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Notes From a Diving Slate Kept by the Bath by Jennifer McGowan | Word Riot

September 15, 2014      

Notes From a Diving Slate Kept by the Bath by Jennifer McGowan

I climb into you, sticky as a hot flush—

—note to self, soap running out—

O—edge between tense and relax—
time when words come and you—
companion of less manic hours—


—and you lather yourself into me
the way you can—

record the words that stew
and breathe, bloodless waterbirth
the daily voice
—opens the [ … ? ] chakra—

meeting of elements
slipping under

0991_JenMcGowanAbout the author:

Jennifer A. McGowan and obtained her MA and PhD from the University of Wales. Despite being certified as disabled at age 16 with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, she has persevered and has published poetry and prose in many magazines and anthologies on both sides of the Atlantic. She has been Highly Commended in the prestigious Torbay Poetry Competition and the Manchester Cathedral Poetry Competition. Life in Captivity and Sounding, her pamphlets, are available through Finishing Line Press. Her website, with more poetry and examples of her mediaeval calligraphy, can be found at and handwritten versions of her poems can be purchased at

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