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Two Poems by Anna Meister | Word Riot

January 15, 2015      

Two Poems by Anna Meister

Listen to a reading of “I say your name” by Anna Meister.

I say your name

like a bright & snowless winter day I’ve walked in
for so long my hands are numbed-through & chapped, a pattern
close to moss spread over rocks found high in our climb
in Colorado where you held me for a photo in front of likely one thousand
pine trees that blurred to an emerald wash behind us
& we showed all our teeth because marriage & it hadn’t yet rained
& we saw three deer walking to the river
which sounded full of possibility as wind
chimes or young voices in the middle of a hymn they love
& there is nothing I love
quite like you in the morning when we rock
paper scissors for who has to make the coffee & you
pull my head to your chest, or the reversal, & one of us hears ocean
inside the shell, yes, that is a special sort of light for which I’m glad
to know like the home phone numbers of childhood
friends I’ll never forget, like how I used to fall
asleep repeating aloud everything I’d done that day & every reason to walk
in the direction of thankfulness, which is to say, a wide stretch
in a warm bed or a book that feels electric
in the hand, restarting
soon as the last line is reached.

Listen to a reading of “I say your name” by Anna Meister.

To take up space

Sometimes you walk to the kitchen
only to circle back to bed empty

as a shopping cart on the nights you go
to the grocery store just to be in a full room,
just to touch all the apples & see yourself

spread with yellow light. Sometimes
the day goes on & you don’t

move, in no rush to make something
out of sorrow. You listen to a song
twelve times in a row. Clothes stay

unwashed. There are no quarters
anyway. With eyes open, you dream,

a memory gotten wrong:
clattering bottles as ghosts in trees,
light bent through the green

glass behind the house where
you were sometimes sure you’d die.

meisterAbout the author:

Anna Meister is an MFA candidate in Poetry at NYU. A Pushcart Prize nominee, her poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in Sugar House Review, BOAAT, Noble / Gas Qtrly, & The Boiler Journal. Anna was a finalist for the 2014 Button Poetry Prize. She edits poems for Mount Island Magazine, works with kindergarteners, & lives in Brooklyn.

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