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I’ve Avoided Sentimental Until Right This Second by Lisa Summe | Word Riot

August 15, 2014      

I’ve Avoided Sentimental Until Right This Second by Lisa Summe

Listen to a reading of “I’ve Avoided Sentimental Until Right This Second” by Lisa Summe.

I’ve embroidered your initials on your side of my bed
in my best cursive. I did it in your favorite shade of blue. This spot
is yours and it’s the only place for you. I’ve avoided sentimental
until right this second. That’s the only I lie I ever told you.
I want you to go to this party I’m going to. I want to kiss you
up against the wall upon your arrival, but not drunkenly. I want us
to take the train somewhere. I want us to take the train
to an amusement park. I want to ride the Ferris wheel with you
even though I’m afraid of heights. I want everything to go wrong,
by which I mean I want to get stuck at the top with you for hours
and up there we will speculate about big controversial ideas like Jesus
and poems and what’s the best way to train a new dog. I want you
to be the girl version of Johnny Appleseed. Janie Appleseed.
I want you to carry around a little pack of seeds and plant apple trees,
then eat the apples and plant those seeds from those apples you ate.
The trees will grow to the moon and I will take my first and last
trip to the moon one warm day in April. I will become
an astronaut for a day. My childhood space camp dreams
are coming true as we speak. Your apple trees will sustain us forever.

IMG_3425[1]About the author:

Lisa Summe was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and earned her BA and MA in English at the University of Cincinnati. Her poems have appeared in Sundog Lit, Revolution House, Fourth River, Mead, and elsewhere. Currently an MFA candidate in poetry at Virginia Tech, she lives in Blacksburg, Virginia where she teaches writing and works as the poetry editor of the minnesota review and the associate editor of Toad.

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