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September 2009
The Science Library by m. pinchuk

August 2009
Squares and Splashes: Two Chronologies of the Extraordinary Cherry Twins by David Massengill

July 2009
The Unmetaphysical Megalocardia of Jevan South by Brett Adkins and Paul Albano

June 2009
Marlon Brando's Iguana by Daniel Van Thomas

May 2009
spring summer fall winter spring by Harley Ferris

April 2009
Friend Highball at Bastion Square by Tricia Louvar

March 2009
Porcelain by Jess C Scott

January 2009
Uncle Homunculus by Edmond Caldwell

December 2008
it's november & you're 30 by j. michael niotta

November 2008
Re: Query -- J. Ped by Shome Dasgupta
The Metamorphoses by Charles du Preez
Family Home by Willie Smith

October 2008
Seven Brides by Katherine Hill

September 2008
Voices From the Palace of Illusions by Grace Andreacchi

June 2008
Our Flammable Arrangements by Adam Cogbill

April 2008
The Cracks and Strains! by Gabe Durham
MANGA (multi mixed media monthly magazinish maybeness) by James Francis
The man who made men cry. by Jack Harris

March 2008
Wonder Women by Mike Topp
Further Questions of a Happy Eater by William Walsh
The Absence or Addition of Fish by Scott Wrobel

February 2008
Dream of Trains by Ron Singer

January 2008
Twenty Suggestions for Writing Realistic Dialogue by Will Pewitt
Sitting on the Steps by G Emil Reutter

December 2007
built by sentences by c.vance
How to be a greatgodman writer of the people by Jeff Lancaster
The Lunatic by Steven Levery

November 2007
I Am Afraid of Light by Christopher Higgs

October 2007
Shards by John Bennett
Voice and Body by Jennifer Berney
In Which a Circle Both Represents Narrative Structure and Is a Metaphor for Human Progress and Its Inextricable Demise by Jimmy Chen
Anonymous Comments, or: A Brief Survey of Modern Life, or: With Woodward by Mark Edmund Doten
Chuck by Pawl Schwartz

September 2007
The Fungible Trajectories of Carol by Damian Dressick
Carwash Murder Sexual Metaphor by J. A. Tyler

August 2007
The Gunpowder Plotz by Peter Dabbene
The Things She Has by Errid Farland
Here We Split by Michael Jauchen
Passion by John Washington

April 2007
Change/Irreparable/Kinematics by Robert M. Detman
Clutch by Zachary Pugh

March 2007
Three Stories by Dixon Hearne

February 2007
John Updike's Pitch by Robin Stratton

January 2007
The Injection by John Nyman

August 2006
The Deviation by Mercy  
You Keep Going These Longways, Sweetheart by Adam JC Ward

June 2006
Never Enough by Su Carlson

March 2006
One Happy Planet by Steve Finbow

February 2006
Songs of Insurgency: The Work of Words by Spencer Dew

January 2006
Reflecting Dreams
subset 1
by Peter Roberts

Give And Ye Shall Receive by Napoleon St. Germain

October 2005
Bestiary by Stephen Graham Jones

June 2005
He Told Me I Was Beautiful by Andrew Amundson
Four Sawn Off Tales by David Gaffney
Sixteen Statements Surrounding Sarah Silverberg by Chris Gauthier

May 2005
rosemary / blackbird by Dorothee Lang
i gave my abuse to a crippled alsatian by Delphine Lecompte
Dreamtime by Graeme Robbins

April 2005
Ten Things That May or May Not Exist by Tim Coe
anon takes a lunch break... by Lee Rourke

March 2005
Artifice | Artifact by Justyn Harkin

February 2005
have i done enough penance? by Delphine Lecompte
On the Multitude of Distractions to Be Encountered While Making Love to the Cap-De-LíHomy Plage by Dan McNeil

January 2005
Faint Berlin by Ouimette Martinez

November 2004
Wince by Leigh Hughes
at least i had shoes the day before yesterday by Delphine Lecompte

October 2004
The day I read Ulysses by Tony O'Brien

September 2004
german briefness and a bucket full of eels by Delphine Lecompte

August 2004
Monday Man Hunts a Mother at Dawn by Shawn M. Davis

April 2004
One Coast, Worlds Apart by Ben Arnold

November 2003
crisp plateau by sabley sabin

September 2003
Passage to Montendenero by Allen Cody Taube

August 2003
Inventory of First Sentences by Seth Gall

July 2003
Learning Curve by Charlie O'Brien

June 2003
McGruber's Final Report by Daniel Cox

May 2003
Sleep, Baby, Sleep by Dorothee Lang
The Blue Cat by Matt Leibel
Juliana Says by KB Updike Jr

April 2003
Life by the Numbers by Dave A. Law
Our Father Who Walks on Water Comes Home with Mud on His Boots by Peter Markus

March 2003
Dead Normal by Ron Gibson, Jr.
Tornado by Bryson Newhart

February 2003
The Ego and the Eggshell by Luke Buckham
The World Is a Cuckoo by K. Cutter
Midnight Marietta by Brian Ray

January 2003
Extract from dream sequence, 23/09/02 by Jack Cannon
Every Stutterer Needs a Scoreboard by Daniel Cox
Thank You for Your Submission by Thom Didato

November 2002
Tijuana Fix by Laurie Burton
That Girl Was A by Ryan Robert Mullen
Cap'n Hoo!, Ahoy!: Consumer Advocacy in Action by Andrew Vontz

October 2002
The Swim by Luke Buckham
Fex Falls by Davis Schneiderman and Carlos Hernandez
2 Prose Poems by Dr. Prasenjit Maiti

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