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After Nightmares: A Catalog of Dreams on 20mg of Citalopram by Danielle Zaccagnino | Word Riot
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August 22, 2016      

After Nightmares: A Catalog of Dreams on 20mg of Citalopram by Danielle Zaccagnino

Week One

My brain is diced like onions; no one’s eyes are tearing. The chunks of my white matter are tossed onto freshly washed lettuce. Glistening. They look like tofu. Mood: agreeable.

Week Two

An Adult Swim comedian walks by and jizzes directly onto my shirt. Twice. It’s not sexual, or threatening, or anything really. Maybe a little funny. I’m riding an elephant—and a police truck on top of an elephant—soaring through the residential streets of my childhood. Thudding. If humans roamed these roads, they’d think it was an earthquake. But it’s just us and the tigers. Fur shining. Gently sedated? They’re running in our direction, but not with malice. Just giving their legs a stretch. Showing off their orange. Why not? My roommate’s housecat is hit by a car. I fall to my knees and sob. My father, played by an Asian-American television actor, hugs me tight. I wake up happy. I liked that we were an “us.”

Week Three

I’m locked in a room with Hillary Clinton. Protestors smash through the window. I don’t want to talk about it.

Week Four

My husband is hoarding water. Gallons of it. The police are coming. He knows it’s illegal, but he needs it, in case of the apocalypse. Get rid of it, I want to plead, but I sense his fear. I help him hide the evidence.

Week Five

I shower with all my friends. We’re loving it. The droplets on our faces compel us to get closer. Everybody on earth has green eyes. I can’t believe I never noticed!

Week Six

The walls are closing in on me. The room is barely large enough to contain my bed. I would say it’s a perfect night, but I don’t want to jinx it.

dz (2)About the author:

Danielle Zaccagnino is from Queens, New York. She is in her third year of the MFA program at Texas State University. Her writing appears or is forthcoming in Sonora Review, The Butter, Puerto del Sol, SAND Journal, and Rust + Moth. She is a poetry reader for Third Point Press and Front Porch Journal.

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