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I HAVE ALL THESE SKILLS by Brett Elizabeth Jenkins | Word Riot

October 15, 2013      

I HAVE ALL THESE SKILLS by Brett Elizabeth Jenkins

Do you need an assistant? I can count, and tie things
together. I am pretty good with tape and paperclips.
I write things down, and have mediocre vision.
I am pretty fast when being chased, I can use scissors
with right and left hands, and I have beaten Super
Mario Brothers 3 at least seven times.
I don’t do meetings, filing, or basically anything else,
except for what’s on my resume. Tape, paperclips,
Nintendo. That’s about the extent of it. Also, did you
read about the mediocre vision? Better than terrible,
but really not very good. I have all these skills.
And probably many more that I am too lazy to uncover.
Like, I can probably hold a lot of spatulas at once. Maybe
I am good at bocce ball. I could probably make a rubberband
glob. Unbunking beds doesn’t look too hard. And eavesdropping,
and losing my keys, and mating socks. I can do all that.

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