Departure by Mark Brown
No Dreamers by Donna Epler
The Black Element by Spencer Troxell

Winning Entries in the Post-Modern Geography Spelling Bee by David Gianatasio

Short Stories
The Snake Man by Tala Bar
The Thought Game by Tom Conoboy
Under the Floorboards by Randy Dalzell
Eugene the Radio by John Gorman
Gerking The Rejerk Equinoctial by John Oliver Hodges
Walk by Paul Kavanagh
7th Day (Cloud) by Rob Anthony Plews
With Running Cattle by Michael J. Viscuso
Punk Rocker by Peter Wild

Two Poems by L. Ward Abel
Three Poems by Aereal Doyle
Two Poems by Doug Holder
Three Poems by Michael McCoon
Two Poems by Tim Ormsby
Three Poems by Gordon Purkis
Two Poems by Cassandra Robison
Two Poems by Bill Winter

March 2006

Book Reviews
Baby Beat Generation & The 2nd San Francisco Renaissance by Mathias de Breyne
Wrestling With My Father by Doug Holder
Chasing Saturday Night Poems About Rural Wisconsin by Michael Kriesel
In Persuasion Nation by George Saunders
5 SPEED by Klyd Watkins
New American Underground Poetry Vol. 1: The Babarians of San Francisco – Poets from Hell by Various

Charles Nevsimal by Charles P. Ries

Flash Fiction
Prowler by Carl Bernock
Mrs. W. Needs Her Beauty Sleep by Duncan Birmingham
Duane’s Cookies by Sarah Black
Saturation by Martha Clarkson
Orbit by John H. Matthews

One Happy Planet by Steve Finbow

Creative Non-Fiction
Words Fall Out of My Head by Kevin Kinsella
Because I Love You by Christopher Moraff
Notes from the Next Table: Bar San Callisto by Fred Sengmueller

Short Stories
Calvin’s Monster by Fred Bubbers
Sliver by Dave Morrison
Write a Book in 14 Days by Robert Sanchez
Expectations by Courtney Tenz
The Saints That Burnt Crosses by Matt Thomas
War by Chris Turner

Two Poems by Miles J. Bell
Poems by Tom Bell
Two Poems by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
Four Poems by Alison Eastley
Three Poems by Jacob McArthur Mooney
Two Poems by Suchoon Mo
Three Poems by Paula Sfeir

February 2006

Flash Fiction
A Tale of Two Brothers by Cezarija Abartis
Pliant by Samantha Ducas
Daybreak by Michael S. Hennessey
The Scope by Susan O’Doherty
All It Takes by Marie Sabatino

Songs of Insurgency: The Work of Words by Spencer Dew

Short Stories
Hand Me Downs by Karin L. Becker
I Wash, He Dries by CP Chang
The Collector of Things by Lorraine Thomas
Slugger by Jeff Van Hanken
The Menstrual Cycle of the Mind by Mark Vender

Three Poems by CL Bledsoe
Three Poems by Michael Kriesel
Five Poems by Ralph Murre
Two Poems by Stanley M. Noah
Five Poems by James Ray Scott
zero gravity organ of a melancholy*embryo by Kenji Siratori
Three Poems by Montana Wojczuk

January 2006

Juhu Thukral by David Barringer

Flash Fiction
Two Flash Fiction Pieces by Greg Dobrin
Towards a Dead Father by Ben Segal

Give And Ye Shall Receive by Derek Gour
Reflecting Dreams
subset 1
by Peter Roberts

Short Stories
Driving Naked Westward After Midnight by S. Melinda Dunlap
Big Angry Cocks by Karl Koweski
Pride by Margot Landau
Rabbit: retold by Jenny Lederer by Jenny Lederer
The King of Friday Night by Brent Powers
Ten Cups by Anonymous
Sedge by Paul Silverman

Three Poems by Rhea DeRose-Weiss
Four Poems by K.M. Dersley
Three Poems by Gerald George
Three Poems by Kenneth P. Gurney
Three Poems by Michael Juchnowski
Six Poems by Ellaraine Lockie
Five Poems by Malaya Macdonald
Five Poems by Papa Osmubal
Two Poems by Patricia Wellingham-Jones
Four Poems by Don Winter