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2004 | Word Riot


December 2004

Book Reviews
Incidents of Egotourism in the Temporary World by Lee Klein
Cat Daze: New & Selected Poems by Laura Stamps

Flash Fiction
flash photography and screams by elliott bledsoe
Two Portraits of Somebody’s Brother (One) by Arndt Britschgi
Two Portraits of Somebody’s Brother (Two) by Arndt Britschgi
Naked in New York by Susan Culver
Rock Paper Scissors by Holly Robinson
Blind by Abby Seiff

Prime Time by David Gianatasio

Creative Non-Fiction
A Tribute to Paula Anderson by Various
Lunch Hour(s) by Kevin Kinsella
Perpetual Motion Machine by J. R. Salling
Cleveland 1954 by George Sparling

Short Stories
The Cat is On the Table by Ethan Bernard
The High-Heeled Shoe by Brandon Cole
After Constantina by Spencer Dew
Wayne’s World by R.A. Rubin

November 2004

Book Reviews
Jokerman 8 by Richard Melo
Retaking the Universe: William S. Burroughs in the Age of Globalization by David Schneiderman and Philip Walsh

Flash Fiction
Tracks by Katrina Denza
Til Human Voices Wake Us by William I. Lengeman III
Angel of Powders by J. Marinelli
Time to Go by Jon Swan

Wince by Leigh Hughes
at least i had shoes the day before yesterday by Delphine Lecompte

Creative Non-Fiction
Shuffle Up (And Deal) by Susan DiPlacido
East of the Mountains by Camille Toutonghi
Lipstick in Southwest Iowa by Sean Underwood

Short Stories
The Curve by Drew Gummerson
It Ain’t No Nine to Five by Shawna A. Smart
Turkey Dinner with Little Bear by Spencer Troxell

October 2004

Book Reviews
MARKING TIME: New and Selected Poems by Barbara Jordan Bache-Wiig
Brooklyn Noir by Tim McLoughlin

Jason Kucsma and Jen Angel by Ryan Robert Mullen

Flash Fiction
Father’s Parts by Scott Brothers
The Idea of the Story Is This by Steve Finbow
The Phenomenon of Sadness by Rod Schecter

The day I read Ulysses by Tony O’Brien

Creative Non-Fiction
As if No One Were Watching by Zinta Aistars
The Curious Boy Carrying Cheese by Moses Iten
Walking the Dog, Watering the Yard: Doing Time in the New Neighborhood by Phip Ross

Short Stories
The American Book of the Dead by Chris Lites
The Red Side by Adam O’Connor Rodríguez

September 2004

Book Reviews
January’s Paradigm by J. Conrad Guest

Flash Fiction
Impassivity by Carmen Adair
The Inflated Tear by Jeremy Biles
Crab Cake by Sars Flannery
The Vorpal Blades by Miriam N. Kotzin
Playground Curiosity by Zoë Lea
Entertainment by Robert Lopez
Movie Romance by Troy Seate
Stitch by Michael Stevens

german briefness and a bucket full of eels by Delphine Lecompte

Creative Non-Fiction
The First and Last Time I Heard Coin-Music by Deborah Bauer
The Window by John Libertus
Bullshit by Denis Taillefer

Short Stories
I Just Want To Tell You… by Zachary Houle
The Bottle Game by Greg Mulcahy
The Pleasure-Bird Whistles by Paul A. Toth
The Twins That Burn Eternity Into Your Soul by Robert Vivian

August 2004

Paul A. Toth by Ryan Robert Mullen
Abigail Vona by Ryan Robert Mullen

Flash Fiction
The Matrix Defense, Revisited by David Gianatasio
Community Service by Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz
On Parade by Patricia Parkinson

Monday Man Hunts a Mother at Dawn by Shawn M. Davis

Creative Non-Fiction
A Brief Ceremony by Frayn Masters
I Am Now Reduced to Burning Pellets in My Stove by Tom Sheehan

Short Stories
Sea by Bay Anapol
Family Ink by Daniel Cox
The Thousand Flowers by Bonnie Ruberg
Working With Jimmy by Paul Silverman
We are always looking more like skeletons. by R. Simonini
Jokers by Grant Tracey

Five Poems by Maurice Oliver

July 2004

Book Reviews
Saying Grace by James P. Lenfestey

Flash Fiction
It Looks Like It Might Eat You. by Ryan Kennebeck
Black Dog by Suzanne Nielsen
Word Problem by Bruce Holland Rogers
Abundance by Heather Van Doren
Botanicals (Three Short Fictions) by Alice Whittenburg
Tiny Little Beacons by Marilynn Wilkins
Mule by Ian Randall Wilson

Creative Non-Fiction
The Power of Long Division by Robert Baker
Among the Vanished by G.L. Mind
The Collected Noses of Tycho Brahe by J. R. Salling

Short Stories
My Roommates by Don Fredd
Everything Included by James Lewelling
Showing My Brother Matt by Ilana Simons

Five Poems by Shane Allison
Two Poems by Marcus Bales
A Bunch of Malarkey Spoken By An Indignant Mind On A Windy Wednesday Afternoon by Maurissa Hunter
Billie by Jessica Lynn
Two Poems by Brandon Shimoda

June 2004

Steven Coy by Ryan Robert Mullen
J. Daniel Janzen by Ryan Robert Mullen
Lee Klein by Ryan Robert Mullen

Flash Fiction
Voodoo Pastoral by Spencer Dew
Threads by Debbie Ann Ice
Bones by Alex Keegan
Ebro River ’37 by Michael O’Neill

Short Stories
The Town That Went to Sleep by Brian Biswas
It Happens by Adam Maxwell
Target by Christopher J. Stephens
Deja Vu You Too, Champ by Damon Stewart

Found Poem: Bush Light by Marcus Bales
Jazz in the age of Alcohol by Hsien Min
Saying Grace by Rich Murphy
Two Poems by George Sparling
Excerpts from “In Memory of Pines” by Christopher Wells

May 2004

Book Reviews
The Schenectady Chainsaw Massacre by Alan Catlin
The Bestowing Sun by Neil Grimmett
Shot With Eros by Glenna Luschei
Blood Electric by Kenji Siratori

Ned Vizzini by Scott Neumyer

Flash Fiction
Literally by Randall Brown
Proposal in a Boxing Gym by Kenneth Darling
Aunt Debbie Holland’s Slightly Drunken Driving Tour of Smithfield, Virginia, Home of the World-Famous Smithfield Ham by Brendan Kiley
My Bed Was Against the Wall by Kevin Sampsell

Creative Non-Fiction
Voyages by Mona de Vestel
7 Random Snapshots From My Life by Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz
Jail Time by Holly Robinson

Short Stories
The Sublime by Debra Johanyak
Tuesday by Marc Phillips
One Sweet Day by George Sparling

Five Poems by Aryan Kaganof
Three Poems by Miriam N. Kotzin
Six Poems by Donna Kuhn
Four Poems by Penelope Talbert

April 2004

Book Reviews
Just Cruising Through by John J. Campbell
Something Near the Dance Floor by Bruce Dethlefsen
in search of “Green Dolphin Street” by Robert Schuler

Flash Fiction
Objects May Appear by David Gianatasio
Exchange Rates by Dorothee Lang
A Mild Concussion by Darby Larson
The Girl Who Saved the Moody Blues by Donna George Storey
A Case for Impalement by Spencer Troxell
Porpoises by Elizabeth Varadan

One Coast, Worlds Apart by Ben Arnold

Creative Non-Fiction
Yardley’s Brilliantine by Stephen Johnson
When Memories Begin by Charles P. Ries
Flash Fiction Contest by Word Riot
Milan Carl Liskart, Coalman by Tom Sheehan

Short Stories
The Passion of Corpus Christi by Stephen Ausherman
Nocturnal Alignment by Misha Firer
Croquet, Okay by Jay Wexler

March 2004

Flash Fiction
The Holy Spirit by Luke Buckham
The Broken Dish by Oliver Cassidy
Dead Poet’s Full Contact Kickboxing Society by William I. Lengeman III
Words Fail Me by Jonathan Messinger
Wild Jennie by Jeffrey Yamaguchi

Creative Non-Fiction
The Man I Killed by Marc B. Adin
You Can Take This Celery, Too by Jenny L. Collins
You say you want a revolution? by Jackie Corley
You Coming? by Sean Underwood

Short Stories
The Only Way to Be by Flash Dixon
Eschatology by John Calvin Hughes
Even Trade by Karl Koweski

Two Poems by Cortney Bledsoe
SECRET THE CAGE by Mark Burnham
Two Poems by Trevor O’Brien
Three Poems by Matt Schumacher

February 2004

Book Reviews
Burn by Jennifer Natalya Fink
The Nervous Tourist by Bob Gaulke

Nick Mamatas by Ryan Robert Mullen
Ryan Robert Mullen by Jackie Corley

Flash Fiction
Five Uneasy Pieces by Dave Clapper
What the Rooster Taught Me by Michelle Garren Flye
Frog Song by Brian Graham
Lockhurst by Josh Jennings
“A Little Shinier,” an excerpt from Naughty Sweet Boy by Ryan Robert Mullen
Afterglow by Catherine Talley
Night on a Porch With Favorite Novelist by Paul A. Toth

Creative Non-Fiction
One Night at Kinko’s by Andrew Culver
How I Grew Up by Greg Nigh

Short Stories
The Watermelon Vodka Ultimatum by Katerie Prior
Think Beyond Wood by Paul Silverman
Performing for the House by Ilana Simons

Three Poems by Barbara Blatner
Three Poems by Janet Buck
This is my fifth milkshake… by Chris Lynch
Two Poems by Charles P. Ries

January 2004

Daniel Nester by Ryan Robert Mullen
Claire Zulkey by Ryan Robert Mullen

Flash Fiction
Blue Shirt by Ellen Meister
Last Thanksgiving by Charles Sharpe

Creative Non-Fiction
Querida Abuela by Jennifer Filomeno
Kiln by Jeannette Harris
Struck Dumb by Valerie MacEwan
The Second Act by George Sparling

Novel Excerpts
“Ilan the Robber” from It All Happened Somewhere, I’m Sure by Daniel DiPrinzio

Short Stories
Kathmandu by David Brizer
The Whisky Didn’t Help at All… by Annie Forbes Cooper
Out of Sight by Phoebe Kate Foster
The Verifications by Michael Fowler
Bio Clock and Nutty Photos by Julie Shapiro
The Waking by Felicia C. Sullivan

Four Poems by C Nolan DeWeese
Three Poems by Ricky Garni
Three Poems by Jacob McArthur Mooney