May 19, 2016      

May 2016 Issue

Balancing Acts, New & Collected Poems 1993 – 2015 by Yahia Lababidi
The Secret Correspondence of Loon & Fiasco by Carlo Matos

Laura Elrick’s Propagation: A Conversation Between Angela Woodward and Cooper Renner

Seven Degrees of Separation by Anne Lawrence Bradshaw
Prepared by Chris Ceravolo
Michael Hudson Presents Melanie Moore with a Non-Exhaustive, Yet Representative List of What She’s Done in the Last Year to Avoid Saying that Depression is Eating Her Libido by Colleen Kolba
A Big Girl’s Guide to Love by Natalie Lima
Kaleidoscope by Stefan Lutter
Valentine Springs by Daniel Riddle Rodriguez

Acrylic Hearts by Tricia Kucinski

Rabbit of No Material Character by Jonathan Aprea
Two Poems by Derek Graf
As Before by Nkosi Nkululeko
South Beach by Siobhan Phillips
MELISSA by Zoe Stoller
Ice Fishing by Natalie Wee

Rock Springs Notebook by J.J. Anselmi
Among the Frozen Oranges by Francesca Louise Grossman
The Descendant by Robert Kerbeck
Grasslands Melody by Yaki Margulies
Princess Cut Diamonds by Olivia Slezik
Hunters Hunting by Ross Wilcox

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