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Two Poems by Suzi F. Garcia | Word Riot

November 15, 2013      

Two Poems by Suzi F. Garcia

Listen to a reading of “What to Do with a Rabid Boy” by Suzi F. Garcia.

What to Do with a Rabid Boy

He best sit, say, screech—
teach him. No stop unknown,
cause ‘scuse me, stop. Stop gale, stop god.
No crackly pissing god, no Hova, no new ustedes,
I’m talkin’ scot-free catechism. Posture a lean boy,

besame. He can’t kneel. Is pristine
in the past? Stop-gap. Is there a spare hell dealt
to scare me? This is lamb’s milk, retrograde
New York in snow domes. Recreate

in odd creases of gods’ beds, tie in stealth drugs,
craven docile exoskeleton— naked, precarious. Pain reeks
in canal systems of political monologues, inventions
of brief poetic prosthetics. Muerto, can he go?
Past a village or prophet, past the skull goal.

Give Me a Rambling Plot Twist

             Romeo, I want the D. That was not
                                                                                                           even that hard to say.
                                    There was romance, there was romance, there was drama,              etc.       etc.
                                                                              I drip
                                                 mulled wine instead of blood. All fields are unpredictable,
                                                                        let’s go into the arts.

biopicAbout the author:

Suzi F. Garcia is a poet in the MFA program at Notre Dame. There are just two things you need to know: she like her beats fast and her bass down low. She can be found watching horror films with her boyfriend & cats or at

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