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2002 | Word Riot


December 2002

D. Harlan Wilson by Ryan Robert Mullen

Flash Fiction
The Jubilant Paranoids by Emerson Dameron
11:05pm by CJ Hurtt
Subdivision by Chris Mastin
Handsome by Andrew Prunty
Deer in the City by D. Harlan Wilson
Nikola by Wayne Wolfson

Creative Non-Fiction
Give It a Rest by TG Browning

Short Stories
Coat of Arms by Debbie Eden
Living with the Meaning of Names by D.T. Harris
Jimmy Grim and the Reapers by Tobias Seamon
Everyone Just Wants to Feel Good by James Simpson
The Gary Game by Tim Waldron
Stranger on the Loose by D. Harlan Wilson

The Home As Homicide by Stephen Oliver

November 2002

Aldo Alvarez by Jarrett Walker
David Barringer by Ryan Robert Mullen

Flash Fiction
Up Close by Aldo Alvarez
Sayeth by Diane Payne

Tijuana Fix by Laurie Burton
That Girl Was A by Ryan Robert Mullen
Cap’n Hoo!, Ahoy!: Consumer Advocacy in Action by Andrew Vontz

Creative Non-Fiction
Have Mercy on the House of Quek by Brian Ames
Just Before the Drop by David-Matthew Barnes

Short Stories
Death By Bricolage by Aldo Alvarez
Beauty for Beasts by Muhammad Khan
The Professor and I by Max Liu
At the White Falls Hotel by Benjamin Reed
Worlds Apart by Asim Rizki
At Church by Lisa Taddeo

October 2002

Joelle Fraser by Jordan Rosenfeld

Flash Fiction
On the Couch by Georgiana Lee
Ring Fingers by Jill Mountain
Meet Terrence Billow by Paul A. Toth

The Swim by Luke Buckham
Fex Falls by Davis Schneiderman and Carlos Hernandez
2 Prose Poems by Dr. Prasenjit Maiti

Creative Non-Fiction
Stumps from Space by TG Browning
Release by Joelle Fraser

Short Stories
Rico’s Corner by George Ayres
Close Calls by Yvonne Chism-Peace
Catatonic by Kristin Julio
When Things Get Back to Normal by Suzette Lisuk, M.A.
FCIMA by Scott McIntyre
The Voiceover Man by D. Harlan Wilson

Four Poems by Jim McCurry

September 2002

Flash Fiction
I Am the One by David Barringer
The Jesus Atrocities by Eric Bosse
Butterfly Man by Timothy M. Leonard
Angie, Double-Naked and Sweetie’s Ride by Ryan Robert Mullen

Creative Non-Fiction
Caught Dead by TG Browning

Short Stories
The Old Russian by Suzanne Gold
Matrimony by Ryan Miller
Intuition by Marcella Salisbury

Four Poems by John Grey
Three Poems by Alec Kowalczyk

August 2002

Mark Dawson by Jackie Corley

Flash Fiction
The King of Parallel Parking by Jamie Callan
An Invitation by Ann Ice
Waiting for Holly by Ryan Robert Mullen

Novel Excerpts
Sundown Excerpt by Jordan Rosenfeld
Queenie Goes to Bosnia by H. Sward

Short Stories
Breaking Glass by Sarah Arellano
Stone Benches by Christine Falcone
Why I Married My Wife by Robert Levin
Murder by Invention (or The Artist as Cunning Killer) by Thomas Sheehan

Six Poems by Maria Kazalia

July 2002

Flash Fiction
An Excerpt from My Life in Heavy Metal by Steve Almond
Final Words by TG Browning
If You Want to Stay Late by Pia Z. Ehrhardt
Upon Searching for Peace of Mind by Stacey Kushniruk

Novel Excerpts
Loss Loop Excerpt by Aidan Baker
Dishpig Excerpt by Tony Nesca

Creative Non-Fiction
Coach by TG Browning

Short Stories
Changer’s Blues by Ellen Brenner
Village Songs by Neil Grimmet
Shop Around by Susan T. Landry
Welcome to the Truth by Jordan Rosenfeld
Never Ask Directions from One Who’s Lost by Kenneth Simpson
The Fragility of Glass by Jennifer Summer

Three Poems by Tammy Houtz
Three Poems by John Sweet

June 2002

Steve Almond, Road Dog: Vol. I by Steve Almond
Steve Almond, Road Dog: Vol. II by Steve Almond
Steve Almond, Road Dog: Vol. III by Steve Almond
Steve Almond, Road Dog: Vol. IV by Steve Almond

Flash Fiction
Not Gonna Get Away With This! by Bryson Newhart
On the Way to the Post Office by Bryson Newhart

Novel Excerpts
The Art of Falling Apart Excerpt: The Concert by Mark Dawson
The Brick Excerpt: Freaks of the Industry by James Stegall

Creative Non-Fiction
Reflections on J.G. Ballard by Asim Rizki

Short Stories
Squirting Chubbies by Tom Bradley
Red Trunks & Blue Water by Tanya Eby
Bones by Nat Lawson
A Happy, Life-Affirming Story by Peter Vaeth

Two Poems by Janet Buck
[ Do I dare disturb the universe; ] by Liz Robbins

May 2002

Flash Fiction
The Father Had a Revelation by Brandon Hobson

Short Stories
The Impulsive Man by D. Harlan Wilson

May Feature: The Kimono Poems by Various
Two Poems by Paul Madden
[.exe] by Liz Robbins

April 2002

Flash Fiction
Blue Lips and the Old, Wide Bastard by Transmothra
Orange Astro-Turf by Stacey Kushniruk

Novel Excerpts
Success Excerpt by Paula Anderson

Short Stories
Double Hendrix by David Barringer
Bruising Hildy by Katharine McAllaistar

the un by Finlay Logan
Living Out of a Suitcase by Jasmine Nelson
When You Look For Fame by Will Roby

March 2002

Flash Fiction
I Miss Hell by Paula Anderson
Soft Truths by Naomi Graham
Unknown Soldier by Naomi Graham
Damp Earth by Zak Metz

Novel Excerpts
Success Excerpt by Paula Anderson

Short Stories
This Broken Machine by Finlay Logan

insanity unraveling the impending kiss by Frank Deserto
Maybe It’s Over by Stacey Kushniruk