March 15, 2013      

I Lie In A Way That Knows Me by Parker Tettleton

I Lie In A Way That Knows Me

The first sentence is a labyrinth. What’s here—or was—is a kitchen sex mirror, knifed breathing. She’s reading a train on time; reading a time on a train. There are eyebrows in quotations regarding the softest instances of your mouth.

Before Minutes

I ask for an ask. The second sentence begets. This is wandering & we’ll pre-order fuck you. Flashes swim as they may.

We See Films

This sentence is a state on the rise. Six minutes before eleven begins We’re ones in slept math. I begin, you rise. Vegetables are less fucked than tongues.

parkerAbout the author:

Parker Tettleton’s work is featured in &/or forthcoming from Heavy Feather Review, em:me, Used Furniture Review, Thunderclap! Magazine, & Birkensnake, among others. His grocery shopping collection, GREENS, is available from Thunderclap! Press. More or less is here.

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