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Notes From Elsewhere: Word Riot Edition | Word Riot

December 7, 2012      

Notes From Elsewhere: Word Riot Edition

Susan Sontag on Art-Drawn by Wendy MacNaughton, Edited by Maria Popova

Susan Sontag on Art, Drawn by Wendy MacNaughton, Edited by Maria Popova. MacNaughton is selling high-quality prints of this in her etsy shop.

Oh hey, 2 NFE updates in one week? That’s right! Truth be told, I felt guilty for neglecting my duties around here, so in addition to the jumbo-sized lit link roundup on Tuesday, let’s tack on a few more bits of news.

Though the mega-Powerball has already come and gone, I still like this post: The Book-Lover’s Guide to Spending Those Powerball Winnings. Nicole Perrin tells us what she would do with $550M over at Book Riot.

Chances are, you are not the person who won, so perhaps you would like some free books?

The New York Times has released their list of 100 Notable Books of 2012. With Timothy Egan, Sherman Alexie and Jess Walter all making appearances, I am obliged to say SPOKANE REPREZENT.

(That’s pronounced Spo-kan, if you weren’t already aware.)

GalleyCat has made their own list: Most Overlooked Books of 2012: A Literary Mixtape.

And if you’re in further search of reading material, PANK has a great sale going on until January 1st.

Canadian author Nancy Huston is this year’s “winner” of the Bad Sex in Fiction Award.

Sean Bedouin has an amusing post over at The Weeklings: Read My Finger: How Not to Get Published:

Who picks up the saxophone, learns a few notes, and then books a gig? Aspiring writers do. And I was bleating B-flats along with everyone else. It took me a long time to realize that a truly exceptional story is a result of either rarified talent or the long and arduous absorption of craft. How do you learn to write? You sit your ass down in a chair, in front of a laptop, for ten years. Period. But for some reason writing lends itself to the romanticism of the random genius, like standing around the roulette table thinking that just by the force of will or a benevolent god your 27 red is going to hit.

Finally, how about a Paris Review interview? Will Robert Calasso do? Of course it will.

See you next time, Rioters.

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