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Notes From Elsewhere: Monday Edition | Word Riot

January 28, 2013      

Notes From Elsewhere: Monday Edition

Les Mis in EmojiiBecause I’ve been negligent once more with updating here and because I’ve amassed a pile of good links in that time, we’re going to do things a little bit differently this week. How about M-W-F Editions of Notes From Elsewhere? Yes, that sounds good.

How about we pretend that I waited this long just so I could give you a bunch of Richard Blanco-related links? The Inaugural Poet has charmed the pants off everyone with his lovely tribute to the immigrant experience in America, “One Today.” GalleyCat has the video of his inaugural reading, plus other places where you can read his poems for free online. His own site has plenty of reading/listening material.

Here’s the interview The New York Times ran ahead of the inauguration, and NBCLatino also has a good interview.

Also, he’s on Twitter. ALSO, because I just can’t help myself from saying this, he’s very nice to look at.

OKAY! Moving on. I do have other people and things to talk about, I promise.

Dylan Meconis has an excellent post on How Not To Write Comics Criticism. Take heed, reviewers.

Maura Johnston has launched a new online magazine: Maura. Jami Attenberg is the fiction editor. Get in.

Housingworks Bookstore has an image where Twitter, a bot, and poetry collide. It’s strange and fantastic.

In other bookstore tumblr news: Powell’s has a great image from Phillipa Perry: The Comfort-Zone Exercise.

How about a history of The Bell Jar‘s cover art? Flavorwire has a roundup.

Ever wondered how to make a book out of envelopes? Instructables shows you how.


See you on Wednesday. Pinkie swear.

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