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Notes From Elsewhere: Cashmoney Concerns, Comics + More | Word Riot

March 20, 2015      

Notes From Elsewhere: Cashmoney Concerns, Comics + More

Hello, Rioters! It has been far too long, once again. Let’s skip the preamble and get right into some interesting links that have caught my eye.

Witty Bitches is looking for “talented, opinionated and funny writers to contribute.”

Chloe Caldwell outlines where/how she’s been paid for writing.

Literary agent Jennifer Laughran talks about how those six-figure book deals actually shake out, payment-wise.

And agent Janet Reid also has an informative post on book deals, this time dealing with five figures.

On a related note, at the Engine Books blog, Andrew Scott talks about teaching the business side of creative writing.

I liked this post from Shannon Barber about the bullshit of fetishizing writing by hand, among other things.

Kelly Davio‘s ongoing Butter column “The Waiting Room” is also great for discussion of writers and disability.

Also, say it loud, say it proud: THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A FAKE READER.

Adam Christopher has a great post about the benefits of writing fan fiction. Don’t hate.

(Speaking of fanfic, Arthur Conan Doyle probably didn’t write that “lost” Sherlock story people were talking about recently.)

Pubslush has awarded NaNoWriMo a $10,000 grant to help fund its Young Writers Program, among other literary endeavors.

Adventures of a Comicbook Newbie is an interesting feature over at Panels.

Also at Panels, “The Power of Women Writing Women” by Jessica Plummer.

The Millions has their Most Anticipated: The Great 2015 Book Preview up, though of course some of these have come out since this was first posted.

At Electric Literature, Michael Seidlinger rounds up The Great 2015 Indie Press Cheat Sheet. I guess we’ll forgive Word Riot’s non-inclusion, ha. (I know, this is a roundup of presses with books coming out this year, and this particular Rioter is unaware of such print plans in this neck of the woods.)

And finally, designers amongst us, you may find this useful: Type-ology 101. (Even if I don’t really like a lot of the specific fonts they use in this post, the general advice seems sound.)

Until next time!


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