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Notes From Elsewhere: Friday Edition | Word Riot

February 1, 2013      

Notes From Elsewhere: Friday Edition

Bingo Books BindingWhat. Look at those cool books made from old bingo cards. I wish I had one. See more details on how they were made over at Erinzam News. Also by Erinzam? This book made out of an egg carton.

Other fantastic book arts: Nomi’s Little Art Blog has a bed made out of a book, and I like it a lot.

Here’s a Letter to the Editor that is awesome and not worrisome. Also, bonus David Tennant .GIF goodness.

30 Rock ended last night. Dry thy tears, and read Jen Chaney‘s examination of Tina Fey’s legacy for lady-writers and women on TV.

One more Presidential Inauguration Poet-related link: Robert Frost‘s process of choosing a poem for Kennedy’s inauguration, over at Brain Pickings.

Here are two recent interviews with Gregory Sherl that I enjoyed: #1 at Monkeybicycle, talking to J.A. Tyler, #2 at SWARM, talking to Dillon J. Welch.

(Speaking of Greg Sherl, I reviewed his newest book, Monogamy Songs, on Glorified Love Letters.)

As someone with a hard to pronounce last name, I liked this post at The Millions.

(For the record, Habein = Ha-bine. The “ein” is pronounced the same as it is in Einstein.)

Over on Jami Attenberg’s tumblr, she says, “This is the kind of reading I would like to go to all the time. It involves T Cooper, Clay Aiken, and an accordion. Yep. (Also, hey, T Cooper, you’re a good looking dude. Is that okay that I said that? Because it’s out there, so just accept the compliment and let’s move on.)

Let’s talk about authors with juicy love lives instead.

Finally, at Creative Nonfiction, Elissa Bassist and Cheryl Strayed continue their conversation about How to Write Like a Motherfucker.


*tips hat*

I bid you a good weekend.

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