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Communism by C. Dylan Bassett | Word Riot

November 15, 2012      

Communism by C. Dylan Bassett

Karl Marx is learning to Waltz and he is
having no fun and he is falling repeatedly
on his head. No no no
no no, says the instructor, that is so
unhealthy for you! Marx wears loose shoes,
which make for poor dancing. Marx
is remembering when he was a truck driver.
No no no no no!
Marx knows all the steps but his mind
is driving a truck. What will it take
to be good? Marx asks.
Oh, Karl, the instructor says, it’s not enough
to be good, you have to be beautiful, too.

About the author:

My poems are forthcoming in Anti-, Exit 7, Diagram, iO Poetry, the Pinch, Salamander, Steam Ticket, Tar River Poetry and elsewhere. I attended the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and I am the recipient of an Academy of American Poets Prize and a Morrie Moss Fellowship.

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