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2005 | Word Riot


December 2005

Flash Fiction
The Buddha and I by Chuck Augello
Sleeping Under Water by Tania Casselle
Likewise, Rise Up, All You Angels of Disquiet by Spencer Dew
Grandma Betty by Justin Kahn
January by Dayna Kaufman Lorentz
The Ant Man by Jeff Tannen

Novel Excerpts
Between The Lines by Chris Conroy

Short Stories
Lord Baxtor Ballsington by Owen Egerton
shaving cream or one last fling by Lisa Hanson
Slice-of-life-vignette-story by Andrew Minh
Still Weight by J. F. O’Keane

Six Poems by Kellie Beaudoin
Four Poems by John L. Campbell
Two Poems by William Doreski
Six Poems by Michael Estabrook
Three Poems by Ed Higgins
Three Poems by Stacey L. Mascia
Three Poems by Laura McCullough
Three Poems by Kathleen Paul-Flanagan
Four Poems by Judy Roy
on the road by Robert Schuler
Five Poems by Jennifer VanBuren

November 2005

Book Reviews
Three Short Reviews by Charles P. Ries

Flash Fiction
Thursday Morning In A Pink Room by Adam Bunch
Awake from Dreaming by Brian Childs
Plague of Statues by John Colvin
Black Keys by Kathy Crosett
Connection by Thomas J. Misuraca
We’re Out of Ketchup by Laura Monjoy
Yoshitaka by Samuel White

Creative Non-Fiction
Total Bastard by Clint Benjamin
The Egg Man by Chris Marselli
The Candy Man by Stacey Leigh Mascia
One Day I Cried by Oren Miller
My Pavarotti Days by Ron Pasquariello
Pushing by Carrie Pomeroy

Short Stories
How To Be Loved by Drew Mccoy
Crabwalk by Brian Scullion

Six Poems by Luke Buckham
Six Poems by Patrick Carrington
Four Poems by Alan Catlin
Three Poems by Bernard Dewley
Seven Poems by Marianne LaValle-Vincent
Three Poems by Sue Stanford

October 2005

Flash Fiction
Memorial Day by Nadine Darling
Playing Himself by Glenn Deutsch
House of Cards by Steven J. Dines
Six Super Short Short Stories by Chris Red Martiny
Angels by Laura Stamps

Bestiary by Stephen Graham Jones

Short Stories
Tommy Smedley’s Nose by Sean Carswell
Head Injury by Jean-Gérald Charbonneau
Just Noticeable Difference by Michael Hendryx
Miscarriage by Robert Lewis

September 2005

Book Reviews
The Junkyard Heaven by Peter Magliocco
Pseudo-City by D. Harlan Wilson

Lyn Lifshin by Nathan Leslie
Barry Yourgrau by Kevin Sampsell

Flash Fiction
Self Reprisal by Carl Bernock
Isaac13 by Casey Haymes
Artwork, Alice by Adam McGrath
A Perfect Day for Pamplemousse by Carol Novack
Bench by Girija Tropp

Creative Non-Fiction
How to Take the Train in Japan by Malon Edwards
How Bridges Span a Life by Jay Mouton
Looking for Home by Kevin Semanick

Short Stories
Bite Me by Greg Barbera
Gangbang Tango by Susannah Breslin
Tiny Umbrellas by Devan Sagliani
Saint Django by Spencer Troxell
Ten Gallon Bucket of Fries by Mike Young

Two Poems by Graham Bowman
Four Poems by Emily Brink
Three Poems by Don Carroll
Three Poems by John Casteel
Four Poems by Mark Gaudet
Three Poems by Thomas Hoats
Six Poems by Ellaraine Lockie
Two Poems by Peter Magliocco
Three Poems by J. D. Nelson
Six Poems by LB Sedlacek
Three Poems by Spencer Troxell

June 2005

Book Reviews
The Week You Weren’t Here by Charles Blackstone
American Purgatorio by John Haskell
The Wrong Side of Town by A.D. Winans
Things About to Disappear by Don Winter

Flash Fiction
How to Sign a Guestbook by Karen Ackland
Cow Town by Christian Rose

He Told Me I Was Beautiful by Andrew Amundson
Four Sawn Off Tales by David Gaffney
Sixteen Statements Surrounding Sarah Silverberg by Chris Gauthier

Creative Non-Fiction
Cesare by Fred Sengmueller
Porchbound by S. D. Stewart
Shooting Nudes by Jon Stone

Short Stories
Another Day by Donald Capone
Nice Closets by Caroline Kepnes
The Great Worm Extermination by J.E. Ogle
The X-Rated Adventures of Mrs. Monroe by Gavin Tierney
The Twice-Sold Plot by Paul Vidich

Ryden’s Girl by M. Chavez
Two Poems by Damian Glass
Two Poems by Barbara Jane Reyes
Two Poems by Christopher Watkins

May 2005

Book Reviews
God Lives in St. Petersburg: And Other Stories by Tom Bissell
Blood Father by Peter Craig
How We Are Hungry by Dave Eggers
The Dog of the Marriage by Amy Hempel
God Save My Queen II: The Show Must Go On by Daniel Nester

Kevin Fanning by David Barringer
Savannah Schroll by J.F. Campbell
Amanda Stern by Kevin Sampsell

Flash Fiction
E—I—E—I—O by Michael Fahy
Evolving by Amy Louise Francis
A Ghost is Born by Cheryl Diane Kidder
(Detroit, 1959)
by Sharon McGill

Scrambling by Tom Meek
Family Reunion by Kristopher Monroe

rosemary / blackbird by Dorothee Lang
i gave my abuse to a crippled alsatian by Delphine Lecompte
Dreamtime by Graeme Robbins

Creative Non-Fiction
This Is Not My Story by Russell Heller
Scratch One Flattop by J. R. Salling

Short Stories
Remedy by George Ayres
Twice Shy by Arndt Britschgi
Cure by Rita Kasperek
Laser Eye by Nathan Leslie
Stool Specimen by Henry Stanton

Six Poems by James Babbs
Pillow Talk With My Girl by Ralph-Michael Chiaia
Five Poems by TygerLily Ernst
Six Poems by Richard Fein
Three Poems by Bernard Henrie
Three Poems by Tao Lin
Three Poems by Jennifer Poteet Mallory
Four Poems by Ben Tremillo

April 2005

Book Reviews
Forever Changed by Don Carroll
Suckers by Joseph Farley
Freaks and Fire: The Underground Reinvention of Circus
by J. Dee Hill

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer

Flash Fiction
Let Me Ask You Something by Emerson Dameron
On Second Thought (My Favorite 90s Show is “Blossom”) by Christina Delia
Sawn Off Tales by David Gaffney
Zen and the Art of Driving a Van by Brent McKnight
Pictures of Children Playing by Robert Repino
Sfumato by Shellie Zacharia

Ten Things That May or May Not Exist by Tim Coe
anon takes a lunch break… by Lee Rourke

Creative Non-Fiction
July 24, 2004 by Lou Amodeo
How to Be Unhappy by Alex Keegan
Why I Stole Paperclips by Darby Kathleen Mitchell

Short Stories
Buffalo Pass by Sarah Black
Yellow Empress by Eugenia Chao
There Are No Tigers Here by Kevin Kalinowski
Megaplex by Sean Kim
Sebastian Bugs by Aliya Whiteley

March 2005

Marty Beckerman by Jackie Corley

Flash Fiction
The Red Bracelet by Jolie du Pré
Flute Players by Michael Fahy
Martini Blond by Bradley Mason Hamlin
Her Pink Mini iPod by Bobby Oerzen
Cookies and Smoke by Jessica Rodnick
Startled by Claudia Smith

Artifice | Artifact by Justyn Harkin

Creative Non-Fiction
American Streets by Erin Anderson
How Mamie Till Bradley Showed the World What Mothers Do by Amy L. Hayden
Cells by Brian Hoffmeister
Ski School Dropout by Allison Landa

Short Stories
Safi by Pilgermann BM
May the Road Rise by Michael Bryson
What’s in a Name? by Kyle Deacon
A Good Woman by Mike Mellish
Safety Factory by Trevor Richardson
Lineage Sickness by Caskey Russell

February 2005

Book Reviews
Old Friends by Stephen Dixon
ODD by Charles P. Ries

Flash Fiction
Advanced Placement at Hendrick Hudson High by Caren Beilin
Cheat by Kristen J. Elde
The Fourth Thing Bill Told Me by Alan Stokes
Shitheart by Zack Wentz
Eyes on the Divining Rod by Derek White

have i done enough penance? by Delphine Lecompte
On the Multitude of Distractions to Be Encountered While Making Love to the Cap-De-L’Homy Plage by Dan McNeil

Creative Non-Fiction
A War Story by H. Palmer Hall
Running Shoes by Dominic Rehayem
Rome by Fred Sengmueller

Short Stories
Sinkhole by Brad Conlin
Stealing From the Dead by Paul Ewing
The Spider Monkey by Steve Lavender
There But For the Pinks by Khrynn Yvonne McManus
Sweetie Professor Darling by George Sparling
Hospital=Morgue by D.W. Young

Moose by Jesse Ferguson
by virtue of noise by Ouimette Martinez

January 2005

Stephen Chbosky by Marty Beckerman

Flash Fiction
The Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club by Michael Fahy
Clutchy by J.D. Greene
Dent Fondling by Alan Jepsen
Like Rocks Falling into the Ocean by Charlie Mintz
A North View by Graeme Robbins

Faint Berlin by Ouimette Martinez

Creative Non-Fiction
Obsession by Tammy R. Kitchen
Knitting with Grandma by Jenny Rose Ryan

Short Stories
Colour of Friendship by Debra Broughton
You Have the Body by Zachary Houle
Parable of the Sudden Storm by Louis Malloy
Extreme Sports by Inderjeet Mani
What We Call Living by Jen McConnell

Collusion by Joel Assaizky
the night gene ruggles died by John Dorsey
Booze and Pussy Destroyed My Life by Aryan Kaganof
Eggs by Andrew J. Kearl