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NAGL by Sarah Jean Grimm | Word Riot

February 15, 2016      

NAGL by Sarah Jean Grimm

One way to spoil the present is to write it down
for example
I don’t want to put in a poem the fact
that I’m wearing a new dress
and that I bought for you
or that your apartment tinged pink in the evening
air thick from our shower
is where my mind goes when it needs some dopamine
or that you look supremely cute
walking through the park in your hangover shades
that the weather is oppressively hot and so are you
these surges of unqualified positive emotion
in which you have no downside
don’t scare me so much as
have me thinking
I should wait until it’s over
before I confess
I really liked you
in your stained blazer
in your kitchen
handing me a cigarette from your freezer
pleasurable images recurring like gifs

image1About the author:

Sarah Jean Grimm is a publicist at Penguin Random House and co-founder of the online poetry quarterly, Powder Keg Magazine. Her poems have recently appeared in The Atlas Review, H_NGM_N, Jellyfish Magazine, The Lifted Brow, Seizure, and elsewhere. She lives in Brooklyn.

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