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Quentin Tarantino by Jacqui Germain | Word Riot

December 15, 2013      

Quentin Tarantino by Jacqui Germain

Quentin Tarantino or Why I do not trust you with my history
or On wearing a gaudy robe while grabbing the ass of a naked black woman for a magazine

I picture you mostly
as an arrangement of limbs.
You are the tenderest butcher.
All of you is eyes up-
and-down-ing my frame.
All of you is hands, knuckles
pounding out a drumbeat.
All of you is mining my throat
for gold with your fingers.
All of you fingerprints, birthmarks.
All of you is fingers like stretch marks.
Mama said keep your hands to yourself
All of you dancing on broken back.
All of you the biggest hands,
say you just want to touch me.
Mama said keep your hands
All of you is eyelids and eyes.
All of you is mouth
kissing your nameplate
in the nestled home between my breasts,
licking the tree branch of my collarbone,
tripping over the notches of each noose,
drooling down the river of my spine.
You are the tenderest butcher.
Just want to squeeze me.
Just want touch it Mama said
All of you is spit Mama said
All of you tongue snake
all the way around my throat.
All of you thin pink wire lips,
All of you such big hands
touching everything,
Mama said keep your hands
All of you
think you own
everything, think
you own my
All of you
lean back
cock your head
suck your teeth
toothpick my black
me out your
mouth like a snapped neck bone
     be     careful     cuz
     Mama     said
     I     can     still     choke     you

All of you
such big mouth,
so many teeth.

I always picture you
bloated, freshly-feasted,
your dinner plate,
a gravestone,
bones picked clean.

Screen shot 2013-12-15 at 8.12.56 PMAbout the author:

Jacqui G. is a student and writer currently living in St. Louis, MO. She represented Washington University in St. Louis on the CUPSI national team in 2012 and 2013, at WoWPS in 2013 and at NPS 2013. In January of 2013, she featured at Young Chicago Author’s weekly event, Wordplay in Chicago, IL and has been published twice in their city-wide literary newspaper. Recently, she was chosen for the Spring 2014 Katherine Dunham Fellowship with the St. Louis Regional Arts Commission. She enjoys studying the histories of people of color, fighting oppressive political structures and generally having little to no chill.

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