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August 2009 - Present

John Bennett by David F. Hoenigman

Norbert Blei by David F. Hoenigman

Che Elias by David F. Hoenigman

Peter Grandbois by Robin Martin

Adam Lowe by Tom Bradley

Scott McClanahan by David F. Hoenigman

Thaddeus Rutkowski by David F. Hoenigman

September 2006 - July 2009

Ānanda Selah Ösel by Ali N. Marcus

Mark Amerika by David F. Hoenigman

Nick Antosca by Blake Butler

Dr. David B. Axelrod by David F. Hoenigman

Charles Blackstone by Jill Talbot

Tom Bradley by David F. Hoenigman

Kate Braverman by Alan Perkins

Ottavio Cappellani by Ayesha Charles

James Chapman by David F. Hoenigman

Billy Childish by David F. Hoenigman

Noah Cicero by David Hoenigman

Dennis Cooper by David F. Hoenigman

Steven Coy by Savannah Guz

Debra Di Blasi by David F. Hoenigman

Steve Finbow by David F. Hoenigman

Judith Freeman by Joey Damiano

Shozin Fukui by David F. Hoenigman

Richard Gilbert by David F. Hoenigman

Jesse Glass, Jr. by David F. Hoenigman

Michael Graves by Charles P. Ries

Arnon Grunberg by TJ Olsen

David F. Hoenigman by Kenji Siratori

Yuri Kageyama by David F. Hoenigman

Jonathon Keats by Josh Indar

Michael Kimball by Josh Maday

Wally Lamb by Dory Adams

Stacey Levine by David F. Hoenigman

Samuel Ligon by Robert Lopez

Tao Lin by Tony O'Neill

Ellaraine Lockie by Pablo Teasdale

Robert Lopez by Blake Butler

Robert Lort by David F. Hoenigman

Nick Mamatas by Mickey Z.

Carole Maso by David F. Hoenigman

Jen Michalski by Joseph Young

Rich Murphy by David F. Hoenigman

Buddy Nordan by Dory Adams

Tony O'Neill by Tao Lin

Jack Pendarvis by Miles Clark

Charles Plymell by Paul Hawkins

Dawn Raffel by David F. Hoenigman

John Reed by Robert Lopez

Nava Renek by David F. Hoenigman

Lou Rowan by David F. Hoenigman

Ashim Shanker by David Hoenigman

Gary J. Shipley by David F. Hoenigman

Ron Silliman by David F. Hoenigman

  Spiel by Charles P. Ries

Shelley Stout by Laura McDonald

Terese Svoboda by David F. Hoenigman

Steve Tomasula by David F. Hoenigman

Small press editors, Various by Charles P. Ries

Joseph Verrilli by Charles P. Ries

William Walsh by Michael Kimball

Jason Weiss by David F. Hoenigman

Peter Wild by Word Riot

Leni Zumas by John Madera

March 2002 - August 2006

Steve Almond by Ryan Robert Mullen

Aldo Alvarez by Jarrett Walker

Paula Anderson by Jackie Corley

David-Matthew Barnes by Elaine Hesse

David Barringer by Ryan Robert Mullen

Marty Beckerman by Jackie Corley

Andrew L. Wilson and Bob Thurber by Alan C. Baird

Stephen Chbosky by Marty Beckerman

Mark Dawson by Jackie Corley

Greg Everett by Matthew Flaming

Kevin Fanning by David Barringer

Joelle Fraser by Jordan Rosenfeld

J. Daniel Janzen by Ryan Robert Mullen

Jason Kucsma and Jen Angel by Ryan Robert Mullen

Lee Klein by Ryan Robert Mullen

Lyn Lifshin by Nathan Leslie

Nick Mamatas by Ryan Robert Mullen

Ryan Robert Mullen by Jackie Corley

Richard Eoin Nash by Ryan Robert Mullen

Daniel Nester by Ryan Robert Mullen

Charles Nevsimal by Charles P. Ries

Stephen Oliver by Will Roby

Neal Pollack by Ryan Robert Mullen

Steve Almond, Road Dog: Vol. I by Steve Almond

Steve Almond, Road Dog: Vol. II by Steve Almond

Steve Almond, Road Dog: Vol. III by Steve Almond

Steve Almond, Road Dog: Vol. IV by Steve Almond

Kevin Sampsell by Ryan Robert Mullen

Savannah Schroll by J.F. Campbell

Amanda Stern by Kevin Sampsell

Juhu Thukral by David Barringer

Paul A. Toth by Ryan Robert Mullen

Zoe Trope by Ryan Robert Mullen

Ned Vizzini by Scott Neumyer

Adam Voith by Jackie Corley

Abigail Vona by Ryan Robert Mullen

D. Harlan Wilson by Ryan Robert Mullen

Barry Yourgrau by Kevin Sampsell

Claire Zulkey by Ryan Robert Mullen

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Midnight Picnic
a novel by
Nick Antosca


The Suburban Swindle

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