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Two Poems by Carrie Murphy | Word Riot

October 15, 2014      

Two Poems by Carrie Murphy

Trigger Warning

Something that I eat or something that I don’t eat.
Every day I negotiate

my space. My bright beigeness. My pukeworthy
puce. I like words & phrases in groups of three

so I keep them there with commas & I keep my
stomach flat or full. I am the slip in between

woman & in between girl. If you call me wrong
I’ll slice. My pubic hair bigger than it ever was

& better, too. I think I don’t need anyone to agree
with me anymore but I also think that’s a lie.

I think I’m a tiny woodland creature with gigantic eyes.
I think I eat shards of glass & light. Shards

of glass & light are always coming up in poems,
right? Representing what’s beautiful,

& what’s broken. I think I want
to represent cheeseburgers,

a fat circle of fat, juicy & contained.

Fat Daisies

I was going to say that this is how America is:
a chain of fat daisies. Daisies because we’re
ordinary, but we’re optimistic, you know?

But then I started thinking of blueberry blossoms
& the painted desert & the prairie thistle,
all these different roots digging down
into the network of gray Ethernet cables
& fracking & foibles & fairies,
all the things that should be etched,
but aren’t.

            Our coins should bear the brunt
of our daily lives, show a minivan
or a horseshoe or a nightstand
or something construction-related that probably a toddler boy
would know the name of, but I don’t.
Something tall, that towers, that scares me when
it’s above me, that makes me fearful for the men
who are on it in little metal boxes.

            Those men are making
things in the likeness, in the always-afterness
of George Washington’s triangular nose but making it bigger
& made of steel. We’re all sitting here underneath,
hoping we can figure out how to jangle.

newauthorphoto1About the author:

Carrie Murphy is the author of the poetry collection PRETTY TILT (Keyhole Press, 2012) and the chapbook, MEET THE LAVENDERS (Birds of Lace, 2011). Her second full-length book, FAT DAISIES, is forthcoming from Big Lucks Books. She received an MFA from New Mexico State University. Originally from Baltimore, MD, Carrie works as a teacher, freelance writer, and doula in Albuquerque, NM.

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