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Look by Olivia Olson | Word Riot

April 15, 2015      

Look by Olivia Olson

Listen to a reading of “Look” by Olivia Olson.

there’s the dead crow fucking up the snow. the sharp snow sticks my thighs //my thighs
send me light nightmares

here you are sweetie there you go. where did that dead crow go. menthol smokers smoke
more and hold it longer. I use the same tea

bag (rose) every day // on Sunday I smoke it. Let the candle crack the glass. smooth as
new ice—its 1:02 here too—as new snow. the dead

crow got snowed over. lifted up its legs in prayer. you can be my silver spring, my
sprung glass. dijda say she was pretty

bird, pretty bird. such a pretty bird. lifts its little black legs up to the big black sky—dark
water, silver spring— in prayer // baby, I don’t wanna

know. pretty plumed, black shards, we’re both bad omens, my pretty bird // I’ll follow
you // I’ll follow you down

let your cool crowing haunt me. say what you will // I was just a ghost. say what you will
// I was falling

2015-02-02 17.51.49About the author:

Olivia Olson is a librarian working in metro Detroit. Some of her recent work is out or forthcoming in Winter Tangerine Review and Spry Literary Journal. She is also the editor of SiDEKiCK Literary Journal, which aims to publish a diversity of poetic voices.

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