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Before the Blossoms by Peter LaBerge | Word Riot

January 15, 2014      

Before the Blossoms by Peter LaBerge

Listen to a reading of “Before the Blossoms” by Peter LaBerge.

      After Keetje Kuipers

June runs into July like warm water
into a bathtub. An inevitable
release. The months leave buttercup
trails in the backyard, and the wind
sets up shop in the curtains. Tonight,
you told me that Venus is nothing
but a drooping apple. You’re mistaken,
you must be. All that beauty for inner seedlings?
What a shame. Like anything ready,
Venus waits with anticipation—first,
then greed. Like anything ripe, I wake falling
toward the beginning of a new page,
a welcome. Plant us when
we fall together, when I release
the moments from my childhood:
my mother’s linen pressed and stored, static
from my father’s radio roaming every night,
room to room, a nightmared child. Plant us and wait
for our roots to swivel. Outside, lightning is swaddled
in protective warmth. Again and again,
our shadows flung, for only cheap moments,
against the windowpanes.

Screen shot 2014-01-16 at 9.19.36 PMAbout the author:

Peter LaBerge is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania. His recent work is featured or forthcoming in The Louisville Review, DIAGRAM, The Newport Review, Assaracus, THRUSH Poetry Journal, Weave Magazine, and Hanging Loose, among others. He grew up in Connecticut, and currently serves as the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of The Adroit Journal.

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