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Choreography by Sarah Sgro | Word Riot

October 15, 2014      

Choreography by Sarah Sgro

Listen to a reading of “Choreography” by Sarah Sgro.

It makes a difference if you hold him
like a dog instead of like a crate of eggs,

whether when you stroke his skin you’re stroking
fur, cold shell, leather of a basement chair.

Furthermore, the angle of your frames in bed
is more than sleepy preference of the flesh,

limbs in combat for the cooler stretch of sheet.
Hold a thing you’d kill to keep intact

and soon your elbows tingle with the pain
of clenched thumbs, knees bent like plucked bows,

balancing upon the thing itself until it is
the stable center of your abdomen.

Virginia Satir, family psychotherapist,
diagrams the shapes relationships can take:

one lover kneeling with his arms outstretched
suggesting worship, structuring the soul as an ideal,

another with the figures facing outwards, arms crossed
permanently over hunched chests to signal disconnect,

every version maladaptive but the set of bodies
that can stand apart while also clasping hands,

comfort without codependence. When you take
his palm into your own, it’s a tight grip

like clinging to a child who once drifted
toward the outer limits of a park, you imagine

how your chest succumbed when he was out of sight,
screaming screaming because people take things

nowadays that aren’t theirs to take,
the incline of your bodies as the empty landscape

that unfolded past your frantic gaze as you focused in
on moving objects surfacing as weeds and squirrels

until the tiny head crested from behind a far-off
box of sand and when you hold that hand today

you squeeze it even though the fingers squirm.

sgro_headshotAbout the author:

Sarah Sgro recently received her B.A. in creative writing from Hamilton College in Clinton, NY. Currently, she works as an editorial intern at Guernica and reads poetry submissions for Weave. This is her first publication.

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