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The Three Friends by Mark Hoadley | Word Riot

February 15, 2015      

The Three Friends by Mark Hoadley

Gas Cloud
Android Dog

Tall as a skyscraper and built to withstand the harshest climates. Even so, this has been a long mission on an inhospitable planet and there is no end in sight. Robot’s fly wheels whir more loudly than they used to, his springs wheeze and strain, his joints creak. This last decade especially has been hard on his self-esteem. He reports the team’s progress to Control only sporadically now.

Gas Cloud
A mix of methane and helium who has lived on this planet all of her life. She is curious and quick-witted and fun to be around. She is Robot and Android Dog’s guide and friend. Or is she? Gas Cloud has led Robot and Android Dog on a meandering expedition from pole to pole with no discernible results. Can she be trusted?

Android Dog
Has the brain and memories of a real dog (a Pekinese) in the body of a heavily armoured tank. He is Robot’s faithful companion. He is true of heart but of limited intelligence. Android Dog does not trust Gas Cloud but he cannot resist an invitation to play fetch. That is his fatal flaw!

The Play
Robot enters stage right, followed by Gas Cloud and, a moment later, by Android Dog.
Robot: This mission is a failure. I am a failure!
Gas Cloud: Oh, listen to Mr Gloomy Pants.
Android Dog: Yip! Yip! Yip!
Robot: Just leave me alone. Everyone just leave me alone. Click, whir, clank!

IMG_0434About the author:

Mark Hoadley lives in Vancouver. He writes poetry, fiction, science fiction and memoir. Sometimes he even mixes them all together. He is a co-editor of the online poetry journal, The Maynard. He recently had a prose poem in KYSO Flash. This is his second published work.

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