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"Não há Antídoto para Esse Veneno." by Shane Cohn | Word Riot
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January 15, 2010      

“Não há Antídoto para Esse Veneno.” by Shane Cohn

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Next mistake: I decide to actually tell her—that I got her sister pregnant.

I brought out the Teacher’s Whiskey, and had her sit with me on the floor. We had a few. She started telling me that we should probably stop drinking like this. I asked her if she would like to move up to the table. But that wasn’t what she meant. She meant how we were killing ourselves or something. Just then I remembered this phrase from our Portuguese phrase book—we used to try to learn a phrase a night. It was under the Emergency Help section:

“Não há antídoto para esse veneno.”

It means “there is no antidote for this poison.”

She slapped my leg like I was playing around. “I love that one! Like, why would anyone ever need that phrase? Fuck’s sake.” But that wasn’t what I was trying to say. I came clean, told her.

She stood up. The room became loud and fuzzy. Then with a low, clenched voice, she said “Kill it. Make her kill it, like you made me kill mine.”

About the author:

Shane Cohn is a writer from Ventura, California. He is best known for playing lead guitar in a now defunct punk band. His penchant for telling stories has translated excellently into writing. His freelance journalism has appeared in weekly newspapers in California and Idaho, and he is beginning to publish fiction in several online publications.

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