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The Night Before by Elias Siqueiros | Word Riot

March 16, 2014      

The Night Before by Elias Siqueiros

They carry the night in bushels.
So many of them, enclosed moons and broken slopes.
Some have their breasts hanging out.
Some are sagging from old age.

They bring in the night by the bushel,
carrying them across blood lake and day’s body,
laying them down at the foot of a god
who has abused them with no mind,
has brought them starvation with no mouth,
has long understood their tributary needs.

They come wild, sometimes singing,
bringing in the cold cubes of space, assembling them.

megoogleimage015About the author:

Elias Siqueiros is a poet living in Austin TX. Work of his has appeared in Milk, Memorius, Moria, Stirring, The Harrow, and elsewhere. He is the author of the poetry collection The Heart Of An Animal.

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