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Bathhouse on Melrose by Jackson Sabbagh | Word Riot

February 15, 2015      

Bathhouse on Melrose by Jackson Sabbagh

Listen to a reading of “Bathhouse on Melrose” by Jackson Sabbagh.


Like a cow carcass, hung
& frozen in the walk-in,
a daddy’s body
slung across
a gray cot with a white sheet,
expecting me to stick
my fingers in him,
a limp puppet.


Through the clammy walls
& fog
daddies emerge
and, smirking,
pass by in a rivulet
like sperm.


My straight friend,
a twinky blond boy,
drives me to the Hollywood sign
for the view:
the million yellow windows of LA
gaze at us, like the insomniac eyes
of the baths’ security guard,
trying to make out
the attraction.

Jackson Sabbagh - picAbout the author:

I grew up in Salem, Massachusetts, and studied poetry at Sarah Lawrence College. I’m currently an MFA candidate in Poetry at the University of Florida.

My poems have been published in such journals as The Sarah Lawrence College Lit Review, Assaracus, Green Blotter, Calliope, Chelsea Station, and Bop Dead City. I was the recipient of the Academy of American Poets College Prize at Sarah Lawrence College, 2012.

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