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Five Prose Poems by Parker Tettleton | Word Riot

August 15, 2014      

Five Prose Poems by Parker Tettleton

God Is A Coincidence

I begin looking out of the largest window alone a May ago. I mean I began again before I did. The third sentence is the next chapter in a series of accidents entitled Untitled. There is nothing usually special about carpet, cats, correspondence. I make a sound for you to know—for me to know you by:


Silence my blinks—half of this dream is sex in a hallway. Lights go off like guns but don’t the trees seem nice & full. I mean well—I do, I did, I didn’t. The fourth sentence is cross-legged on a completely white couch—say the way to the top of a tree is to look up & sleep further & mouth it, what you want to put out. Say that.


I don’t want everything. I want to hold what I can hold. The third sentence is through the glass, to the right, one two three four five six seven eight letters up however many flights—those are lights or at least lit. Seasons express nothing. I wear the air conditioner to bed. It’s summer. I know better than to send you anything you already know.


The way we talk is typed—you’re downtown, I’m Northeast; we were one quadrant. I am a second sentence—I have a friend in New York. I’m going to be a third—I have two friends in New York. Sunlight is out of ink; silence is curtains & my fingers on keys. The elevators ask me up, off—they ask me about floors & closing & opening & reservations & celebrations & lounges & festivals & lost animals—they ask me up, off.

Timing Isn’t Timing

I am air conditioned since this sentence—the emphatic cigarette. You raise your hands to your hair & freeze; I want to spill somewhere anywhere nowhere—I want to keep it up. There is terrace-or-else smoking, holiday one-last-time-pretending-to-be-fucking shopping in Pioneer Square—screaming about screaming about screaming. The transportation sentence is blinking this isn’t a blink.

1531674_10202666231730076_1844711983_o-6About the author:

Parker Tettleton is the author of the prose poetry collection GREENS (Thunderclap Press 2012) & three chapbooks: SAME OPPOSITE (Thunderclap Press 2010), OURS MINE YOURS (Pity Milk Press 2014) & MAN SUGAR (co-authored by Riley Michael Parker, Housefire Books 2014). More or less is here.

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