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Letter from Another Place by Shane Cashman | Word Riot

February 15, 2013      

Letter from Another Place by Shane Cashman

Listen to a reading of “Letter from Another Place” by Shane Cashman.

(For Coop)

Diane, I left my recorder in my coat
that is now lying on the floor of the Ghostwood Forest.
I can only hope
that you can still hear me from where I am now.
I am experiencing tonight a sense of my inner self fleeting.
It is at first calming and warm but then abrupt and
magnificently perverse.
I believe I am a hostage at the threshold of my own awareness.
Or maybe I am just asleep, lost
wandering in a terrible nightmare.
However, it is not just one nightmare.
It is many.
Each happening at once and or not at all.
 It is a sensation that I can only describe to you as having too much
coffee on an all night drive.
Of wanting to sleep but knowing you shouldn’t.
There is no cherry pie here and
 I do not know if an exit truly exists.
Imagine the existence of your reflection.
 I apologize.
Diane, forgive my morbidity.
Remind me to tell you about the shadows here.
They exhibit a quality beyond life and death.

thisismeAbout the author:

Shane Cashman is the prose editor at The Paris American, an online reading series. He was the 2011 recipient of the Elizabeth McCormack/Inkwell MAW Student & Alumni award in poetry.

His previous work has been published in Chronogram, Underground Voices, and Inkwell. As a journalist he has written historical travel pieces for World Winder and has interviewed a variety of tattoo artists for Swallows & Daggers.

Shane also applies his own photographs to reclaimed river driftwood on his Etsy store, The Search Party.

Stay tuned with him @

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