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2003 | Word Riot


December 2003

Richard Eoin Nash by Ryan Robert Mullen

Flash Fiction
El Gaucho by Dennis DiClaudio
Driver’s Ed by Charlie Mintz
The Orange Moon by Seema Mukhi
The Open Seat by Jeff Reichman
Placenta by Natalie Sliskovic

Creative Non-Fiction
Little Red Dots in a Circle by Darby Mitchell
Quo Vadimus by Christof Whiteman

Short Stories
Sterile Swab to the Eye by Jaime Campbell
Pennies by Alan Danzis
The Medium and the Message by Daniel Green
Revolution by Kristin Julio
How to Catch a Good Girl by Claudia Smith
Spoonbill by Leslie Van Newkirk

November 2003

Flash Fiction
Second Lives by Jacob Kinzie
Bubba Tries Again by Nance Knauer
Of Dead Nests and Dusty Hollows by Curtis M. Revis Seubert
Anymore by Matthew Simmons
My Nap by Anthony Tognazzini
Last Family Vacation by Margot August Woods

crisp plateau by sabley sabin

Creative Non-Fiction
A Boy Dies by Chance McLaren

Short Stories
New Fruit by Blake Butler
Something to Tell Gina by H. A. Fleming
Hoarder by David Gianatasio
Rolling with Rodney King by Roy Johnson
Charlie’s Machine by Nicolas Lloyd
The Lovely Dust by Zach Sims

Six Poems by Alan Catlin
Three Poems by Adam Joshua Liszkiewicz
20 haiku by Allen McGill
Three Poems by Corey Mesler

September 2003

Steve Almond by Ryan Robert Mullen

Flash Fiction
Story by Claudia Fletcher
The Party by Anonymous
A Simple Choice by Scott Neumyer

Passage to Montendenero by Allen Cody Taube

Creative Non-Fiction
Blood by Karen Ashburner

Short Stories
The Girl in the Coffee Shop by T. Micheal
In the Corner of God’s Eye by Robert Paxton
Managing Desire by Jennifer Prado
Something to Fit Daisy by Shya Scanlon
Fishing with Lee Marvin by Patrick Seguin
Joanna by S. R. van der Linden

So Really, Why Not? by Nancy A. Henry
Roadkill Poem by Chris Major
Good Tom, Dead Then? by Stephen Oliver

August 2003

Stephen Oliver by Will Roby
Adam Voith by Jackie Corley

Flash Fiction
You and I by Karen Ashburner
Searching Instructions by Ralph-Michael Chiaia
Branches by Kathy Fish
The Move by Susan M. Henderson

Inventory of First Sentences by Seth Gall

Creative Non-Fiction
The Perfect Girl at the Aragon by Ted Bajek
Sights Unseen: 1993 by Benjamin Chambers
Coin Free by Maggie Shurtleff
Corporate Zoology by Susan Winters

Short Stories
Shine by Julie Douglas
The Good Person by Andrew Edge
Retired by Elizabeth Galaida
The Stroller by David Gianatasio
While You Were Out by Gary Glauber
They Sent Us in to Secure the Sector by John Leary
Love Scavenger by Claudia Smith

Six Poems by K.R. Copeland
Five Poems by W. Felsch
Five Poems by Andrea Hewitt

July 2003

Flash Fiction
excerpt from We Were Ugly So We Made Beautiful Things by David Barringer
Latchkey by David Gianatasio
Outrageous Fortune by Kathryn Koromilas
WWPD by Paul A. Toth
Dog Love by Joseph Young

Learning Curve by Charlie O’Brien

Creative Non-Fiction
Small Stones at a Window by Marilyn Abildskov
My Mom’s Mom by Tiffany Beveridge
Some Vacation: December 1979 by Michael Graber
Standing Before the Pearly Whites: When God and Dental Hygiene Collide by Rob Hunter
3 Creative Non-Fiction Pieces by John Sheirer

Novel Excerpts
Hearts Don’t Break Excerpt by Jessica Wilber

Short Stories
Hold Rebel by Karl Koweski

Four Poems by John Craun
Three Poems by Katey Nicosia
Excerpts from Deadly Pollen by Stephen Oliver

June 2003

Kevin Sampsell by Ryan Robert Mullen

Flash Fiction
Out in the Cold by Emily Bevan
I Was Hungry by Theresa Fleming
The Great Advertorial Sell Out by Pasha Malla
Remember by Gwendolyn Mintz
Getting the Band Back Together by Katerie Prior
Roulinards by Ian Simmons

McGruber’s Final Report by Daniel Cox

Creative Non-Fiction
Stranger Than Kindness by Lapo Boschi
Give Me Puberty Or Give Me Death by Victoria Bush
The Princess Complex by Linda Lacina
The Spire of St. Pierre by Tobias Seamon

Short Stories
A Wing, a Prayer and a Tall Man by Timothy Gager
Dretelj by Paddy Hirsch
Rope Music (Fifty-Three Minutes) by Sean Meriwether

Three Poems by caine
from OH an essay by john crouse and andrew topel
Five Poems by Kathy Rooney

May 2003

Neal Pollack by Ryan Robert Mullen

Flash Fiction
Totally Confident by Kevin Fanning
Leechmilk, Where Are You? by Victoria Groce
Summer Night in Texas by Steven Gullion

Sleep, Baby, Sleep by Dorothee Lang
The Blue Cat by Matt Leibel
Juliana Says by KB Updike Jr

Creative Non-Fiction
Wrangler Summer by Eilene Kuehnle
Taking the Wheel by Brenna McBride
The Seduction of America’s Coffee Culture by Therese Marie Pope

Short Stories
The Lower Half by Amy Hembree
After Graduation by Steve Silkin
Dear National Museum of Glass by Adam Voith

April 2003

David-Matthew Barnes by Elaine Hesse

Flash Fiction
Gnawing Away by David Erlewine
Breakfast by Adrienne Hunter
The Great Advertorial Sell-Out by Pasha Malla
Luncheon by Mark Phillips
Brief Description of Something Which Will Never Occur by Robert Pollock
Silo by Joseph Young

Life by the Numbers by Dave A. Law
Our Father Who Walks on Water Comes Home with Mud on His Boots by Peter Markus

Creative Non-Fiction
Spring Planting by TG Browning
DC Cabs by Stacia J.N. Decker
Dogtown by Rodney Nelson
Moonlight Baths by Julie Wilson

Short Stories
Little Deaths by Ashley Baker
Turbulence by Diane Payne
Olivia’s Letters Are a Long Way Home by Kathrine L. Wright

Excerpts from Sins of the Flesh by David-Matthew Barnes
Five Poems by Donna Kuhn
Five Poems by Joel van Noord

March 2003

Flash Fiction
Questions and Answers by Mark Broucek
Baseball Town Axiom by Jeb Gleason-Allured
Misaligned by William I. Lengeman III
Red Light Street by Brian Ray

Dead Normal by Ron Gibson, Jr.
Tornado by Bryson Newhart

Creative Non-Fiction
2 Creative Non-Fiction Pieces by Anike Robinson

Short Stories
Child’s Seat by Jonny Lieberman
A Song to Make You Smile by Michelle Righini
Luck by Marnie Webb

Three Poems by Lytton Bell
from Cocktail by Catherine Daly
Two Poems by Tim Wenzell

February 2003

Paula Anderson by Jackie Corley
Zoe Trope by Ryan Robert Mullen
Andrew L. Wilson and Bob Thurber by Alan C. Baird

Flash Fiction
Son of a Car Salesman by Kelly Spitzer
Entry Level by Bob Thurber

The Ego and the Eggshell by Luke Buckham
The World Is a Cuckoo by K. Cutter
Midnight Marietta by Brian Ray

Novel Excerpts
Blood Tender Excerpt by Paula Anderson

Creative Non-Fiction
This Just In by Steve Almond
Take A Left by TG Browning
How the Internet Saved Short Fiction by M. Flaming

Short Stories
The Viewing by Tanya Eby
A Fighting Chance by Karl Koweski
Hank and Diane by Rob Neighbors
Ever After by Adam Emerson Pachter
When He Found Me by Kevin Sampsell

Three Poems by Apryl Fox
Three Poems by Christopher Major
Identity by David Mascelanni
Only When by John Sweet

January 2003

Greg Everett by Matthew Flaming

Flash Fiction
Norma’s Compromise by DHS Hubert
A Hot Shower by Brian Ray

Extract from dream sequence, 23/09/02 by Jack Cannon
Every Stutterer Needs a Scoreboard by Daniel Cox
Thank You for Your Submission by Thom Didato

Novel Excerpts
Telephones by Judy Moffett

Short Stories
Celebrity by Karen Ashburner
Anthony by Johnny Damm
Master of Puppets by Debbie Eden
The One Thing to Do by Gwendolyn Mintz
Emmo Is in My Car! by Robin Slick
Careless by Claire Zulkey

Four Poems by Kevin Barnes
Right (After Bathwaite) by Ryan Bartlett
Three Poems by John Grey
ode to the clam, who is happy as one by kathleen nerring
Two Poems by Patrick Porter
Two Poems by Charles P. Ries
Two Poems by Rob Rosin