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Notes From Elsewhere: Word Riot Edition | Word Riot

December 22, 2012      

Notes From Elsewhere: Word Riot Edition

Beth Ditto - Coal to DiamondsGreetings, Word Rioters. How about some reading material for this weekend lead-up to Christmas? Or maybe you’ll see this after, while playing with that shiny new tablet someone was kind enough to buy you? Whatever the circumstance, let us see what’s been catching my eye in the literary corners of the internet.

Some more ‘Best Of’ lists: The Irish Times “asks writers, poets, historians, comedians, politicians, broadcasters, an editor and a bookshop owner” to list their favorites and Flavorwire lists “25 Notable Books Unfairly Looked Over by The New York Times.” (I’d like to read that Beth Ditto memoir, among many others on their list.)

Band of Thebes has its annual Best LGBT Books of 2012. Lots to look at here.

Stephen Bottum, the man behind Band of Thebes, talks to Kergan Edwards-Stout at The Huffington Post about his annual list and his process of contacting authors to nominate their picks.

Roxane Gay also talks about what she read this year, good and bad. She also interviewed My Heart is an Idiot author Davy Rothbart at The Los Angeles Review of Books.

This actually might be my favorite year-end round up though: At Black Balloon Publishing, Clementine the Hedgehog’s Top Ten Books of 2012.

9. NW by Zadie Smith

Boy, do I know a lot about gentrification. My cage was originally just a basic snuggle sack and feeding bowl set up, and now there’s a exercise wheel, litter box, glitter castle, and a goddamn American Apparel in here. Zadie Smith, you are preaching to the choir.

Gimme just a sec while I eeeeeeeeeee all over the place because Patti Smith is writing a sequel to Just Kids.

At Rookie, Emma Straub talks about book rejection and “On Being a Late Bloomer.

GalleyCat has some examples of Successful Query Letters for Literary Agents.

Adam Mansbach, author of Go The Fuck to Sleep, talks to Salon about his year on the bestseller list.

At The New York Times, Diego Ribadeneira talks to Aurora Anaya-Cerda: Searching for Latinos in Children’s Literature: A Reading List.

Chloe Caldwell has a new ebook, published through Thought Catalog: The New Age Camp.

At The Quivering Pen, David Abrams picks “The Greatest Self-Published Book the World Has Ever Seen.”

Have you ever wondered what Jane Austen’s handwriting looked like? Or more specifically, her manuscript for Persuasion?

Shannon Barber has some thoughts on Duotrope’s paid subscriptions and classism.

Oooh, free hi-res vintage paper scans.

Finally, here is a really fantastic poem by Katherine Larson: “Love at Thirty-two Degrees.”

Until next time…

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