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Notes From Elsewhere: Wednesday Edition | Word Riot

January 30, 2013      

Notes From Elsewhere: Wednesday Edition

valentine-by-kylieAha! See? See? Told you I’d be back on Wednesday. On a related note, I am nearly thirty years old, and I’ve only just recently been able to correctly spell Wednesday on the first try, without having to think too hard about it. Who came up with the spelling/pronunciation of that word? Do any of you have words that you find impossible to spell correctly the first time?

Anyway. Valentine’s Day is coming up, and maybe you’d like to give someone these library card-inspired declarations.

The National Book Critics Circle has revealed their list of nominees, and GalleyCat has free excerpts from many of those books, as well as samples from other awards’ lists.

In other Book Love News: The Rumpus and Tumblr Storyboard have partnered and created a new site dedicated to “The Last Book I Loved.” Check the details here.

This made me giggle a lot: Les Mis meets Mean Girls.

So did this from Chuck Wendig:

You can buy a whiskey called Writer’s Tears. I don’t know what it tastes like. But if it were in any way authentic it would taste of ink and flopsweat, of the brine of insecurity and the heady broth of ego. It would have a nose of shame and a finish of triumph. It would feel like book pages on your tongue. It would burn the doubt out of your belly.

It’s probably not that good.

There’s other stuff worth reading in the post too. He mentions Poe, the singer and not Edgar Allen, and here I thought I was the only person who remembered her.

Have I talked about Font Squirrel before? FREE FONTS, MAN. (“Squirrel” is another one of those words I have to really think about in order to spell correctly on the first go.)

Over at Slate, Seth Stevenson reviews Stephen Coles’ The Anatomy of Type.

A really cool-looking limited edition book that mixes illustration with short stories: I Am The Friction edited by Sing Statistics.

Related: 8 Worthy Successors to Alison Bechdel.

I’ve mentioned Cannonball Read here before. CBR5 is upon us, and let me show you how these reviews are helping to fight cancer.

Finally, here’s a short story contest that involves Broken Social Scene songs. Some of you could have some fun with this, I imagine.


See you Friday. No, really.

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