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August 2016 Issue | Word Riot

August 22, 2016      

August 2016 Issue

Literary Today through the Lens of Freeman’s Arrival by K. D. Rose
Problems by Jade Sharma

The Last Will and Testament of Allen Kenneth Hall by Adam Bjelland
Loyalty by Peter Grandbois
Was It Gum Or by Justin Longacre
Palimpsest Lovemaking and More by Craig McDaniel
Tilt by Ashley Moore
Interstellar by Carly Schweppe
A Recipe for Disaster by Graham Reiboe

Cloaking by Deonte Osayande
Two Poems by Trenton Pollard
While Sculpting the Head of a Clown by Thomas Renjilian
Two Poems by Scherezade Siobhan
Two Poems by Monet P. Thomas

Dust by Lucie Bonvalet
Snapshot by Brittany Hailer
August on the Haul Road by Mary Ann Thomas
After Nightmares: A Catalog of Dreams on 20mg of Citalopram by Danielle Zaccagnino

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